US Elections 2020: Three possible scenarios

In the end, we’re here, the final stages of the marathon marathon- where the athletes into the stadium to finish the last half-metre on the track, strain the achieving muscle and fatigue muscle to run for the water.
It’s an extraordinary election Spanish Plumber Lottery Gift Mexican Lottery El Plomero T-Shirt campaign, and sometimes it’s not possible to imagine.
There are three situations that can happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those scripts happened, actually, there’s a fourth scenario, but I’ll tell you later.
Tomorrow’s the election, two Trump and Biden who has the potential to win?
I’ve once brought word of the president’s efforts to buy Greenland, and when the Danish refused to sell it to this former estate dealer, I’ve witnessed the president St Jude Lottery Gift Mexican Lottery San Judas Tadeo T-Shirt cancel the country’s visit to retaliate; I was told that Mr. Trump was paying for a porn star right before the last election; he was in Helsinki and heard he said that he believed the Russian president of Vladimir Putin, who was standing next to himself rather trusting his intelligence agencies; he believed in Trump. Being investigated, impeached, and then acquitted to see him drive across the street from Walter Reed Hospital Stonks Guy Dank Meme Funny Stock Broker Stonks Guy Dank Meme T-Shirt while he was infected with a corona; called another beautiful man because he said that I came from the BBC. I am at the bar. I’m not exactly fine. It could happen and happen often.
Now, let’s go to the script that can happen.
One. Biden won easily
First the polls were right and Joe Biden won easily on Tuesday night.
I must say, a man of the polls in this election season is that there has been all the excitement of a Strong Woman Melanin Social Distance Diva T-Shirt weather forecast on the Saudi Arabian Telegram: “Today will be sunny, and tomorrow the leopard will also be hot.”
For all the disturbances and chaos of this campaign- and it’s not like four years ago- the national polls and the important states have been established in a very difficult way. None of this happened. Biden has the leading advantage of the country, and showing a much less narrow distance in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina, and that’s the same distance in the Industrial state, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
If you access the blog FiveThirtyEight, where always updated all the main polls, they say SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP HE’S YOUR PRESIDENT NOW SHIRT that the distance of the race is at 0-1,
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Take a picture.
A special characteristic of this election {i1cH80ffff}A very long line to vote.
When we get word about the polls, we used to say there’s a 3-plus%+-. There’s only 0, 1%changed in a few weeks that can’t be counted, so, if it’s Tuesday night, this Support Your Local Library Book Readers Lovers T-Shirt is the last result, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Two. The shock of Trump.
That brings me to a viable scenario. It’s like five 2016 (although I can continue to say a little more reason why this is not entirely true) wrong polls and Donald Trump win the second term. The key to his success is what happened in Pennsylvania and Florida.
No one believes that Biden polls show three or four points in Sunshine state are a lot more close T Rex Skeleton Dino Bones Paleontologist Fossil Dinosaur T-Shirt than that in Florida. And at 20, Trump does a lot better with Latins than five 2016.
Frank Snepp:’Mr Trump doesn’t fight communists or TQ’s.
Why would many Vietnamese in America support President Donald Trump and against China?
It’s the same, Pennsylvania, which is in the west of the state, voters of white laborers Taco Tuesday Save Earth The Only Planet Street Tacos T-Shirt could be the ones who helped the president through the victory.
In this election was limited by Covid, I went to Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. And wherever you go, you’re gonna see those Trump supporters don’t just like the 45- they worship him.
And the calculations of the Trump campaign are the same as five 2016’when they’re sending a lot of’not statistics to the vote, so that’s outside the area of the nationals of the idea-year they’ll be doing the same.
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Besides, I’d like to say something about the campaign that the president’s been running.
The Democratic Party Party said how irresponsible he was to focus thousands of people without relaxing social graces in the context of the plague. But you should believe there’s a brilliant calculation in this.
In order to attend these events, you have to register online, followed by a complex exploiting data to see if you have an election or not- and if you don’t register, The result of this is thousands and thousands of people have registered in a tight election, and in a tight election, removing the fence fence fence from voting can create a difference.
There’s another reason that Trump’s victory will at least be lost.