US election: Mr. Obama called Mr. Biden his brother, attacking Mr. Trump

Speaking in support of Joe Biden, and Cows Take Your Bullshit Back to Your Pasture Vintage Shirt attacking Donald Trump at the National Congress of the Democratic Party on August 19.

“I don’t know if I ended up finding a brother.”

Former President Barack Obama Cow You Smell Like Drama And A Headache Please Get Away From Me Shirt called Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “brother” and California senator Kamala Harris, “friend” of when speaking at the National Congress of the Caution girl trip in progress shirt Democratic Party on the evening of 19.8 local time (morning 20.8 Vietnam time).

Mr. Obama recounted choosing Mr. Biden to run for vice president in 2008.

CNN quoted Mr. Obama as Beat me bite me whip me fuck me like the dirty pig that I am cum all over my tits shirt  saying: “I did not know I would find a brother. Joe and I come from different places and different generations. But what I soon admired Joe Biden was his resilience from too much struggle; His empathy from too much grief. Barack Obama 4Th Of July Merica Men Women American Flag Gift limited Shirt Joe is a learner – early on – who treats everyone he meets with respect and dignity, living according to what his parents taught him:

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I’m not trying to be someone else Joe, but I has qualities that no one else has. ”

” empathy, the politeness that belief that everyone evaluation – that is the person of Joe “- Obama said.

Obama said the spread Mr. Biden’s experience as a single father and parent of a soldier shaped the former vice president.

“In eight years, Joe was the last Back to the future 2021 Shirt person in the room whenever I was faced with a big decision. He made me a better president – and he has the courage and experience to turn it around. our country is getting better “- Mr. Obama said.

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Then, turning to Sen. Kamala Harris, Mr. Obama added: “And in my friend Kamala Harris, Joe has chosen an ideal companion who is always ready for the job; someone who knows how overcome barriers and fight to help others realize their own American dream.

Attacking President Donald Trump

Former President Barack Obama harshly criticized his successor, saying that President Donald Trump was incapable of handling the responsibilities of the presidency and was not interested in “taking the job seriously”.

Speaking to Senator Kamala Harris, Big Ole Treat limited Shirt Mr. Obama said that although he never expected Trump to “continue my vision or continue my policies”, he never

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believed that Trump would take office. The presidency was “like a reality show he could use to get the attention he desired.

” “I was hoping, for the good of our country, that Donald Trump had Show interest in taking the job seriously … But he did not do that “- Mr. Obama said.

Former President Obama then lists the things Donald Trump doesn’t want to do, including trying to 2020 Won Funny 2021 New Year Quarantine Dad Joke Satire Gift new Shirt be president, finding common ground with others, or helping anyone other than himself and his friends.

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“President Donald Trump couldn’t do the job because he couldn’t. And the consequences of that failure were dire. 170,000 Americans died. Millions of jobs have disappeared. Our worst impulses explode, our proud reputation around the world has dropped dramatically, and our democratic institutions are threatened more than ever ”- Mr. Obama said .