The joy of today’s Santa Claus

Santa claus a character seemingly only in the dream appeared in front of the baby, gave gifts and chatted, played with the baby on Christmas Eve. Santa claus these days still wears red clothes, red hat, gray hair, white beard but does not give gifts through the chimney, Santa’s Favorite Dancer Christmas Funny Gift Dancing Shirt  does not put gifts in socks at the stumps of pine trees, Santa claus appears under the doorbell ringing.

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According to legend, Santa Claus (St. Nicolas) is from the 3rd century. On Christmas Eve, he brought wealth to the poor and children, making children’s dreams come true, bringing them unexpected happiness. Santa also encourages children to do good, good school. Therefore, children always expect Santa to give gifts to believe that he is a good child and his wish is real.

Standing with a beaming smile, Santa claus today is still on a mission to bring love to the hearts of children eagerly waiting for Christmas Eve. Mr. Hoang Ngoc Hien, daily working as a security guard at Nguyen Du Santa little cumslut princess Christmast Shirt  bookstore (17C Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Vung Tau City) but every Christmas he plays Santa claus to give gifts to children. He said that when Santa claus came, the children were very happy, I asked for hugs, I asked for a hug, also I wanted to be clawing my beard, taking pictures … But the most fun is when Santa claus gives gifts to the Pontoon captain Shirt children who always believe that Santa claus is real and most believes santa’s words. He himself was very happy to play Santa Claus, bringing faith to the children,

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“To become Santa Claus is not easy, the person who plays Santa Claus must be close, have the love of young children. In addition, Santa Claus gives gifts by service not only to know how to ride a motorbike, know the alleys in the city but also to have Ossoff warnock vote georgia senate Shirt skills such as singing, storytelling and agility to cope with all situations” said Nguyen Viet Kien, a student at BR-VT University, who has many years of experience playing Santa Claus. Vo Hong Manh, another “Santa Claus”, said that before playing this role, he had to go online, watch television to refer to the skills that Santa Claus service needs. According to Hong Manh, the income from this job is not high but it is important that he loves the children and wishes to bring joy to them from gifts or good wishes.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Director of Le Lai Bookstore, said that his bookstore has Santa’s services to give gifts at the bookstore and Santa claus to give gifts at home. Customers who buy gifts worth over VND 100,000 receive a gift package under a Christmas tree at the bookstore. For collectives oh the virus outside is frightful but this wine Shirt with gift purchase invoices at Le Lai bookstore worth over 1 million VND, the bookstore free Santa service gives gifts at home for a range of less than 5km. For free personal delivery range less than 5km. Surcharge 30,000 – 50,000 VND for customers who sign up for Santa’s service to give gifts in the range of less than 10km.