Tea ceremony: An old way of doing business in Japan

Ancient, traditional and elegant. But now some offices are giving the Japanese tea ceremony a modern twist.

When we think of a sadō Japanese tea ceremony, it evokes thoughts of a polite woman dressed in Teacher Needs A Loaded Tea new Shirt a kimono, sitting on a tatami mat and making matcha tea, carefully following the instructions. ancient details.

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According to the 2016 census of the Japanese Bureau of Statistics, 80% of participants in the tea ceremony are women. However, the idea of ​​tea ceremony ascribed to women is actually a recent development. Eight hundred years ago, when the powdered tea drinking culture was first introduced from China, tea rituals were performed by warriors and monks: men in short.

Etsuko Kato, a cultural anthropologist The year we stayed gnome 2020 2021 limited Shirt  who has written on the subject, explains that women’s understanding of the tea ceremony is a skill that elevates their social status.

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Kato explained that after the Meiji Restoration of 1868, educated women turned to the tea ceremony in the hope of enhancing their femininity and elegance before marrying. Students practice non-stop for the perfection of otemae, the tea making process and tea ceremony rituals. When guests are invited to the tea ceremony, the host’s mastery of the art is demonstrated. In a time when Siren Head Creepy Forest Dabbing hot Shirt women’s responsibility was purely housework, having an elegant tea ceremony was an important way for women to have socially recognized culture.

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Image source, Makoto Motomiya Image

“Entrepreneurs like the samurai of today, fight the stress of the job.”

With the social status of women in the workplace improving, there has been a significant decrease in participation in tea ceremony. According to the above census, most of these apprentices are now 50 years or older. A cultural tradition without a young generation to pass on is another alarming omen of Japan’s aging demographics.

But there is a recent revival of this ancient art. A new wave, updated to reflect modern society, has quietly taken shape over the past ten years.

Sword-wielding warriors and Protect America Stop The Steal Map American Flag 2020 Shirt  modern-day businessmen
Kyūtō-Ryū is a new tea ceremony established in 2010. ‘Kyūtō’ means a small kitchen or a pot of hot water and reflects the chosen location – office cafeteria. Its concept is simply how busy office workers have tea. “The head of this movement is

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Ms. Hankyu Tanida, who has worked in an office for more than 20 years. Her tea ceremony is through the children’s comic “Hyougemono” (a dumb person, or, an object with a funny shape) by Yoshihiro Yamada. This popular manga depicts warriors who are passionate about the tea ceremony.

“Before reading ‘manga’, I always thought that the tea ceremony was a boring event in which women dressed up for tea,” said Tanida. “However, even during the painful samurai war, where one could face death any day, the warriors, to relieve stress and regain spiritual strength, were engaged in. Tea Ceremony In the lifestyle of the day business, I see them fighting the stresses of their work

Image source, Kiyoe Akechi

A tea ceremony gathering is held at a Antique store in Osaka.

When he started studying Split Personalities T-Shirt tea ceremonies, Tanida decided to visit the famous tea room “Taian” in Kyoto, which is said to create the acclaimed historical figure and tea master, Sen no Rikyū, who had a profound influence on the Japanese tea ceremony during the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

“I heard it was a small room that Social Distancing since ’94 T-Shirt could fit two square tatami mats,” Tanida said. “However, somehow, it expanded beyond its physical boundaries and into space. Of course I had high expectations. But when I actually Snowboarding Skiing Meowtains Are Calling Cat Lovers T-Shirt saw it, I thought it was small. It’s so small. It’s just the size of our office kitchen. When I imagine myself having ‘matcha’ powdered tea in the office kitchen, it seems so silly that I can’t stop laughing. ”

What Tanida thought was that Sia – Bow T-Shirt the way of using tea should be free. “Tea rooms were required to be four tatami (about 6 square meters) wide; however, warriors of that era preferred to sit in an area. That’s half the time. ”That’s when I realized that the tea ceremony wasn’t just about strictly following the rules. Its charm comes when you break some of those rules. ”When she returned to work, Tanida invited two of her colleagues to a tea ceremony in the office foyer. This is also the small kitchen where she makes tea for her boss or warms up her lunch box in the microwave. However, once sitting in Japanese style on the floor, the room looks transformed, and it gives the tea owner. and visitors to another world, the beginning of the Kyūtō-Ryū tea ceremony Image

source, Hiroyuki Fukura