Shaking hands with the Mafia, “cheese king” Italy may have to “open up” for a long time

Recently, the Italian press took turns Buffalo Bills Mafia Sweatshirt posting information about Giuseppe Mandara – “the king of mozzarella” – the famous Italian mozzarella cheese brand, which followed the mafia’s call and ruined the behind every motorcycle drag racing Shirt reputation of a famous family. three generations of superb cheese.

The Mafia is making billions behind every Clay pigeon shooting Shirt of dollars by stirring up the food industry.
Everyone knows that Mandara earns billions of euros from fine buffalo milk, creating tons of the best Behind Crazy Daughter Is A Mother Who Made Her That Way Shirt cheese in Italy, becoming a big name in the

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culinary world. It is said that Giuseppe Mandara was rich from buffaloes, but then was “crazy” because of money and lost his way, falling into the temptations of the mafia, betting, Buffalo Bills Mafia hot Shirt cheating and playing tricks on others to buy fame and sale. , for profit. A series of crimes have put an end to his career like the wind of a richest cheese boss, leaving Mandara at risk of long-term “expulsion”.

But through this incident, the public was more shocked and worried about the very alarming situation, when the Italian mafia is increasingly reaching out the hideous taps to everyday life.

“King cheese” dirty

Giuseppe Mandara is famous very early, inheriting three generations of family that specializes in producing the best mozzarella cheese in Italy. In an interview with Il Denaro, Mandara shared that he is extremely proud of the size and reputation of the behind every motorcycle drag racing limited Shirt company, as well as the reputation the family has left behind.

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Identifying itself as the king of cheeses, Mandara has become proud of the belief that cheese production has been ingrained in the flesh and blood since its inception.

Those who love Italian cuisine must know mozzarella cheese: soft, white, made from buffalo milk, very delicious. Mozzarella is specialized for making pizza, cooking pasta or traditional dishes. Indeed, the culinary world cannot find anything to blame for the quality of mozzarella cheese. Mandara is responsible for exporting almost half of Italian cheese, to major branches in Europe, Asia and behind every Clay pigeon shooting hot Shirt North America. Mandara said that on average a day his

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company produces over 78,000 medium-sized cheeses (equivalent to 2 tons), and ships them to nearly 100 farms around the Campania region where the factory is stationed.

However, the investigation found that Mandara cheated in the production process in order to profit millions of euros from consumers. Mandara instructs his staff to blend the expensive buffalo milk, which is the key ingredient in the signature white mozzarella cheese, with cheaper, even the least expensive cow’s milk to produce mozzarella. series. Then, people also labeled “genuine” mozarrella for this poor quality hybrid milk and sold not only in Italy but also around the world. And yet, he also “enchanted” a ton of cheeses to turn into premium quality, removed the label of provolonce cheese (a light brown, medium quality cheese) and replaced with brands. expensive mozzarella.

Public opinion believes that Mandara has disposed of more than 2 tons of mozzaralle contaminated with Behind Crazy Daughter Is A Mother Who Made Her That Way limited Shirt ceramic residue, formed from a damaged machine in the production system, after being destroyed by

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supermarkets but no compensation to consumers. . The tapes showed that Mandara himself ordered employees to skip the production stages, and confidently said: “We will pretend the shipments are faulty, so there will be no scratches.”

The Italians consumed a lot of cheese, so they were stunned when the country’s culinary pride was sabotaged by a figure of the caliber of Mandara with its mixed recipe. Writer Fabio Vassallo commented: “To us, mozzarella is the national cheese, the inspiration and” culinary acquaintance “of Italy. Just mention mozzarella, any gourmet immediately knows the ingredients. is believed to be fresh buffalo milk in Campania region “. After news of the arrest spread, Mandara was kicked out of a coalition promoting buffalo mozzarella cheese. The coalition also took the charges against him very seriously.

“King of Cheese” Mozzarella Giuseppe Mandara was arrested on allegations of a dirty food scandal and his involvement with the Camorra mafia.

When the mafia ruined cheese

“Mandara cheese” has been sour fermented by the hand of the mafia, making it completely lose its original seductive sweetness. The police revealed that they had caught information that Mandara connected with the mafia of the Camorra network. Rumors erupted months before a secret phone call revealed that Mandara was backed hundreds of millions of euros by Camorra’s boss after a period of losses and economic crisis. Accordingly, the Italian cheese owner is bound by the tacit agreements, becoming an “octopus faucet” hiding under the shadow of a businessman.

The secret campaign and arrest of all members related to Mandara took place quietly for months under the codename “Buffalo”. Property seized from Mandara was initially estimated at $ 123 million, but the actual figure could be tens of thousands of times more. Authorities believe that Mandara, who once patted his chest, described himself as “fashion designer Armani