Sad, happy bus driver

The bus driver does not simply sit in an air-conditioned vehicle, with customers at the station pick up, do not continue running, do not worry about catching passengers. In fact, they also have their own feelings …

The bus to the

hard job station

Nearly 4:00 am, Mr. Nguyen Tan Loi (53 years old, bus driver from Nha Trang City – Van Gia) woke up to prepare. for the most talented shift (first trip). Whether it’s a hot day or a rainy day, the best drivers always arrive at the station 20 minutes before to prepare the bus, making sure to start at 4:50 a.m. “Punctuality is the golden rule of buses!” look “advertising”. That’s What I Do I Drive Wee-Woo Bus Funny Ambulance Gift

Also by the principle of punctuality, the bus driver is always standing with the words “urgently”. On average, Mr. Lo runs 8-9 hours with 6 times a day, between 15 and 20 minutes of rest, the distance can be up to 360km.

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Driver Nguyen Van Khoa wants to stick with the bus for a long

time, so their meals are also urgent. Driver Nguyen Van Khoa (54 years old, driving route No. 6 Vinh Diem Trung – Luong Son market) shared: “Lunch breaks 25 minutes, so we have to calculate how to eat after finishing and take advantage of a few minutes’ nap. Running time is fixed, so it’s never “eight” on the phone, even if it’s just asking me about studying. Even when the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, Thanksgiving 2020 Turkey Wearing Mask Wrong Funny Gifts Shirt it can not exceed 15 minutes to

report the operator, wait for the technician to repair it and load another vehicle. Bus driving also means accepting no weekends, holidays, New Year holidays, unless sick, on vacation. But they all understand, have determined that to be a service profession, service must be the top criterion.

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Driver but driver Nguyen Minh Hoa still understands the situation in the car

At the age of 59, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoa (driving the Nha Trang – Doc Let city route) looks older than his age. 27 years of driving a truck, 3 years driving a bus, that respectable seniority did not make Mr. Hoa subjective when entering difficult roads.

When the passenger got into the bus Testicular cancer my balls tried to kill me cyst hernia Shirt waiting to run, the assistant bus Tran Thi Thu Huyen immediately reminded: “Please come over here and sit, this place is not exposed to sunlight. Some students passed the back seat, making room for pregnant women to sit in this chair to help the shock. Teacher, will you go to the station, tear the ticket, I will remind the driver. Suggest everyone not to smoke, keep quiet ”. After reminding, Ms. Huyen turned to the newspaper and it was time to leave.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa (54 years old, driving route No. 6 Vinh Diem Trung – Luong Son market) said that once he was walking, being crossed by a motorcycle, he had to win urgently, causing a passenger to yell “what kind of way? so? ”. Lunch has just finished, instead of leaning back, a driver also took the hose, taking advantage of spraying water to rinse the car shell.

The income is nearly 300,000 VND / person / day, at first it sounds quite good, but compared to the effort people put in from dawn to dusk, under stressful working conditions on a journey of hundreds of kilometers, we can see no application. simplified.

Carrying joys and sorrows

Not only pressure because of worrying about holding swiss football team Shirt the lives of many people in the car, the drivers also have to hold off rude guests, or worry about the broken horn, the door is stuck. In particular, when passengers stand too far from the station, the car is forced to leave the stop, they also “hear” the scolding and scolding of passengers under the station. When they win twice, they sometimes scowl.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dan – Deputy Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Transport: The whole province currently has 4 bus companies operating on 6 urban routes and 7 inter-district routes, including: Quyet Thang Khanh Hoa Company Limited, Company Quyet Thang Nha Trang Limited, Phuong Trang Transport and Travel Service Joint Stock Company Nha Trang Branch and Dat Moi Joint Stock Company, with more than 100 vehicles. On average, the cars run 900 times a day. With an average salary of 8-10 million / month, most bus drivers attentively serve customers, long-term attachment to the company.
Mr. Khoa recalled that once, helping to sell tickets at the wrong station for a passenger, the fare increased by several thousand dong. Not in time to change, this sister was scolded and slapped by the guest, but she only shed tears. “At that time, I felt very sad”, Stop the steal trump-biden election results 2020 political Shirt Mr. Khoa said. As for Mr. Loi, he is troubled by always having trouble picking up the wrong customer and being scolded. As a rule, the bus can only stop to pick up a maximum of 8 – 10m outside the station. Once, he drove the bus to leave the station for a while, when a passenger motorbike driver chased and signaled to stop but because he could not stop at the wrong station, he continued to go. At the next stop, the customer got in the car, yelling badly. “While the guest is being impatient, I have to try to stay calm. After getting over his anger, listening to me explain, he apologized and since then, we have met often, “Mr. Loi said. The fact that customers stand at the wrong station is a frequent frustration of bus drivers. because the penalty for stopping at the wrong station is nearly 10 times higher than Mr. Loi’s daily salary (fine of 2.5 million dong), not to mention the loss of his driver’s license. But not picking up passengers, the driver also suffered from unpleasant words.

Besides, there are also some passengers talking loudly, smoking cigarettes, getting drunk, disrupting the common space. However, when the driver gently reminds him, he can still get a harsh reaction. At that time, the driver is silent, because the customer is god. These frustrations greatly affect the driver’s morale.