Legendary Viking country

Referring to the Viking, people often think of the image of pirates, either wearing a Part-Time Golfer Cleverly Disguised As Full-Time Firefighter Sweatshirt dangerous black tape to cover the eye, or possessing a characteristic curled wax-waxy mustache. But in fact, Viking is a proper noun used for many objects, from adventurers to warriors, from merchants to pirates … In common, they are all originated from the Nordic country and All of them are capable of sublime seafaring.

From the Viking legend

Appearing very early from the Late Stone Age, the most flourishing Viking era lasted Pastor Biker Never Underestimate Motorcycle Skull Long Sleeve T-Shirt from the eighth century to the eleventh century. Expeditions and subsequent occupation made this people a terror for many countries, on many continents. England and Ireland were ravaged and robbed by the Danes of Denmark. The Norwegian Vikings crossed Player 2 Game Controller with Branch Stick Matching Shirt the sea to attack Scotland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. Eastern countries such as Russia, the Byzantine empire could not fend off the Swedish Vikings … Not only occupied, looted, Vikings also participated in mercy, slavery, trade in many countries. territories in Europe, Southwest Asia and the North Atlantic … With good warriors, possessing high-speed ships that can go very far with the ability to land very quickly without port,

The unrivaled courage, the Proud Army Mom I Raised My Heroes Camouflage Graphics Army T-Shirt unending fighting spirit of the Viking warriors stems from the stony belief in destinations that will wait for them after death. Norse mythology emphasizes that a Skol Sisters Gift Viking Women And Nordic Mythology hot Shirt true warrior sacrificed in the middle of the battle will reside in Valhalla’s paradise with the gods. If you die of old age, die in a hospital bed, you will be exiled to Hel – cold darkness.

Boat-building art has become

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the greatest pride of the Vikings. Large and long drakars, fast speed and many paddles allow the ship to maneuver even in windless conditions. The long and narrow hull design, the rather low upper side of the ship to support land landing, the drakar was defaulted for long expedition cruises, and fierce confrontations at sea. In addition, the Vikings Slo Ho Ho Merry Slothmas – Face Mask Sloth Christmas 2020 Shirt also used a variety of knarr ships. With a short and wide hull, very deep hull and no paddles, the knarr has

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a lower speed but can carry more, making it suitable for business trips. Of the two categories above, the name “Viking ship” is assumed default for the drakar, the giant warships brought to this warlike people so much land,

To the world of ancient ships

Fortunately, I have the opportunity to participate in a roundabout journey through several Nordic countries, set foot in turn to the capital of the three countries Sweden – Norway – Denmark, where the most unique cultural features of the Viking era are still preserved, preserved, as a thousand years ago. And are cherished, fully cherished, as national treasures.

Without appointment, the Viking Ship Museum is present in all three countries mentioned Smell My Feet Funny Karate Gift Smell Them new Shirt above. And all are the destinations to attract the most tourists in the journey to discover Northern Europe. Although

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every city owns a multitude of specialized museums, just looking at the symbols on the tourist map is dizzy.

Viking Roskilde Ship Museum in Denmark focuses on five warships recovered from Roskilde Bay in 1962. Five ships set sail from a thousand years ago, quietly sank deep in the ocean, bare and salty. It was too long before it was pulled up, preserved in the museum, as proud exhibits to admire the post-trend. Combining the viewing Smith Family Name Surname Smith hot Shirt  of the five long boats (Skuldelev 1 to 5 respectively) and visiting Trelleborg – a best-preserved ancient fortress is an effective way to learn deeply about the Danish warriors – considered the

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most powerful invaders killing and looting in Viking history. Not only that, the land of the lead soldiers also preserves an enchanting Ribe town, with the Viking Ribe Museum holding many important archaeological discoveries,

If you have the opportunity, visiting the Lindholm Hoje cemetery – a valuable archaeological site with nearly 700 Viking ancient tombs will help visitors get a panorama of this impressive period.

Visitors to Oslo (Norway) and skip the Viking Ship Museum will surely regret it. Because in addition to the three intact Viking ships (revealed at the three archaeological sites of Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune), many unique artifacts of Viking culture found in the above relics have helped the architecture. This stunning attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.