Kyushu Island’s “Isolated Island” enjoyment goes straight to Fukuoka

When we hear about the isolated island, we will surely feel very far away, and go very hard. However, I Do My Own Stunts Mountain Bike Mtb Get Well Soon Gift Shirt it is practically possible to get there directly from Fukuoka. The feeling of closeness can be reached straight there in no time upon arrival in Fukuoka. And close, but there is another world. There are many cuisines, cultures, I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind I Have A Sexy Imagination Sarcastic Shirt and tourism activities that we can only enjoy on the island. See, know and come try 5 beautiful and alluring islands!
For those interested in the details of the 5 islands, check out the Reto Channel!
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Dense Island in National Border! Tsushima Island
ツ シ マ ヤ マ ネ コ の 看板
The Tsushima Yamaneko (the Tsushima wild cat) sign that can only be seen on Tsushima Island What is your

impression of Tsushima? Tsushima Yamaneko (the wild cat Tsushima)? National border I Don’t Wear Bows I Shoot Them For An Archery Girl Gift Shirt island? Tsushima Island has a unique culture born on the border of the country. In ancient times, Tsushima Island was the frontline of cultural exchange between Japan and the mainland. So even now can feel deeply about scenery ancient times in many places.

kayak in the bay Aso, where you can see the ruins

On the boat Aso Bay Keaton Jet Boats Front & Back Logo hot Shirt  kayak that even a beginner can comfortably enjoy, with the intact views seen by the Sakimori people 1300 years ago. Tsushima Island has too much to feel deeply about history.

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万 関 展望 台 か ら の 夕 景
Night view from Manzeki observatory.

Talking about richness, it’s not just history and culture. Take in the majestic 360-degree view from the Manzeki observatory. Different from the surrounding islands and the green color of the mainland. Clean water that receives large amounts of minerals from the island will Kids Sophia Personalized Custom Name Girl Princess 2020 Shirt pour into the ocean. The salt, seaweed and fish caught here are wonderful, rich in flavor and full of nutrition. This is truly a strange mineral island.

– About 35 minutes by plane from Fukuoka Airport
– About 2 hours 15 minutes by Jetfoil Venus jet boat from Hakata Pier Passenger Terminal

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Great spiritual island! Iki Island
壱 岐 の 絶 品 ウ ニ
Iki Island’s masterpiece is the sea urchin

When it comes to Iki Island, the culinary delicacy! In addition to the origin of barley shochu, there are also sea urchins caught by female fishermen, Iki cows and Iki rice. Marine products, terrestrial products, all high-class cuisines!

「壱 岐 の モ ン サ ン ミ ッ シ ェ ル」 と い わ れ る 小島 神社
Kojima-jinja Shrine is said to be Mont-Saint-Michel of Iki

Iki also appeared in the ancient Japanese Kojiki. There are more than 150 large and Kiss – Let Me Go limited Shirt  small temples on this small island, and there are also many ancient temples with a long history remaining on the island. Tsukiyomi-jinja Shrine,

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which is considered to be the origin of Shinto Shinto. Kojima-jinja Shrine is said to be Mont-Saint-Michel by Iki will be an island when the tide is high, at low tide the path leading to the shrine will appear so you can walk over. You see how if the temples to remove these impurities, dirt and exposure to fresh air, friendly?

Sea emerald green can be seen on travelers Tsunoshima

sightseeing boat On the Tsunoshima excursion boat you’ll see cliffs and emerald green sea in the countryside, this is truly an exciting amusement park!
There are many themes in Iki Island that you can enjoy all the time. Would you like to go Lawrenceville New Jersey Nj Vintage Athletic Sports Design Pullover hot Shirt to Iki Island to make your mind and body healthy?

[How to get there]
– About 1 hour by jetfoil Venus from Hakata

Island jetty passenger terminal pray and enjoy! Shin-Kamigoto Town of Goto Islands
山 が 海 に せ ま る 上 五 島 町 独特 の 地形
The unique topography of Shin-Kamigoto town is the mountain close to the sea

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Goto Islands erupting quietly with a registered church population is world cultural heritage. The islands to the north are Shin-Kamigoto Town.

頭 ヶ 島 天主堂
Kashiragashima Church

On the topic of the church, I have heard words like this on the island. Of course the structure is beautiful, but I think the hearts of the people who built this building in a wonderful place in a difficult state are also beautiful. Not only the architecture but feel the landscape including historical building.

Great Is Goto Tenobe Udon true in marketing Japan’s 3rd most famous Shin-Kamigoto town

In addition to the traditional whale dish, fresh sea specialties, enjoy the authentic Jigokudaki of Goto Tenobe Udon at all costs in Shin-Kamigoto town .
Arrive in Shin-Kamigoto town by Ferry Taiko ferry. Departing from Hakata Port at night will reach Shin-Kamigoto town early in the morning so you can spend a meaningful day on the island. Also, in summer, the sea surface at dawn when approaching the island is also a sight! Absolutely do not miss!

[How to go]
– Departure at night