Home haircut during the anti-epidemic Covid-19 era

There are many cases of asking Sorry I Missed Your Call I Was On Other Line Boat Fishing Long Sleeve T-Shirt relatives to cut their hair or shave their heads during the social isolation to prevent Covid-19 epidemic.
After cutting his hair (with the support of his wife), Mr. Tien Minh “ironed” for his children /// Photo: NVCC
After cutting his hair (with his wife’s support), Mr. Tien Minh “ironed “For children
” unique, strange “hairstyles
Recently, Mr. Tien Sunflower OSD I suffer from obsessive sunflower disorder shirt Minh’s family (sales staff, living in Ward 14, Go Vap District, HCMC) designed the” unique, unique “hairstyles. strange “in the Covid-19 translation.
Ms. Ngoc Bich, wife of Minh Minh That’s What I Do I Fly And I Say Easy Victor Cat Pilot Vintage said: “I told my husband that my hair is messy, you should take the trimmer to handle it yourself. I did not expect him to do it. In front of the self-cut image, the back could not see so I shaved.
Relatively satisfied with the new The First Rule Of 2021 Don’t Mention 2020 Happy New Year hairstyle, Mr. Minh shared: “The shop is all resting, the hair is long, it is hot. Besides, when I work online at home, I should try cutting it ”.
Moving forward, Minh gathered his three sons (Bo, Bin, Ben) and ironed each one in turn. With the obedient cooperation of Bo, Bin, and Ben, after a while, Mr. Minh came out with “no contact” hairstyles.
‘Fashion’ for cutting hair at home during Covid-19 anti-epidemic era – photo 1
Minh’s father and son’s new hairstyle


Not only cutting his own hair at home, Mr. Minh’s family spends time at home to prevent Covid’s epidemic -19 put together to make yogurt, banana ice cream. Ms. Bich expressed: I Fix Quarantine Haircuts – Funny Hair Barber Hairdresser Shirt “My husband also makes a carton to brew yogurt. These days, family love is more bonded ”.
Before the Prime Minister’s order on social

I Fix Quarantine Haircuts – Funny Hair Barber Hairdresser Shirt

I Fix Quarantine Haircuts – Funny Hair Barber Hairdresser Women Long Sleeved

isolation, a number of lawyers (LS) in Ho Chi Minh City had to cut hair and shave their heads to prevent epidemics. On March 26, LS Tran Duy Canh posted on social media a photo of his father and son with “new heads”, with the caption: “Hair styling has never been done at home. The gardener cut off the heads of the father and son for an hour when the barbershop was all closed. Father was cheerful, Bao (son of LS Canh – PV) had eyes that were so bad because he spoke so badly. An interesting experience ”.
‘Fad’ to cut hair at home during the anti-epidemic Covid-19 – photo 2
LS Tran Duy Canh and his son after being “trimmed by a gardener”


Sharing more with us, LS Canh said: “This is the first time I have my wife cut my hair and also my first time is bald. As for me, it’s fine, but guys are afraid that their hair won’t grow anymore ”. He revealed: “When the wife finished cutting for the guy, she was tired. I have to encourage, say, to make my father look like a boy, Hippos are Christmas AF funny novelty hippopotamus holiday T-Shirt to be equally handsome ”.
The hairstyle of his father and son Canh attracted many comments. Many people expressed their support: “Hooray, the anti-epidemic spirit is very high”, “We both have 2 real songs!

Hippos are Christmas AF funny novelty hippopotamus holiday Shirt

Hippos are Christmas AF funny novelty hippopotamus holiday Women Long Sleeved

Covid has no door to penetrate, right? “Safe but economical”, “Soon it will become a trend all over the world”, “Covid season hair fashion! I also bought a set and made it myself ”.
Besides, there are also multidimensional comments: “Million likes for father and son”, “Yes, this barber has a heart”, “Silly but beautiful”, “So beautiful, no brother is handsome” , “In this way, the wife is most assured because there is no one more in love”. Some people even related to Canh’s lawyer profession and then summed up his humor: “This man is wise with all the books because the old law says: Hold someone with hair, no one holds the bald one” …
“An experience interesting ”
It is the insider’s claim of a unique hairstyle in the Covid-19 era.
Sharing with the reporter about his new “first fruit”, LS Pham Hoai Nam witty: “I have a haircut and all the Grey’s Anatomy you’re my person shirt shops have rested, so I came back to ask my wife to cut it. At first, we agreed to cut our hair 5 inches (cm) neatly.

Grey’s Anatomy you’re my person Shirt

Grey’s Anatomy you’re my person Women Long Sleeved

Who expected the wife to pull the trimmer to iron it all off. I see that my wife also cuts her children’s hair, and I think it’s fine, so I trust him … Whoever cut it out, this trip must be ‘teo’, hic “.
From his personal story, LS Nam told the men: “Having a wife cut a hair is a pleasant experience, Funny Quarantine Work From Home Employee Of The Month 2020 Shirt but husbands need to determine that the results may not be as good as a professional barber. It’s okay, because in the middle of the Covid-19 era, having a wife

Funny Quarantine Work From Home Employee Of The Month 2020 Women Long Sleeved

Funny Quarantine Work From Home Employee Of The Month 2020 Shirt

cutting her hair feels good. Bald heads can also be a very elegant new style if you combine them with the right outfit. On the other hand, this fruit can also help you save costs for shampoos, hair gel … if the epidemic continues to drag on economic difficulties in the future “.
Home haircut during anti-epidemic Covid-19 – photo 3
LS Pham Hoai Nam with new hairstyle


Being an optimist, LS Pham Hoai Nam thinks: “In life, we must learn to accept the current situation and know how to overcome difficulties to look for the good things ahead. The epidemic has also passed with the efforts of the government and people of the country. But the experience of having his wife cut her hair during the Covid-19 season will forever be a beautiful memory in your family’s life! ”.
On the afternoon of 2.4, Dr. Chau Huy Quang (executive lawyer Rajan & Tann LCT, referee VIAC) posted on his Facebook account a self-portrait of him with a bald head. Attached is the note: “Actively quarantine waiting for good news from the community”.
‘Fashion’ to cut hair at home during the anti-epidemic Covid-19 – photo 4
LS Châu Huy Quang “goodbye” his long hair