Christmas in Scandinavia: traditional events and cuisines

1. Sweden
Christmas in Sweden Swedish

Christmas begins with Saint Lucia day on 13 December. Lucia was a third century martyr Steampunk Mechanical Gears Fantasy Horse Shirt who brought food to the Christians. arrested. Usually, the eldest daughter in the house paints a portrait of St. Lucia, dressed in white in the morning and wearing a candle crown (or something more secure). She serves her parents cakes and coffee or mash.

The Christmas tree is usually set up a few days before Christmas and is decorated Sugar and Spice Anime Manga T-Shirt with flowers like poinsettia, called julstjärna in Swedish, red tulips and red or white lilies.

On Christmas Eve, or Julafton, the Swedes organize Christmas celebrations at Valentines Day Dinosaur Lovesaurus T rex Gifts Boys Kids Men Sweatshirt church services. Learn back home with a traditional family dinner that includes a buffet (smorgasbord) with ham, pork or fish and a variety of sweets.

After Christmas Eve dinner, someone will dress up like Tomte. According to Swedish folklore, Tomte is the dwarf Christmas god living in the woods. The Viking Norse T-Shirts – I’m Not an Infidel I’m A HEA-Then Valknut V-Neck Tee – Youth Tee Swedish Tomte is like a Santa Claus and comes to give gifts. The “Merry Christmas” wish in Swedish is God Jul.

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2. Danish
traditional Danish Christmas meal

Kids will help parents decorate their family Christmas tree in the weeks leading up Viking god jul Christmas 2020 Shirt to Denmark’s Christmas Day, which officially starts on December 23rd. The celebration begins with a meal consisting of cakes. Traditional cinnamon rice pudding called Grod.

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Santa Claus is known as Julemanden, roughly translated as “Yule Man”. It was said that he would come with a reindeer sled and give gifts to the children. He is helped by his goblin called julenisser, who often lives in places like attics and barns. The mischievous Danish goblins play pranks on humans during Christmas. On Christmas Eve, many Danish families leave some rice cakes or porridge for the elves, so they don’t play pranks on them. In the morning the kids were overjoyed when the excitement was over.

Meals on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day are quite elaborate. On Christmas Eve, This operations director is a nice person so if I’m an ashole to you you need to ask yourself why new Shirt Danes have a Christmas dinner consisting of duck or goose, red cabbage, and caramel potatoes. The traditional dessert is

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rice pudding with whipped cream and chopped almonds. This rice pudding usually contains an almond, and anyone who finds it wins a chocolate or macaroons.

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On Christmas morning, Danish cupcake called ableskiver is served traditionally. For Christmas lunch, the meal will feature a variety of sliced ​​fish. On Christmas Eve, families gather around the Christmas tree, exchange gifts and sing carols. To say, “Merry Christmas”, in Danish greet others by saying Glaedelig Jul.

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3. Norwegian
Christmas in Norway Christmas

Eve is a major event in Norway. “Merry Christmas” in Norwegian is Gledelig Jul or God Jul. At 5 pm, the churches ring the Christmas bell. Stop The Steal, Trump 2020 Voter Fraud limited Shirt Most people have dinner with ribbe (pork ribs) or lutefisk (a dish of cod) at home, so restaurants are often closed.

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Christmas Eve desserts usually include gingerbread or risngrynsgrot, hot rice pudding, and mashed wine, wine for adults. After that, Christmas presents were opened after dinner.

In addition, Norway has a mischievous Christmas goblin called Nisse. This folk creature is personified as a white beard spirit, wearing the red color of the winter solstice. Today, the picture is almost identical to the image of Sinterklass, the modern Santa Claus. Like the traditional biscuits left for Santa Claus today, it is customary to leave a bowl of porridge for the Nisse people.

Respecting their Viking heritage, the Norwegians acknowledged the tradition of the Julebukk people, which in Norwegian means “Yule Goat”. South Dakota Rocks Souvenir Gifts Distressed Grunge new Shirt Today, it is symbolized by a goat statue made from straw, created in early December and often used as a Christmas ornament. Yule Goat’s oldest representatives are

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Thor’s magic goats, who will lead him through the night sky. Yule Goat will protect the house during Yuletide.It is a Nordic tradition to sacrifice a goat to the gods and accompanying spirits during the period between the East solstice and the New Year. The Yule Goat is a lucky charm for the coming new year.

4. Finland
Christmas in Finland

Finland has some Scandinavian Christmas traditions with neighboring Sweden, like St. Lucia’s Day celebration, but also has many of its own holiday traditions.

On Christmas Eve, most Finns who celebrate Christmas attend mass and visit a sauna to get purified. Many Finnish families also visit the cemetery to commemorate the deceased.