Animal protection organization PETA advocates for killing animals

PETA is showing its indifferent and irresponsible use of animal protection, advocatingGay Pup Play Handler Gift, Bdsm Puppy Fetish Pride Gear shirt  instead for the use of poison to kill wild objects.
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The “People for the Ethical Funny This Is What An Awesome 11 Years Old Looks Like shirt Treatment of Animal” (PETA) is an organization that is believed to represent the rights and humane treatment of animals. object.

But of the about 2,000 animals brought to PETA each year, only a very few survive.

The majority of these animals – about 96% according to 2011 figures – will be passed through Funny P.E.T.A People Eating Tasty Animals Design limited Shirt the back door of the PETA headquarters after they have been killed, waiting for the Tidewater Pet Cremation Service’s regular ride to deliver the body. go.

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Between the vehicle arrivals, the animals’ carcasses were stored in a giant cold room installed by PETA for this sole purpose.

The cold room costs $ 9,370 – and like the cremation company of animals killed by PETA – it is paid for by the donations made by animal lovers who cannot Funny Never Skip Leg Day Chicken Legs limited Shirt imagine that the money they raise to help the animals is used to end their lives.

In fact, over the past 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits and many other pets.

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Although it claims to be an organization for animal rights, PETA does not believe that animals have a right to life.

Instead, it argues that humans have a right to kill animals, as long as they do it in a “humane” way – which, in PETA’s understanding, is by poisoning them Dachshund Wiener Dog Riding Unicorn Valentines Day hot Shirt with an overdose of painkillers, right away. even when the animal is still completely healthy.

In 2012, 733 dogs were taken to the PETA building – 602 of them were killed. Only 12 dogs were adopted.

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Also in 2012, they received 1,110 cats. 1,045 were killed. Seven children were adopted. They also received 34 other animals, such as rabbits, of which 28 were killed, only 4 were adopted.

A mother cat and two kittens, all three perfectly healthy and able to be adopted, neither of Computer Programmer I Write Code IT limited Shirt them would be in danger of being killed, until a vet trying to find a new home for them. to PETA.

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The PETA staff assured this doctor that there should be no difficulty in finding someone to adopt them.

Following this lie, PETA is said to have killed all of the cat’s parents just minutes later in a van.

An animal killing kit was discovered by police behind a PETA tank truck in Ahoskie, North Carolina.

A police investigator Ahoskie in protective clothing is preparing to bury a puppy killed by PETA.

This puppy and dozens of other animals, including cats and kittens, were spotted by police during June 2005 after PETA agents dumped them in a North Carolina trash can.

Not only do they kill animals, but PETA also makes excuses for other people’s actions to kill animals.

PETA successfully opposed SB 1320, a law that would have made clear that sterilization and release of feral cats that did not use the poison, instead of killing them, would become legal in Florida.

While rescue centers and health departments across the country have a wild capture-sterilization program, PETA maintains its stance on killing animals, even encouraging advocates to move. go to rescue center or veterinarian for high dose sleeping pills.

The PETA website clearly states: “The most humane option is to humanely kill the stray cat.

You can ask your veterinarian to do this, or if the local rescue center uses sodium pentobarbital injection, get the animal there. ”

This center is one of them, using an injection of sodium pentobarbital to kill cats in front of other cats, arresting them when they try to escape and defecating throughout a cage in fear.

That is the behavior of feral cats when they feel extreme panic in relief centers.

After saving 98% of the cats and 96% of the dogs, Shelby County, Kentucky with a survival rate of over 90%, has issued the announcement of overcrowding and will begin to kill animals.

Once again, the Shelby County No Kill Mission, which works to keep the Shelby County policy of no animal killing, has taken action to help avoid the crisis and reduce the number of animals. by means of rescue or adoption.

Contrary to Shelby County No Kill Mission, the old PETA