In resorts in Gangwon-do province (Korea), in addition to the natural snow, the tourist This Is My Pajamakah Xmas Gnome Dreidel Apparel Shirt businessmen sprayed with artificial snow to ensure guests have fun all day.
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Cold and minus 6 degrees Celsius in Seoul, light flying in
Korea on December What Santa Doesn’t Bring Me My Dad Will Merry Christmas Shirt  winter days, when the red yellow leaves of the honeysuckle, cherry, maple, have fallen and discolored. is when the temperature gradually drops below 0 degrees Celsius. There is no World’s Best Father Premium Quality No.1 Grandpa Total Perfection 2020 Shirt red scene anywhere like mid-November before. Snow started to scatter, I set Yorkshire Terrier A Good Day Starts With Coffee And A Yorkie Shirt [best sale] foot on the journey of three landmarks Incheon, Gangwon-do and Seoul to experience the winter of Kim Chi. My yearning for seeing snow flying in the middle of the city kept getting excited.

Set foot at Incheon H2O Santa Claus Head Scuba Diving Ugly Christmas Shirt airport and sleep in this city for 2 nights, hearing the news in Seoul is  only less than 40 km of falling snow, but the heart recovers. If the people of cold land, snow is fear, obsession affecting their life, for visitors

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from countries with no snowy winter is a strange thing, it is something to experience to know what it’s like. Even the freezing cold of minus 10 degrees Celsius is quite curious in me.H2O Santa Claus Head Scuba Diving Ugly Christmas Shirt

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Cold scene in the streets of Seoul city.
Seoul is located Golf best Godfather by park vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater in the northwestern part of Korea, with an estimated land area of ​​605.52 km2. The city is surrounded by 8 mountains and the lands of the Han River Delta.
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When I arrived in the capital of Kim Chi, it was also when cold air from minus 3 to minus 6 degrees C covered the city. The road is still crowded with traffic, snow falls but tiny particles, when reaching the ground, dissolve Golf best Godfather by park vintage Shirtquickly into water. Korea is always very cold in winter, the temperature does not increase or decrease too erratically like in Hanoi, the highest temperature is only about 6 degrees Celsius. Sometimes I keep finding the feeling that the cold is different here in Vietnam. Girl Yoga Merry Christmas Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater Nam did not see any significant problem. Sometimes still feel comfortable. Previously being alerted to minus 10 degrees Celsius, terrible, I brought a full suitcase of winter clothes and found myself being too careful and necessary, not wearing all. Only his hands are often caught when outdoor activities. It is of course very warm when traveling by bus, subway or indoors like a hotel.

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The temperature is minus 6 degrees Celsius, if you don’t wear gloves on the street, you will feel frozen to the point of stiffness after a few moments. At times, I wear gloves anGirl Yoga Merry Christmas Shirt

d still feel the cold creeping into each of my fingers.

Walking around the streets of Dongdaemun (Seoul), there are many scenes where people walk on sidewalks cowering with flu in thick hooded coats, blowing out their mouths. This image Hanoi has been absent in many recent winters when the coldest wave is only 11 degrees Celsius.

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Gangwon-do – the most Gender Reveal I Think It’s A Boy Baby Shower Party Shirt famous ski area in Korea
Koreans say that in order to play games on the snow, to step on the layers of snow, visitors

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must go to Pyeong Chang, Gangwon-do Province. This place used to host the Winter Olympics 2018.

Possessing a snow-covered landscape, Gangwon-do has long been a winter sports capital. Because of that, Pyeong Chang district in this province used to be the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. There are Baekdudaegan Gender Reveal I Think It’s A Boy Baby Shower Party Shirt

mountains stretching from north to south, luxuriant trees, pristine waters surrounding 18 cities and beautiful town. Thanks to the humid winter winds blowing over the Taebaeksan mountain range, it gets more snow than other areas. The mountainside and mountain foothills are all poured in to build resorts with ski rinks.

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The unique feature of the resorts in Gangwon-do is that in addition to natural snow, there is also artificial snow. In the weather from minus 4 to minus 9 degrees C, the snow blasting machines work continuously to help visitors feel secure to play winter games day and night.

Pyeong Chang not only has ski slopes, hotels, performance stages, but also has many mountain bike paths and other facilities. The ski slopes are designed for a wide range of visitors, from beginners to intermediate to advanced players. Even Korean families from many provinces and cities flock here on weekends.

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Artificial snow blasting machine operates all day.
International standard ski slope
According to Korea Tourism Board, the country of Kim Chi