Victory over breast cancer woman’s fear

Getting up at 6, walking with her husband, having breakfast and working … is a description I Love Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnien Sweatshirt of a day of Khanh Thuong, who is suffering from late stage breast cancer, founder of the Breast Cancer Network of Vietnam.

Looking at her bright face, smiling eyes, hearing humorous talking and seeing Ms. Nguyen Thi I’m Fine Everything is Fine This is Fine Christmas Light T-Shirt – Teacher Shirt 2020 Khanh Thuong (often called Thuong Sobey) work non-stop, no one thought she was carrying cancer. to be on the bone and fight the pain every day.

Every day, the female lecturer of the Faculty of Journalism (University of Social Sciences Jesus Has Your Back Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Sweatshirt and Humanities) decided to leave the lecture hall to devote herself to developing the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network – with the desire to help people in the same situation have more. knowledge, strength, help Let Me Sleep Funny Sarcastic Saying Tombstone Fan Gift T-Shirt to overcome fear, overcome illness. She also hopes to propagate so that women in general and the community have information about screening and early detection of diseases.

Whether in school or when standing in the lecture hall as a teacher, Thuong Sobey always impresses Faith Over Fear Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon T-shirt everyone around with a radiant and enthusiastic image. Photo: NVCC.

Recalling the days when cancer was first discovered, Khanh Thuong sometimes remained shocked. Last July, 2 months before the engagement ceremony with Aaron Sobey, the man she met and fell in love with while studying abroad in Australia, Thuong went for an intensive check-up because “thought I was getting married late, when 30 years old, so you have to prepare carefully before being a wife and mother ”.

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Faith Over Fear Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Hoodie

From that time, it took nearly 3 months, through many hospitals, 3 puncture of cells, until the final test at Hanoi K Hospital, she could get an accurate diagnosis of breast Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021 Happy New Year Wear Mask Christmas Toilet Paper limited Shirt cancer. October 20. Before that, she did not have any common clinical signs of this disease such as a lump, discharge, a different color of skin … aside from a small lump in the middle of her forearm. After reading many documents, she realized that this is a rare sign of breast cancer.

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“I just thought I was going to die then. I panicked, cried, desperate. Even though someone gives living evidence that a breast cancer patient has been cured, I still don’t believe it. Only when I went to Australia for surgery, had access to breast cancer documents, understood what the disease was, and was able to save my life, did I stop fear and feel very confident on the operating table ”, she recounted.

Ms. Thuong Sobey and her husband, biological parents and granddaughter at their wedding last year. Photo: NVCC.

She was told that she had stage two breast cancer and knew that it would take her about a year to cure and then be able to return to a normal life. But the fate was Electrician Gifts Wife Design On Back Sweatshirt tantalizing, she was told by the doctor, the biopsy results of 9 lymph nodes removed from the surgery were malignant, the cancer had spread far into the bone and was in stage 4 – stage. final. That means her illness can no longer be cured, can only be cured to sustain her life, and must be permanently treated.

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“I fell into fear again. It is childless fear, a blurred future. Fear of a $ 3,000 monthly payment for illness, as the doctor says. The fear that I might have to leave my loved ones permanently at any time… ”, the 31-year-old woman shared.

During the 2 weeks since she received this result, she has lived in darkness and thought, “let’s just die, so as not to make everyone tired and miserable for me”. But that thought quickly dissipated when she received all the love and help from her family, fiancé, friends, colleagues …

“At that time I just thought, if the disease forced me to die, I also cannot die tomorrow, so if we only have today to live, we still have to live properly. Everyone around wants Introvert Social Distancing Expert limited Shirt me to live, if I want to die, it is not right. I should love my own life the most. The truth is we often fear things that have not yet happened, ”she said.

Ms. Thuong Sobey and two women both suffered from breast cancer in the “Rose Day Festival” held by the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network on October 19. Photo: NVCC.

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Through the days of desperation, regaining the faith of living by friends and family, Thuong thinks about many other women in Vietnam who are in the same situation but do not have the material and spiritual conditions to cope with their roots. sick. That is the motivation for her to set up the Breast Cancer Network (BCVN), with the desire to raise awareness for the community to increase the rate of early diagnosis, and at the same time help them improve their quality of life …

From that thought, right in the days of treatment in Australia, she ordered the domain name (Breast cancer network Vietnam) and started thinking about building a website like that. Let’s start translating the brochure and think about how to print and distribute the breast cancer book for free. Because according to her, this document has helped her understand her illness and overcome her fear.

“We cannot sit and complain about the medical system, the genius of the doctors, the level of our wealth and poverty – those things are difficult to change and it takes a lot of time and effort to change. However, BCNV will support