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February 14 every year is Funny 2021 Loading Please Wait New Year Shirt  Valentine’s Day or also known as Valentine’s Day. This is the day when the whole world celebrates the love of couples, the love between couples, they express their love Eros God of Love Greek Ancient Mythology Illustration Shirt  by sending each other Valentine’s cards, roses, chocolates and some kinds of gifts. Other specials.

Valentine’s Day
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The origins of Valentine’s Day – Valentine ‘s Day
Valentine – read as Warsaw or Va-to-tin. Valentine’s Day in English are: Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day. But Did You Die Kettlebell Gym Workout Shirt  It was named after St. Valentine – one of the first Christian martyrs.

There is quite a bit of information Teachers Valentines Day Class Full of Sweethearts hot Shirt about the origins of Valentine’s Day, associated with the name St. Valentine. But in fact there are three people named Valentine or Valentinus who were canonized, so today it is still debated

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which of those three created the day that millions of people around the world have to wait anxiously.

Although there are still some inconsistent views on the history of Valentine’s Day, there is a common point between the stories of these saints that they all died of true love, great love and justice.


One of the most widely accepted legends regarding Valentine’s Day origins is the story of a Roman cleric who lived under Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century AD. During this period, the Roman empire experienced a turbulent and chaotic historical period, also known as the “Crisis of the Third Century”, Reel Cool Dad, Fishing Shirt, Funny Father Hood TShirt, Father’s Day Gift hot Shirt when the empire was divided into three states killing each other. .

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In the midst of this dark period, Emperor Claudius issued a very harsh order to ban all young people in the empire from marrying because he believed unmarried soldiers were better able to fight. But a brave cleric named Valentine stood out for a secret wedding for couples who love each other. But this action was discovered, and Mr. Valentine was jailed. Emperor Claudius ordered the execution of Valentine on February 14, 273.

According to writer Greg Tobin, Straight Outta Pharmacy School Graduation Class of 2021 limited Shirt many believe that Valentine’s Day love cards are derived from pieces of paper expressing love and

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admiration that children slip through prison bars for Mr Valentine, as well as letters. the words “Your Valentine” before his execution. But this may just be an episode added by people to this tragic story.


Another popular legend about the origins of Valentine’s Day is the story of a bishop named Valentine. In 250, Emperor Decius issued an order to punish all who did not worship the Emperor. This parable is aimed at Christians (Christians) because they only worship God. As a result, many Christians were imprisoned and executed. Among those arrested was Father Valentine, who was arrested in 268.

Mr. Valentine is wise and virtuous, so he is trusted by the Romans. So, Emperor Claudius tried to question him to find out and seduce him to deter others, but failed.

Angered, the Emperor ordered Swans In Love new Shirt the imprisonment of Mr. Valentine. Locked in prison, Father Valentine sensed a prison officer named Asterius by healing the prison officer’s

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daughter. In gratitude to Father Valentine, Asterius and his whole family of 46 asked for Christian baptism. Fearing this would threaten the kingdom, the Roman Emperor ordered the beheading of Father Valentine on February 14, 270 on Flaminius Road.

Father Valentine ‘s death touched and admired among the people and Christians. Since then, the name Valentine has become a symbol of great love.


Another legend says that, in the second century AD, a physician was executed for daring to believe in Jesus. While being imprisoned in prison, waiting to be executed, the doctor cured the guard’s blind daughter. The girl finds light and falls in love between them.

On February 14, the physician was taken to be executed. Before he died, he sent the girl a love letter signed “My Valentine”. This story then became a legend and around the world people considered this day to be a festival of lovers. Until now, couples still have a tradition of signing their names with the phrase “From your Valentine” of the old days instead of their names in Valentine cards.

In addition, there are many other legends related to the history of St. Valentine’s Day. Although different, these legends are imbued with lyrical and romantic qualities to honor the love of a couple. Valentine’s Day

in different countries
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day
– Valentine’s Day started in Europe but today is held in many other places, from Asia to America and Europe. Africa. Since the last days of last year, the market serving Valentine’s Day around the world has started to take off. N