US election 2020: What if Trump refuses to leave the White House?

In America’s 244 year history, no president has refused to leave the White House after lo Tattoos Santa Claus Merry Christmas shirtsing an election.

The peaceful, legal, and orderly transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of That What I Do I Pet Dogs I Play Guitars & I Know Things Vintage Shirt American democracy.

For this reason, President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept defeat to Joe Biden created The Man The Myth Vintage Aged Perfectly 1928 Limited Edition The Birth Of Legends Shirt a novel situation and turned America upside down.

And it poses a challenge for Thin Blue Line Flag Back The Blue Patriotic Police Shirt   analysts to consider impossible scenarios.

“Far from being over”
Trump was playing

golf outside the Washington Funny President Joe Biden inauguration day january 20 2021 shirt DC capital when Biden was named the winner of the November 7 election by the major US news outlets.
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Shortly thereafter, the presidential campaign released a statement emphasizing that “the election is far from over”.
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2020 election results: both sides are surprised

Why President Donald Trump lost the election?

Donald Trump playing golf. IMAGE
Capturing the picture,
Mr. Trump is playing Santa Moon Hippie Shirt golf as major US news agencies announce election results
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“We all know why Joe Biden

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is in a hurry to pretend to be a winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him out: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. “, Mr. Trump announced. “The simple fact is that this election is far from over,” Funny Nurse Gnomes Santa Christmas Light Nursing Lover Gifts T-Shirt it continued, suggesting that Mr. Trump will continue to oppose the results through lawsuits, accusing election fraud.
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The US Constitution makes it completely clear that the current presidency will end “at noon on January 20”.
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Joe Biden has won enough states to ensure he gets more than 270 required electoral votes. Therefore, Mr. Biden has the right to hold the presidency for the next four years.

What are the prospects for Mr. Trump’s legal challenges?

Beside President Trump on the day he lost the election

Donald Trump still has legitimate and legitimate resources that he can use to challenge the voting results, but unless there is a significant change in the Funny Christmas Costume Among stars Game Us Ugly shirt courts verdict in the near future, and only if Mr. Trump can prove the election irregularities he accuses but gives no evidence that it actually exists, January 20 is the day the new president takes the oath of office – The same day that Mr. Trump had to leave the White House.
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Trump with his team in the White House’s Oval Office IMAGE
What if Mr. Trump refuses to leave the White House?

The position promoted before
Trump clearly warned throughout the campaign that he would not accept defeat.

He said over and over again that he was determined to remain in power, no matter what the electoral bodies said, pointing out that the only possibility of failure is due to stolen elections.
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So America began to discuss what would happen if Trump made his threats and tried to hold on to power.

This theory was even mentioned by Joe Biden during the election.

In a TV interview on June 11, comedian Trevor Noah asked Biden if he thought of the possibility of Trump losing and refusing to leave the presidential palace.

“Yes, I did think about that,” Biden replied, adding he was convinced that, in such a situation, the military would be responsible for stopping Mr. Trump from continuing at and simply kicking him out. The White House.

Joe Biden pushes forward plans for the presidency

What is the expectation of the 2020 US President-elect and US-Vietnam relations?

Biden’s insistence that voters, not candidates, decide the outcome of the election – as confirmed in his campaign statement on Friday:

“The American people will decide This election, and the US government is absolutely capable of escorting offenders out of the White House, “the statement said.

The execution of the task of escorting Trump out of the presidential palace can be done by the US Judicial Police or the Secret Service.

The Secret Service is the civil agency in charge of the president’s security, but by law it also has an obligation to protect all former presidents and will continue to protect Mr. Trump even after January 20. .

Donald Trump with a member of the Secret Service at the White House IMAGE
Take pictures,
If Trump refuses to leave the White House, the US Attorney General or the Secret Service is responsible for escorting him.

As the Biden’s electoral advantage became apparent and his proclamation of the winner was imminent, the Secret Service stepped up security measures to protect the elected president.

Effectively, Mr. Biden is being protected with the “president” level of security, despite Mr Trump’s insistence that Democrats are defeated.

Utopian scenario?
If the worst end comes, and Trump steadfastly refuses to leave the White House, the security forces’ loyalty to him may need to be considered.

The BBC asked the experts if it was possible for Trump