Two beautiful people “fight” with sharks, making the audience lose heart

Two Hollywood women for two months were underwater to film sharks only.
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Mandy Moore and Claire Holt has brought a breathtaking movie about the journey Scramble for life from sharks of two young girls in the Hung Gods of the Ocean

The choking trailer of the Hung God of the Ocean

2 actresses of 47 Meters Down brings the audience the experience of a terrible Knuckle Sandwich FKB Vintage T-shirt accident in the adventure under the ocean

This is a new movie by director Johannes Roberts, revolves around the two sisters Lisa and Kate participating in the adventure game. Following National Federation Of Sweaty Arsed Builders Shirt a friend’s recommendation of a “very safe” ocean experimental game, two beauties agreed to try. They are put in a metal cage and dive into the ocean to watch the white sharks swim around.

Not only one but also a Gawr Gura Senzawa Face Shrimp Funny Cool Gift T-Shirt herd of white sharks rushed to the cage where two amateur female divers

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Before, Lisa (Mandy Moore) suffered many shocks when she was preparing everything for her trip to Mexico with boyfriend, lover suddenly said goodbye. Lisa decided to forget by going on vacation with her sister Kate (Claire Holt).

The accident happened when sisters Lisa and Kate were happily taking pictures in the ocean with white sharks around, the rope connecting the cage and the Fleur de lis Mardi Gras 2021 The One That Got Cancelled T-Shirt  ship slipped off. Two girls in the iron cage crashed into an area 47 meters below the sea, surrounded not only by one but many ferocious white sharks.

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No one can save them but themselves.

No one can save Lisa and Kate when their lives are in seconds. They decide to kick the door of the cage to swim out, but how can they escape from a Feliz Navidad 2020 en Cuarentena Regalo Divertido de Navidad Long Sleeve T-Shirt flock of white sharks? They themselves are just two amateurs while surrounded by sharks lured by a bucket of blood poured into the sea.

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The two girls have to save themselves in the face of danger in the ocean

The trailer of the movie is only nearly 2 minutes, making viewers suffocate with the developments before the two young girls face danger.

The struggle for survival off the Mexican ocean offers viewers a choking, dramatic experience. In fact on set, two actors Mandy Moore (the Grammy Award-winning Eat sleep podcast Limited Shirt) actress known for the classic “A walk to remember”) and Claire Holt had to sacrifice a lot to play this dangerous role. .

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Mandy Moore as an older sister invites her sister to dive into the sea to play a game of white shark watching

Both said they had to “live under water” for 2 months to film the Hung Gods of the Ocean. “We are wet like peeling mice” – Moore eagerly told about the journey of filming – “No one can understand the feeling for the female actors when for 8 weeks, every day is constantly immersed in water. No one has really made a movie like this before.

Moore also said she is willing to accept “bet” in the role this time because no one is sure the film will be successful or not. “This is a huge gamble,” Moore said.

Claire Holt as a sister with her sister through “fate” fighting with white sharks

Both Mandy Moore and Claire Holt admit that women are stronger after stressors. They seized the opportunity to play a movie about the death game. Each day they burn 1,500 calories for the physical challenges to spin underwater.

47 Meters Down (Hung god of the ocean) is really a wonderful experience not only with two Hollywood beauties but also with the audience this summer. The film opened in Vietnam from June 16, 2017 in theaters nationwide.