Top 10 most amazing dogs in the game world

The game world will lack perfection without these lovely friends!

In the game you can be very cool, very cool, but surely you will not be able to find a Veteran Wife Most People Never Meet Their Heroes I Married Mine Us Flag beautiful experience without your little friends who are always by your side, loyal to you and loving you unconditionally. They are great dogs and the game gets a lot better because of their presence.

Strong warning: Spoiled !!!
Here are the 10 most Vintage This Dad Is A Fart Smella No Wait I Mean Smart Fella Yorkshire Terrier Dog T-shirt outstanding dogs among them.

10. Mabari War Hound – Dragon Age Origins
The Mabari War Washington Redskins Logo Team Football American Flag Shirt Hound is a large breed of a clam and a wolf. They are used in war and are considered one of the most aggressive creatures you can encounter in the game. But what makes them so great is that they are very intelligent, able to understand We Are All Fauci Logo Emt T-Shirt and perform complex tasks. They are also very loyal and willing to put their lives in your hands.

There are legendary tales in Dragon Age about warriors who lost their lives in the war and Mabari Cool Grandpas Play Croquet Retro Vintage 1970s Pullover new Shirt War Hound dogs avenge their masters. They are really great friends that anyone who plays games can make.

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9. Boomer – Far Cry 5
You are sent to the territory of Hope controlled by a cult to lead the resistance against these bandits. There will be many trusted partners to help you with that, but only Can’t Hear You I’m Gaming Panda Video Games Funny Gamer 2021 Shirt the little dog Boomer is the most reliable. This dog will follow and help you on the mission by sniffing and eliminating enemies, and it will always be with you until your last breath. You wouldn’t ask for anything more from an assistant.


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In the sequel Far Cry New Dawn, you’ll find a Boomer tomb – the Loyal and Brave Dog. Maybe it fell Camping Tent Australia limited Shirt down from taking too many wounds, maybe because of old age but surely until the last moment it is always with you.


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8. Red XIII – Final Fantasy VII
Actually, Red is not really a dog. However, Final Fantasy VII players often share the same feelings of attachment to Red as with his non-game companions. After the Bear life is short call in sick and go to west virginia vintage limited Shirt first meeting, you and your team will get along with Red soon. This powerful creature is very useful in combat and a valuable unit in your squad.

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Of course, like every other character, Red has a story of its own and the problems it faces, which is what makes Red more human and more like an equal friend. purely a big, talking pawn.

7. Sif – Dark Souls
Sif is a giant white wolf, a pet of Duong Qua … oh, he is cool and handsome, super-cosmic. When Artorias fell, he used all of his remaining strength to protect Sif. Sif also used his life to protect Artorias’s sword and ring. If you dare to sneak up near that place, this big pawn will grab Artorias’s sword and use it to snatch you.

It’s a touching story, but unfortunately the player still has to defeat Sif to get the ring and complete the quest. The reason Sif appears here is because in the DLC Artorias of the Abyss, if you free Sif, it will be grateful and help you in a tough boss battle coming.

6. Mr Chew – Borderlands 3
This dog is a dog, it’s just a bit strange. This “dog” belongs to the Skag – endemic to Pandora and is one of the first breeds of monsters you’ll ever face. They range in size from small grass dog to big enough to swallow you, they can also spit anything in your face from lightning to acid. They are terrifying killing machines. However, it is not all about them; above all, they also need to be loved.

If you play FL4k, you will be allowed to summon a “Guard Skag” named Mr Chew. This ugly but adorable kid will accompany you and treat anyone as long as you ask. Mr Chew may not be a beautiful and proper “dog”, but at least it is adorable and useful.

5. Dog – Half-Life 2
This dog is certainly not a real dog, but at least it behaves very much like a dog. Dog is a large robot created by scientist Eli Vance with the aim of becoming the hard beast and bodyguard of his daughter Alyx. Dogs love to be playful and useful in combat. It is friendly but also incredibly fearsome, with enough power and speed to tear through its most powerful foes.

It will also help you and Alyx with pretty much everything like lifting heavy objects and scouting dangerous areas. It looks like a real pet of Alyx and takes care of her like a friend. It might just be a robot for many people, but it’s hard to say that it doesn’t have the same affection as any other dog.

4. D-Dog – Metal Gear Solid V
Good agent dog here. Snake picked it up as a child, abandoned and lost an eye. He takes it home to take care of it, and trains it to become one later