The story of the soldier returning to where he “sacrificed.”

Old soldier Do Xuan Cuong recalled Exploding Trees Forest Cities Austria President Trump T-Shirt the days fighting in Hue.
The meeting of the K8 unit in Hue was suddenly quiet when the old soldier Do Xuan Cuong appeared. Donald Trump 2020 make Valentines day great again Shirt All are convinced that this soldier died, even his comrades buried Do Xuan Cuong by himself, but now he stands in the middle of the hall, made of flesh and blood.Dart game dartboard scoreboard gamer darting Darts Pullover Hoodie  Few people know, behind the back that is a long story full of blood, tears and difficult to trust only in the novel …

Go dance his way soldiers live

vocals and sometimes heated Dad is My Name Fishing Is My Game Father’s Day Fishing Gift T-Shirt Choking emotionally, the old soldier told me a story of his resurrection:

not letting the enemy control the On The Battlefield The Military Pledges To Leave Soldier Behind As A Nation Flag America Shirt battlefield, me and the unit held out from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the marines, commandos, and the enemy’s green-helmet soldiers surrounded. Team

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2, the commander of 8th Battalion, the officers of the 2nd Regiment and the cadres of the Hue City Party Committee were also surrounded. Before the situation was lost, at 21:00 on 3-4-1968, the emergency meeting unit decided to open the blood line to break through. I immediately volunteered to open blood sugar “.

That 19-year-old soldier, the B41 gunner, was willing to sacrifice his life to break the ground, touched the Oh I Pissed You Off Suck It Up Buttercup I’m An Asshole It’s What Do Shirt people who stayed behind. Mr. Duong Ba Nuoi – combat officer embraced Do Xuan Cuong, said: “If you complete the task, the unit, the front will propose to award the title

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of Hero of the armed forces”. When the young soldier, carrying the 41st gun to volunteer for the lead, the unit held a live memorial ceremony for him and decided to propose a third-class Victory Medal. Because everyone knows, opening blood sugar almost means sacrifice.

Do Xuan Cuong, on the way to Nonbinary They Their Them Meow Cute Non-Binary Flag Kawaii T-Shirt break the siege, saw in front of the soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam barbed wire from the Bach Ho

Bridge along the 1st road, wanting to capture the K8 battalion alive. Helicopters, armored vehicles and infantry enemies were on the 1st road, all guns were pointed at our soldiers, the loudspeakers were painful.

He told me at that moment of life and death: “At midnight, 3-4-1968, I was ordered to set fire. We encountered the 39th brigade – the most friendly brigade of the ARVN. I shot the 10th one when my ears were bloody, the explosion and recoil of the B41 blurred my eyes, and my head was dizzy, I put a cotton ball in my ear, took a medicine to stop the bleeding. still flowing, but I still RIP Shina T-Shirt carried my gun aimed at the enemy siege to fire, I fired five more B41s, destroyed one enemy tank.At 4 am, I was hit by M79 bullets in my left skull, all shrapnel stabbed in. I died “.

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The soldier fell by the barbed wire fence, in the smoke of fire and the sound of gunfire, blood streaked red. Do Xuan Cuong’s 14 B41 bullets hit the target, helping his teammates escape the siege. But Do Xuan Cuong lay back and that was the beginning of a strange story.

Soldier Do Xuan Cuong (first from right) met his comrades again in Hue.

Meet his teammates to bury him

At that time, teammate Ngo Quang Quy saw Do Xuan Cuong’s sacrifice and immediately took his friend down to the trench, covered with dirt, covered with leaves to seal the next morning to return, take out the body. But that night, being pursued intensely, seven days later when the soldier Ngo Quang Quy returned, the land was occupied and a machine gun flew right at the burial place of his comrades.

Do Xuan Cuong regains consciousness and finds himself being held in the (former) Nguyen Tri Phuong hospital. It was April 5, 1968, when Cuong did not know that his unit was killed. That soldier was full of injuries but had to grind his teeth to endure the torture of the enemy. Investigators fainted, when awake, the enemy asked: “If you are released, where will you go?”. Do Xuan Cuong replied immediately: “I will return to the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, continue to fight the US”. Was beaten fainted again. Cuong tried to escape the hospital twice but failed. In May 1969, this prisoner was sent to Phu Quoc Prison.

I have been to Phu Quoc prison, now only a relic but still make people shiver with chills because of the brutality of a place once called “hell on earth”. Do Xuan Cuong’s cells, tiger cages, and other medieval torture tools all had to experience the barbarism that seemed to have reached the end because the prisoner twice escaped prison but was arrested again. When he was first arrested, the prison guard asked: “When you escape, you b