The “follow-up” services attract customers during the Christmas season

Christmas Eve is coming very close, so the services of hiring Santa Claus, renting clothes, Christmas trees, selling Christmas cakes have Physics Doesn’t Care What You Believe Shirt  the opportunity to “eat and make”. Christmas decoration services at home and office still receive exciting orders to serve the needs Release the Kraken sweatshirt of the people of the city.
security services for customers to buy Christmas.
People go shoppingSanta Trump Riding Unicorn Funny Christmas Xmas Shirt for Christmas accessories at stores on Hai Thuong Lan Ong street (District 5, HCMC).
Clothes rental service, Christmas tree

The pine tree is an indispensable Scotus Judge Amy Coney Barrett Shirt  symbol of Christmas holidays. In our country, due to the lack of fresh trees, the choice is not much, consumers often choose fake pine trees to increase the atmosphere at companies, Christmas Elf Cool Santa’s Favorite Paraprofessional Gifts T-Shirt families, shops … so the rental and decoration services of trees Christmas becomes one of the hottest services during Christmas. The price of renting pine trees ranges from 200,000 to 500,000 VND, with big trees and elaborate decoration, the price can be up to several million VND

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The owner of the store said that since the beginning of the month, many people have

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started to order Christmas trees to decorate their homes and agencies during Christmas. Closer to Christmas, the higher the demand, one day of transporting Christmas Among Us Shirt, Among Us Christmas Shirt, Among Us Game Shirt, Among Us 2020 Shirt, Among Us Xmas and installing 10 – 15 trees can not meet the needs of customers.
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Also during the Christmas holidays, the need to rent and buy Christmas clothes is very expensive. In recent years, the economic life is well-off, many families either rent or buy their children Christmas outfits for Christmas.
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Accordingly, the Santa Claus suit with a full hat, gloves, beard … depending on the model, the price ranges from 60,000 to 100,000 VND, while the Santa Claus suit for children is 30,000-40,000 VND. Particularly clothes and full equipment for Santa Claus cost 120,000 VND.

Playing the role of Santa Claus

These days, walking on the street can easily see “Santa Claus” carrying gifts on the road.

Christmas is also when the Boom Roasted funny thanksgiving 2020 Turkey vintage shirt Santa Claus rental service becomes extremely bustling. Many parents choose to hire Santa Claus for Christmas to bring surprises to their children.
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From December 22-24, Santa Claus worked all day and all night, and thus the proceeds were double or even three times normal. Subtracting costs can also get 100,000 VND per order.
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Most of Santa Claus is student, shipper. Right after joining this work, the Santa Claus has been trained by the companies to give gifts to the baby, how to ask if the baby is good, listen to parents or not, or study hard …

According to the price list for a Santa Claus rental unit with an address in Cau Giay District (Hanoi), depending on the radius and time of service prices also Beaver Liquors Wetting The Whistle Since 1926 Shirt change. Specifically, on December 24, with a radius of 0-3km, the price is 150,000 VND / baby, from 3-5km it is 200,000 VND / child (the

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service price does not include gifts).

Also today, at this facility, the price of exchange service with Santa Claus and Snow Princess applied to orders within a 5km radius, is 400,000 VND.

Selling Christmas cakes The Christmas

atmosphere is not only bustling at shops selling decorations but also in shops selling pastries. At the cake shop on Xa Dan street (Dong Da – Hanoi), the shop staff said that the cakes with Christmas images such as logs, Christmas trees, the snow old man or the reindeer were made. available and sold with prices ranging from 120,000 VND to 500,000 VND / unit. In addition, this store also has Christmas biscuits shaped Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, … with prices from 10,000-20,000 VND / unit depending on size.

security services according to customers who buy birth
Ms. Ha My, the owner of a handmade bakery shop on social networks, said, “From December 15 to now, every day, my shop has about 80 orders for Christmas cakes. And the closer to Christmas Day, the number is. The order volume is higher. The customers are mostly companies, shops, offices. We only accept orders until the end of 21/12 and then proceed to make cakes to pay customers “.
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Christmas design service is very popular

The design service providers said that they began receiving orders from the beginning of December and proceeded to design ideas, surveyed the reality to have unique and strange ideas. Simply put, decorate tall pine trees, rock caves in households and offices. Also in stores, large commercial centers … the decoration is carefully invested, must choose the right color, light, harmony and especially there must be strange corners for customers to shop, food and drink with “virtual live” photography.

According to the representative of HT Company (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) specializing in Christmas decoration design, the prices of design items also fluctuate according to the needs of customers, whereby a 3m large tree is constructed with the price is from 15-25 million VND depending on the decorations attached to the snowman, gift box, flash… Christmas tree for family with different sizes ranging from 3-10 million. Christmas decal stickers for glass doors from 400,000-700,000 VND / meter, stone caves and accessories for household decoration from 3-6 million VND. At this point, many service units are almost completed