Surprised to the alley meet the beauty queen, down the street touch the queen!

In our country, sometimes startled when he hears a rather strange title of a certain “king, queen”, Quarantine Cutie Valentines Day Funny Social Distancing T-Shirt do you see “comedy”?

In the past, the Queen was a title given to the queens of a nation. Now a woman selling food is royal hawaiian shirt also a Queen, and there are “Kings” and “Queen” as well, it is true comedy.

Showbiz is busy now, everyone Sorry I’m Late I Saw A Dog Funny Dogs Animal Pet Lovers Gift Long Sleeve T-Shirt is strong, if you have money, you can contribute to the self-organization of awarding each other without having to compete at all. I used to go to a party of an association for business women, noticing that the table next to 10 women sat to eat, there were 6 women wearing crowns, all of them in their forties and fifties. I do not dare to Valentines Day 2021 Funny T-Shirt comment on their beauty because I feel both funny and loving for the crown and also love the people wearing it on their heads.

It can be seen that beauty Crown I am not a Queen waiting on a king I am a Queen busy with my Kingdom until my king arrives 2020 Shirt contests are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain, causing a title disorder. What consequences does such indulgence and abuse of titles lead to, according to you?

Crown I am not a Queen waiting on a king I am a Queen busy with my Kin Shirt

Crown I am not a Queen waiting on a king I am a Queen busy with my Kin Women Long Sleeved

If it is a “secret” game of the sisters’ association, the professional association, they give it for fun. For example, year-end parties often hold votes for King & Queen for people with outstanding looks and outfits. Or the women’s associations awarded titles in the activities of the Association in the past year and then choose a pretty face. It’s okay for the winners to consider that title in a “secret” fun.

However, in many cases, Grandmas Love Bugs Long Sleeve, Grandma Shirt with Grandkids Name, Personalized Grandma Shirt, Grandmas Gift, Nana Shirt, Grandmas Ladybugs limited Shirt women use that title to “go” media, attend events also wear ribbons, wear crowns as an affirmation that I am “Queen”, “Miss” really.

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Grandmas Love Bugs Long Sleeve, Grandma Shirt with Grandkids Name, Per Hoodie

And yet, they also use it for other purposes, most of which derive from making money on that title. When the crown and title are used for self-seeking purposes, it is clear that it is necessary to condemn and remove to regain the purity and beauty of the names Miss, Queen. .

If you let the situation of “hundred titles blooming”, of course, the beauties with official titles from the kind and orthodox beauty pageants will be affected Elephants make me happy You not so much vintage retro hot Shirt  and the public will “go crazy” because they do not know where. real beauty, where is the fake beauty

Go out and meet the wild
flowers of the wild phoenix A beauty contest was held in 2019. (Source: Internet)

Elephants make me happy You not so much vintage retro Shirt

Elephants make me happy You not so much vintage retro Women Long Sleeved

In addition to large national contests for the purpose of honoring beauty, there are many beauty contests “village pond” mainly for commercial purposes. Are the rules and criteria for organizing such events in our country are “problematic”?

In fact, regulations of the Ministry of Culture – Sports and Tourism on the organization of competitions are quite detailed and complete. However, the sanctions are not wide enough to cover all. In addition, most of the “village pond” events are underground competitions, they deliberately “take risks”. They will stop if the authorities detect, ask to stop. If it fails, the organizers also collect a sum of money from the sale and purchase of the prize and the money paid by the contestants according to the regulations.

At the last National Assembly session, some delegates also commented that our country has too many beauty and beauty contests. Should there be a more systematic classification and systematic beauty contest?

If you consider the beauty contests as just a form of entertainment and the title of the pageants is completely not of value to society, then hundreds of contests are fine.

But almost every contest, even “village pond”, after being crowned, the beauties often use those titles for purposes such as polishing, “PR” themselves, engaging in showbiz or using It is like a treasure for business purposes.

Therefore, when we still respect Credulous boomer rube limited Shirt the value of the title Miss, there must be more specific regulations, especially strong sanctions. However, at present, there are many difficult bottlenecks in the management of

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Credulous boomer rube Shirt

competitions, especially the contestants and the organizers of 100% Vietnamese people who have taken each other abroad to organize and return to Vietnam. use that title. These are shortcomings that currently have no sanctions to deal with.

Public opinion is very important, but according to him, how do managers and the cultural industry have to step in so that beauty contests can promote both positives and avoid strong competition. What are the current titles?

Actually this is a difficult problem. Currently, many countries do not attach great importance to the value of the beauty title for the community, but simply consider it as a mere entertainment show. In addition to a few big competitions that still have a lot of names such as Miss World, Miss Universe, the majority have also become entertainment shows and the public often admires the beauty of the contestants. does not require crowned beauties to contribute to society.

However, with the majority of the Vietnamese public, the title Miss is still valid, especially they require and wait for the contribution to society from Miss and Runner. Therefore, the beauty pageants are always expected and interested.

With the current situation, the authorities need to have clearer measures and regulations for contests, especially strong hands with contests.