Shetland Shepherd Dog – Intelligent, beautiful and loyal

Other names: Shetland Big Sister Rainbow Shirt – Big Sister Toddler Girl Onesie – Big Sister Toddler Shirt Modern Rainbow Sheepdog, Sheltie
Origin: Scotland
Classification: Shepherd dog
Coat style: Long
coat Color of coat: Black and white, Yellowish-orange, Dark-brown Appearance
features: Long snout, long hair
Weight: 6 , 4-12kg
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Reproductive age: 1-10 years
Birth quantity: 4-6
puppies / litter The Shetland Big Brother Raglan – Big Brother Onesier ,New Big Brother Shirt – Cute Big Brother Baby Onesie – Personalized Announcement Shepherd Dog is the product of a combination of the Border Collie and Iceland Yakkin. Previously, Shetland was raised by Europeans for the purpose of herding cattle. Authentic Irish Since 1956 Birthday 65th Proud Shirt But gradually they were raised as pets in households.

Shetland has an average 40th Birthday T-shirt, 1981 T-shirt, Birthday Gift for Women Shirt appearance, suitable for dogs that are kept as pets. This dog breed is the most prominent that is its double coat with many Best Sheltie Mom Ever Shetland Sheepdog Hund Vintage Frau limited Shirt beautiful alternating colors. Shetland’s face is very gentle and is also suitable for all families, even if you are raising children.

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Shetland’s personality is nothing to worry about, since being a herding dog, they also have good guard and guard instincts. Speaking of intelligence, Shetland is ranked in the top 10 most intelligent dogs today. Battle for capitol hill veteran 2021 Shirt With a dog that is both obedient and loyal and knows how to protect its owner, it is the perfect choice for those who are passionate about keeping pets.

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Shetland Shepherd Dog – Intelligent, beautiful and loyal
Shetland Sheepdog (Shetland Sheepdog English name) is native to Scotland. They are a prominent member of the famous herding dog breeds group including: Corgi, Becgie Germany GSD, Collie, … established by AKC in 1983. Today, Shetland is raised for the All Women Are Created Equal But The Best Can Still Ride Bicycles In Their Seventies Vintage 2021 Shirt purpose of breeding. Livestock release, house guard and house guard are also raised as pets in households. Let Super Pet introduce you to all information about this breed!

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Origin Shetland
The Shetland Sheepdog is native to Shetland Island, Scotland – England. They are the result between the crossbreeding of the extinct Border Collie and Icelandic Yakkin. The Rough Collie is also a descendant of the Border Collie, so they and Shetland have relatively similar genetic resources.

Shetland Sheepdog Shetland Shetland
Origin Shetland In

the past, Shetland was mainly raised by Europeans to graze cattle, to guard and protect houses and factories. Today, they also have another role when 2021 Chinese New Year Greeting Pharse limited Shirt raised as pets in households that is to become close human friends, loyal and very affectionate.

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The Shetland was recognized as a separate breed by the American Dog Breeding Association AKC in 1909. They are currently ranked 20th out of 155 recognized worldwide dog breeds. And at number 6 in the top 10 of the world’s most intelligent dog breeds.

Physical features of Shetland dogs
Height, weight
Shetland dog is considered a medium-sized dog with a height and weight achieved in adulthood:

Height: About 32-40cm.
Weight: From 7-12kg.
Shetland has short legs and a long body. They are not muscular dogs so the chest and thigh muscles are not well developed. Shetland has a rather large tail, covered with feathers and always lags down. When moving, the tail has a slight curl but not above the back level.

Head section
Shetland owns a small head with slanted almond-shaped eyes. Eye color is mostly black or dark brown. Pretty small triangular ears, parallel to each other, leaning forward slightly. The muzzle of the Shetland is long and pointed. Overall, their faces look quite like foxes.

Shetland shepherd dog head section
Shetland Sheepdog Face

The most prominent feature of a Shetland dog is the long, thick, and dense double coat. The coat is composed of two layers. The short, silky soft coat covers the body. The outer coat is hard, long and slightly sparse. The hair on the head, legs, and abdomen is short while the hair around the neck is long, jagged, and looks like a lion’s mane, increasing the strength of the Shetland dog.

Shetland feathers are relatively diverse, ranging from monochromatic to multi-colored. Among them, the most popular are: Blue, dull gray, black, brown and yellow brown combined with white, …

Characteristics of Shetland dogs
Shetland’s intelligence is their highlight because this breed is at number 6 in the top 10 most intelligent breeds in the World. Shetland’s closest relative is the Border Collie – the breed currently holds first place on the list. Because of her intelligence, Shetland learns very quickly. Dog training is very simple, you only need to repeat four to five times the command and they can memorize. Shetland is also prized for its ability to look after, guard, or guard.

Characteristics of Shetland
Dogs Shetland dogs are very loyal to their owners

In addition to being intelligent, Shetland is also extremely loyal. They always give all of their love to their owners. So if Shetland feels his master is in danger, they will be ready to fight, sacrificing themselves to protect their loved one. If you want to raise a smart dog and