Satan Claus: From the friendly old man to the bloodthirsty monster

In America, the concept of Santa Claus (Santa Claus) is a legend that had been transmitted and modified for about 100 years before the film was born. In many ways, the 7th art tends to poison and be scared of this Christmas image. Official Bulldog Cute But Psycho shirt  Santa Claus appeared in the early stages of cinema, during World War II and most recently, with a frequency of several times a year and gave various actors the chance to transform him on screen. .

Up to this point,Official I strive for fitness not thinness 2020 shirt  the film has varied images of Santa Claus from a gentle old man who often gives gifts to children, a superhero, a horrified villain, to a single father. I live next to urban dwellers.

First appearance in Santa Claus (1898)
Years ago, Santa appeared Oh Ship It’s A Grad Trip 2021 Cruise Graduation 2021 Shirt  in a short film directed by British director George Albert Smith. It was the simplest and most faithful version of the story Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Butterflies And Jack Russell It Was Me The End Quote Shirt about Santa Claus. In Santa Claus (1898), the children go to bed eagerly, Santa jumps down the chimney and poured gifts into the socks, then St. Nick (considered the figure that inspired the image of Santa Claus in Christianity) will magically disappear.

This movie is not only a wonderful artifact, it recreates Santa in the purest style – a saint who comes to give gifts to obedient children. African American Santa Black Matters Christmas Pajama Family T-Shirt Santa Clause (1898) showed that the film adhered to the image of Santa described by Clement Clarke Moore in his poem, “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” (roughly translated: A Visit of St. Nicholas). This is considered as the fouAfrican American Santa Black Matters Christmas Pajama Family Women Long Sleeved

ndation for the legend of Santa Claus in America since 1823.

The image of a happy old man giving gifts
Over the next decades, Santa Claus was built into a kind old man who was always happy. In 1947, this image was once again expanded to Miracle on 34th Street.

African American Santa Black Matters Christmas Pajama Family ShirtThis classic Christmas movie gives the cinema a magical yet personal image of Santa Claus, with whom we laugh, fear and understand behind his red suit and silver beard. Miracle on 34th Street also instilled into the minds of young audiences the belief that the Santa they saw in their local department store was likely to be a real Santa Claus.

Without this movie paving the Retired Podcaster Full Time Hunter Hunting Retirement Shirt way, we would not have had the opportunity to experience the diverse and unique versions of Santa that cinema has devoted to the Christmas icon in later stages. This is a means to help re-enact the concept of the 19th century

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Santa Clause classics and to show the longevity of the image of Santa Claus that has surpassed religious barriers, becoming an extremely intimate and friendly figure. .
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On the other hand, the images of criminals using Santa to do bad things have been appearing throughout the decades of cinema. Typically a thief disguised as Santa to break into and steal things from a house in Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus (1914), or Bob Hope, a crook in Santa clothes, stands on a street corner asking for donations. Paw Paw Lake Life Hoodie Sweatshirt – Michigan Lake Shirt a bogus charity event in The Lemon Drop Kid. These are the first steps for an unclean and dangerous Santa image in the future.

Santa Claus under the image of a single father
Up to now, Santa currently has three common patterns: a super-traditional image, a terrible monster and an image that is a mixture of tradition and elements. modernize

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After Miracle on 34th Street, Santa is now a specialty of the 7th art. Specifically, the image of Santa Claus appears in a remake of Miracle on 34th Street or in 80’s adventure films and images. Santa in the 90s started with The Santa Claus. Like Paw Paw Lake Life Hoodie Sweatshirt - Michigan Lake Shirthow Miracle on 34th Street modified Santa, The Santa Claus rewrote the myth of Santa but still retains the core values, such as emphasizing the generosity and sympathy of the image. Similar to Spider-Man, Santa Claus can be anyone, even if it is a father who divorced his wife and accidentally became Santa by accidentally killing the “real goods”.

Dark times of Santa Claus
The 70s and 80s ushered in a time of bloody Merry Trumpmas Christmas Shirt Santa, a series of films featuring a murderer dressed in Santa clothes while committing a crime or a man going crazy when he saw Santa kissing his mother in turn. After that, the movie in 2000 turned the image of a happy old man into a bloodthirsty horror entity.
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Santa Slay and Dutch Saint have redefined the title Santa, making him a punishment for bad guys. Santa Slay is even more daring when he transforms the image of an old man dressed in red as a traitor who likes to drown his victim in egg wine Merry Trumpmas Christmas Shirt(a traditional Christmas drink). And Dutch Saint, the film turns the character into a ghost of a corrupt bishop who is about to slay village after village. Until Rare Exports, inspired by ancient Scandinavian legend (Krampus), turned Santa into a horned monster that likes to eat spoiled children.

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