Patients who have experienced Hodgkin lymphoma in childhood are at risk of developing another cancer

In childhood Hodgkin lymphoma cases show a later risk of developing another cancer, according to a I Love My Hot Japanese Wife Cute Japan Native Relationship shirt recently published study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Hodgkin lymphoma, also known I Love My Hot Irish Girlfriend Flag Boyfriend Slogan Shirt as Hodgkin lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma. This is a cancer of the lymph nodes (lymph glands). The disease usually affects the lymph glands, white blood cells, and the spleen. And the most common symptom of this I Lava You Valentine’s Day Anniversary shirt disease is immunodeficiency, in addition patients may experience other symptoms such as lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, groin (usually large, painless), prolonged fever, weight loss. explainable, night sweats, abdominal pain or the feeling of bloating … There are about 80% of cases that can be Go Away Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Purple Ribbon Shirt completely cured if detected and treated early.

For previous studies that have Official Fighting Childhood Cancer Gloves 2021 limited Shirt shown an increased risk of another cancer in the future in those who have had Hodgkin lymphoma since childhood, there is no evidence. Other cancer risk may be determined after 25 years of diagnosis in these studies. Dr. Smita Bhatia, the lead author of the article, said.

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An extensive study was followed up by the Late Effects Study Group (LESG) group, which was first established in 1979.

Researchers followed with more than 1,000 patients who had had childhood Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) for an average of 26.6 years. Thereby, they discovered cases that had previously had an increased risk of the next malignant tumor (SMN) or cancerous tumor. And those who have already had it are 14 times more likely to have another cancer than normal people, such as breast, colorectal, lung or thyroid. The risk of getting any other type of cancer is 26.4% after 40 years of diagnosis in a patient who has had childhood Hodgkin lymphoma.

“It is important for clinicians Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Warrior Support Purple Ribbon hot Shirt and healthcare providers to be aware of this risk, and those who have had early childhood Hodgkin

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lymphoma have a higher risk,” said Bhatia. another cancer is later and affected. So they need to be screened and treated appropriately.

Not only that, the study also Papillon Valentines Day Shirt Heart Dog Lover limited Shirt identified a group of high-risk patients among those who had ever had diseases participating in the study. For example, girls who have had Hodgkin lymphoma between the ages of 10 and

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17 who have been treated with radiation have the highest risk of breast cancer, while boys under 10 years of age are at risk. the highest muscle has lung cancer because of radiation infection in the chest. In the high-risk group, the incidence of breast cancer is 45.3%, thyroid cancer is 17%, colorectal cancer is 9.5% and lung cancer is 4.2%, all of them are at the age of 50. .

Currently, Bhatia and colleagues Shakira , I Love Shakira new Shirt emphasize the importance of cancer screening in pre-existing patients, which in turn will aid in future medical care. Therefore, the aim of this study is to reinforce evidence for screening recommendations in

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patients, namely, those who have had early Hodgkin lymphoma that will benefit the most, such as time. Screening begins or the age at which screening is not needed.

However, Bhatia noted: We need to further define a number of high-risk subgroups in those patients that require additional screening and long-term follow-up.