Noel is from the West, why do we have to ‘crazy’ to find a lover?

For many girls and boys, the idea Funny What The Elf Happened To 2020 Christmas Pajama Morning Shirt For Men Women Mom Dad Ladies Adult Hoodie Black “Noel is not a special day”, making money on this occasion is much more meaningful than having to “spend money” to buy gifts, go out with “bears”.

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flooding 23h, Pham Phuong Funny I Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021 I Happy New Year’s Eve Gift (23 years, Hanoi) preparing to return home after long day of work at fashion shop. 9X suddenly received a message from her best friend Hai Yen: “I died …”.

Dialing the number to call Yen Funny Biden Is Not My President right away, Phuong moved from worry to sigh when her friend said: “I just got a boyfriend”. Yen also emphasized that the pain of love is doubled because “Christmas is coming soon!”.

Softly comforting the “comrades Frontline Warrior 2020 Nurse, Nurse Gift Funny Pullover” who have been sticking around since middle school with a cup of coffee to confide in the morning, when the call is over,

“Christmas, also known as God Pizza Christmas Tree Lights Lover Funny Xmas T-Shirt Christmas, Christmas or Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus … is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians.

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Noel This is a big holiday in Europe and some countries like America, with the meaning of family reunification, the children go away to visit home … “, that was the information Pham Phuong received.

Of course, Phuong just “search” to verify his thoughts that Noel is a big holiday abroad, mainly for Christians, without being foolish to send it to Yen. Because she would be angry if she was “disciplined” in this mess.

From eager to count days until Noel, Hai Yen turned to the “no like Christmas” integration. Except the new snowflake-shaped nail set can not be removed,

In the same mood as Yen, C. (asking for anonymity) also has an unpleasant experience in a love story, so … “hates spreading” to Christmas Day.

The story is that C. just believes Plaid Dancing Bear On Christmas Fun T-Shirt in “crush” – the boy she met by chance two years ago, in which for a year, the two of them texted each other “what’s wrong” every day in the world, Go out twice, give each other a book – surprise your lover publicly on Facebook.

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Although it cannot be defined as love, C. feels depressed when he doesn’t know who to hang out with on the night of December 24.

Hai Yen and C. have in common that they hate Noel for objective reasons. Pham Phuong, on the other hand, belonged to the genuine “no like Noel” side.

Phuong manages a fashion shop in Hanoi. If there are 30 days in a month, then 9X’s working days start at 9am and end no before 23pm. The closer Noel came, the more Plantaholic Gift I Am A Plantaholic On The Road To Recover T-Shirt joy of Phuong increased, not because she was eager to “list – see – eat – what to play, where”, but there is going to be a business trip in Vinh City to open a new branch.

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Originally, Phuong’s words: “Wait until Christmas to try to run the revenue this year. I will have to wake up earlier, sleep later, sometimes only sleep a few hours a day because there are many customers passing the shop. shopping. But in return is an increase in sales, bonus “.

The answer may sound too realistic for those who like to go out to Noel, but Phuong added: “What time do I still think about this day to make sense? I am the type of real life so I do not care much. about where to go, what to buy gifts for Christmas “.

This year Phuong FA, but that does not affect the opinion of the 23-year-old girl. The proof is that two years ago there was a “bear”. Noel Phuong was still playing for the school’s dance club at night, letting the other half freely gather to play games with “friends”.

9X considers bringing joy to everyone more interesting with his lover jostling in busy traffic streets, loud Play Like Waylon Sing Like Cash Party Like Hank T-Shirt sirens to find a place with a big, beautiful Christmas tree, then check-in, or sit Le screamed at the inn, full of people, had to scream into each other’s ears when wanting to say something.

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For girls with personality like Phuong, who are under 30 years old, but her thoughts are not like girls who just passed the 20th mark. She can’t understand why Noel is not a special day, but at the shop, going to lunch, eating. I listen to the chorus of “ế” from the “handsome men and women” around me.

Phuong was even more discouraged when she accidentally heard her staff talk about the prospect of “Dark Christmas Day” – having to lie at home with her face down on her pillow, crying for the fate of no lover, holding “jealous” when out there. Christmas is all out “- with her partner, also a student.

If you pay attention, in Europe or countries like America, the meaning of Christmas is emphasized as the occasion of reunification, children working away from home and returning to visit their parents and families. Together they decorate the house, pine tree, prepare duck and hot wine (Germany), seafood (Italy), Tamales cake and egg cocktail Eggnog (Costa Rica), turkey (USA) … for dinner homey.

Those who are skeptical can “Google” Christmas season movies like Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, Love Actually … to know this is the occasion of reunion, promoting family affection.

I don’t know when, on Christmas Day, a lot of Vietnamese girls and boys have been welcomed, but it turns into an opportunity to give gifts, go out with their lovers, even … have to book a guesthouse online because worrying about this day. The room is full.

As a matter of course, many people respond to a trend. Come on again, every Christmas day, people and family just “worry about fever” that we can find it in time