Merry Christmas

The street lights up and young people get dressed, groups of young people put on their Even Santa respects the Bears Christmas shirt  dresses, lovely deer mane on their heads and hands in arms down the street. ‘Merry Christmas’ is a greeting to meet on Christmas Eve …

Young people radiantly take pictures to welcome Christmas /// Photo: Queen
Young people take pictures radiantly for Christmas Photo
: WOMEN has
Christmas it is a Christian holiday that has become an opportunity for many people to Fraud 2020 Trump Rigged Election Trump Is Still My President Shirt enjoy, for loved ones to give each other gifts and blessings of well-being.
Bustling streets
From after 18 o’clock, areas such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Le Duan streets, Hai Ba Trung … the Christmas atmosphere was overflowing.
Walking around the streets Goose for Honk Santa Christmas Shirt  in the center, everywhere is the main red tone, bright Led lights and models of flying reindeer or giant Christmas trees. Little children stepping low and walking Hello 2021 Happy New Year 2021 Clown Face American Flag Shirt high in Santa’s little santa clothes, ran around everywhere. Young people are excited to take pictures, sometimes burst into laughter when looking at the “virtual life” achievements on the phone.
Hand in hand sang the song We wish you a Merry Christmas, walking down the glittering streets, on the faces of team members of Ngoc Ngan, former student of the Academy of Posts and Telecommunications ( HCMC campus), everyone cannot hide their happiness on This Is my Christmas Maltese Merry Christmas shirt Christmas Eve. Ngan said: “Actually, Christmas has come back for more than a week, but we decided to wait until the right Christmas night to go down the street and pray together for a very happy New Year. But right on Christmas Eve, doing everything together makes sense. Unfortunately, we do not have a lover (laughs) ”.
The area of ​​Notre Dame Cathedral and Nguyen Hue Walking Street (District 1) is the most crowded. Normally, these places are already very crowded, today more and more fun and crowded from very early. In such large spaces, each Tis’ The Season To Be Quarantined 2020 Merry Christmas Hoodie young person has a different way to enjoy Christmas Eve.
There are lovers who blend into the crowd and take the best opportunity to take pictures with the cave and sparkling pine trees in the front of Notre Dame Cathedral. There are young people who choose to sit on the ground in the park, enjoy snacks together, talk to each other about the old Christmas seasons and wait until late at night to go to church to welcome Christmas, to pray. for a new year with many blessings.
In every small alley …
Unlike the bustling atmosphere in the city center, Christmas in the neighborhood alleys seems quieter. The people here are all dressed well, going to the church to attend the Mass on Christmas Eve. Alleyways or small streets in Nam Hoa parish (Ward 7, Tan Binh district) such as: Nghia Phat, Dat Thanh, Loc Hung, Nghia Hoa, Chan Hung … are splendidly decorated.
Although he is a non-believer, Bui Tan Phat, a second year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, said he took to the streets very early. Phat carried his Trading In My 8 Reindeer For 400 Horses Chirstmas Hoodie girlfriend for walks, taking photos at many rocky caves in Nam Hoa parish. Tan Phat said that the couple preferred something more about the quiet space of the neighborhood than in the crowded area of ​​the city center. On Nghia Phat Street, many young children are happy when a Santa passes out candies when passing by.
Christmas elsewhere
Loving more, being together more to hide happy and sweet memories, it is Christmas. The road is traffic-jammed to kilometers, even the motorbike is slower … walking, people still like to go out on this special night to give each other love.
Pham The Hien village, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, on the night of December 24, was crowded with people from 17 pm. Many roads were congested, the sea of ​​people Trump 2024 Election He Still My President Election American Flag Map Hoodie mixed with the bustling music and the sparkling light of the caves. Many young families walk together, while the children are dressed in red, wearing red reindeer brochures, the adults are also smiling happily when hand in hand.
In front of Binh Thai church, Mai Thi Cam Tien, 21 years old and her 6-month-old daughter Tran Mai Nha Uyen also find a beautiful corner to capture family moments. Tien said that the family in Duc Hoa district, Long An province, to come here to welcome the Christmas atmosphere, the whole family drove each other on motorbikes from 16pm.
Tien is not the only one from far away to Ho Chi Minh City to welcome the Christmas atmosphere last night. Nguyen Thi Hien Trang, 20 years old, a worker at The Tri Spinning Factory and her boyfriend took a motorbike from Tay Ninh to Pham The Hien village from 17 pm to avoid traffic jams. Ms. Trang shared: “This is the first year we celebrate Christmas elsewhere. Here too crowded, it feels like everyone is moving step by step to take a beautiful photo. But it is very interesting to feel the same warm atmosphere with one another in a distant place.