‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence ‘: War, injury and love

Not perfect though, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is an impressive work thanks to its unique approach Jim Sullivan Head T-Shirt and discovery of people in the conflicts brought about by war.
“Mr. Captain! That guy is the demon that will destroy your spirit! ” – Captain Yonoi was warned by his Just A Girl Who Loves Donkeys Retro Vintage Donkey Gift T-Shirt subordinates, when his “concern” for the prisoner with shiny blond hair (and a rich Western character) gradually threatened to destroy him and what he proudly possessed. : Japanese spirit.

We often talk about “culture shocks”, but perhaps hardly any of them is as powerful and complete Legends Were Born In January 2012 9th Quarantine Birthday Shirt  as in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence – film inspired by real experiences in a Japanese POW camp in 1942. Without bombs and explosions, another fierce war, bornMens Hunting New Uncle Design T-Shirt  of collisions between People to people, between culture and culture, and every culture is self-right.

Collision and division

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Pretty Love Michigan State Flag Pajama Elf Merry Christmas 2020 Shirt (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) is a 1983 English-Japanese co-production, directed by Nagisa Oshima, based on Sir Laurens’s book The Seed and the Sower. van der Post. This is one of Oshima’s most popular films, bringing together

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British and Japanese musical legends David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto in the main cast. Ryuichi Sakamoto is also the composer of the classic soundtrack of the same name as the film (a popular lyric version, titled “Forbidden Colors”).

Is the work of a “rebellious” director like Oshima, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence has a bold opening scene: Early in the morning, Lawrence – a British prisoner – is up and escortedPremium Biden Harris President Inauguration Day 2021 hot Shirt  to the lawn, witnessing the trial of a Korean guard on rape of Dutch prisoners. . It was a trial, but it was just a spontaneous “trial”, and very quickly, the soldier was found guilty.

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Hara, the second highest officer in the camp, decided not to go through commanding officer Yonoi, “bestowing” the offenders the right to Seppuku (self-ablation) in order to preserve their honor. Seppuku was a samurai martyrdom, for a Korean guard it was a privilege. But our recently called “spectator”, who is a Westerner, protested. From a Western perspective, Lawrence thinks Premium 2020 Is Over Nothing Can Scare Me Anymore Vintage new Shirt Seppuku is a cruel and cruel punishment. The seemingly smooth trial turned into a small riot, marking the first contradiction of ideas between the characters in the film.

This is not a small, superficial contradiction. As Hara said to Lawrence: “You haven’t seen a Japanese if you haven’t seen Seppuku”, this ritual of suicide is deeply embedded in Japanese culture. Mentioning Seppuku in the opening scenes, director Nagisa Oshima made a very deep cut that separates the two cultures, and this incision will smolder throughout the film, reminding its characters of their profound differences. their core.

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“Lost in translation”

Is the name of a famous Sofia Coppola movie, “Lost in translation” depicts the austerity of Westerners in Japan. One of the main reasons is that they do not know Japanese. In Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Lawrence can speak Japanese fluently. But in vain, he still couldn’t get along with them.

Lawrence was an English lieutenant colonel, living in Japan long enough to understand Japanese and know the rules of the Japanese. He believes that his understanding and Perfect Love South Carolina State Flag Pajama Elf Merry Christmas 2020 Shirt sympathy will be a bridge between the two cultures, alleviate mutual tension and ensure the safety of his teammates.

Due to his ability to interpret, Lawrence became close to the Japanese officers. Among them, the highlight is Sergeant Gengo Hara (Takeshi Kitano) – a rough, naive person,

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often giving Lawrence “blow” but also often listening and curious about him. Through conversations with Hara, Lawrence believes that they can get along and understand each other, but life is not that simple.

Lawrence can understand Japanese, but cannot understand Japanese.

Just as Yonoi can understand English, but cannot understand English.

Can not understand. That is the source of all human-human tragedies.


“Gohatto” means “taboo”, the last title of Nagisa Oshima’s movie, which is about homosexuality among martial artists. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, in a sense, is also the story of a “imperial samurai” falling in love with another boy. Only thing, that boy is not Japanese.

Captain Yonoi, a “Japanese spirit” in human form, is always ready with a katana on his side, his face as cold as it has destroyed all emotions. Especially worship principles, discipline and order.

Besides Lawrence, Yonoi was the only person at the camp who spoke both Japanese and English. But unlike Lawrence, he does not have an open attitude toward the culture of his partner. He sees all people, everything through Japanese lenses. In his eyes, the Western prisoners were a bunch of mental sloths