love comes in many colors

All things that exist in this Women Love Glass Wine True Crime Lover Gift Bed By Nine Long Sleeve T-Shirt world have a characteristic color. For example, peace is blue, victory is colored red, loyalty is purple, nobility is yellow, school age is white, crimes are colored black, time is coffee color. , Womens January Girls 1990 Birthday Gift 31 Years Old Made In 1990 T-Shirt betrayal fades to pale purple, silver ungratefulness, futuristic either pink or gray. What about love? ”Love in this color!”, The stout miniskirt girl bounced and raised a $ 100 bill high. It is a very modern Womens The Dadalorian This is the Way – Father Star Dad Mando Wars V-Neck T-Shirt and quite seductive color but not very sure, because if you show the ring encrusted with diamonds, Work In My Garden Hangout With My Chickens Gardening T-Shirt the love color of girls like that will change immediately. “This color!”, A girl, of the type without an identification card, didn’t even raise her head, Colorful love sweatshirt, love hoodie, love one another sweatshirt, love abounds hoodie, love everyone gift, be nice limited Shirt pointing at… a computer monitor. Her online lover just sent her a passionate kiss.

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Probably not very sensible, because suddenly when the power goes out, the color of love is like the color of a crime. “Love? There is a characteristic light yellow color of instant noodles!”, The pairs of students “live to try” agree. “Color … salt and pepper is the characteristic color of love!”, A beautiful young girl fiddled with her Cleveland steamer new Shirt small phone like a matchbox, while asserted. “What color is love?”, The poet with many popular works wrinkled his forehead and gritted his teeth: “Red forest blaze – fire from the sun – I

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vanish – immense blue – my sea of ​​eyes – I am engulfed – purple separating – thin flaps – holding my feet and hanging – smooth black – hair stream – flowing through my life “. What color does that mean? “Full of gossip, what color does that thing do?”, A white Christmas Gift For Penguin Lover Family Matching Funny Xmas 2020 Shirt glasses nerd mumbled while flipping his notebook and reading: “Here it is, Love is a colorless, odorless, tasteless thing. It can boil in a cold place but also easily hardens at 36 degrees Celsius.

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It cannot disappear by itself, it just changes from one form to another… “. Cannot agree with this definition, right away. Like the very vague thing is that friendship is also the milky white of the wine or is love does not exist? Have you ever thought about this? Often when an answer is not found, people often But if so, where would people find a reason to marry and divorce? Moreover, without the so-called love, all the suffering in this world would be as short as me. Crafy cello pude new Shirt And at that time, perhaps the love scholars in the newspapers had turned to writing jokes, And poets praising the beauty of the goat hot pot restaurants?

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Make sure the love color is somewhere in the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple ranges. Only we haven’t found it yet. But as well as the problems that have not yet been found an answer: Is there any life outside of the earth, is there an elixir of immortality? … There will be days when we have the answer about the color of love. And now, for the time being, each person just chooses a color for their love, but remember not to let anyone know!