Limit the flip side of video games

Some negative effects of video games

Survey results Online game services in Vietnam in the context of international integration of the Lion Be Brave T-Shirt Institute of Sociology led by the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Adolescents and Children of Congress’ order ‘, said:’ Gaming players focus on the young group (under 20 years old) accounts for 68.4% and the majority belongs Love Peace Sign Hand Rainbows Flowers Hearts Long Sleeve T-Shirt to the 16-20 year old group (accounting for 42.1%), more than 26% are children in the 10 to 15 year olds group. The proportion of game players who are attending school accounts for two thirds (71.7%) and the majority are pupils and students’.

In fact, when children are love wins Hoodie, Shirt, Sweater ‘addicted’ to video games and use computers a lot, they will experience ‘problems’ in their health. Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours each day causes symptoms of fatigue in the eyes, nerves and body. Always keep an eye on the characters in games that lead to eye fatigue, blurred and easily damaged. The mastodon happy thanksgiving day shirt player’s mind is always focused for many hours to ‘control the character’, causing nervousness. Playing “forget to eat, forget to drink” makes the body not fully replenished; The sitting posture does not change for hours … Level 13 Unlocked Awesome 2007 Video Game 13th Birthday Gift hot Shirt are the reasons for the body exhaustion, pain. Some children have ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ as a result of repeating a few tens of thousands of times a day on ‘mice’.

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‘Addiction’ electronic games not only lead to the aforementioned injury but also irritated causing sleep disorders and behavioral disorders, such as stealing, lying, depression or try anything …

Some children form into a kind of mixed behavior between real and virtual life, less interested in real life and pursuing a lifestyle like some game situations, friendship with the Level 10 Unlocked Video Game 10th Birthday Gamer Gift Boys hot Shirt  ‘heroes’ in the ‘gangster’ … That is the cause of psychological distortion and difficulty in returning to real life, even metamorphosis.

‘Addiction’ to video games is one

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of the causes that affects a remarkable learning performance in children. The easiest thing to see is that many video games provoke aggressive, careless behavior, away from traditional ethical values. Especially the spread of violent and depraved games, which are directly perceived by young people, is a difficult situation to control. A big concern for many parents is the appearance of some explicit sexually suggestive games. In our country, this type of game but not sold openly but sporadically seen in the disk counters and children can buy them easily and it spread in a manner circulating …

healthy the game death like?

Needing an objective view,I Survived Toilet Paper Funny Bigfoot 2020 Vintage limited Shirt  video games (especially online games) are a new form of entertainment in the knowledge economy. This type of entertainment culture is thriving, making a certain contribution to the trend of information technology development. Rapid growth in fast and popular broadband inzones –

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Vietnam is being seen as a potential market for video games … In addition to satisfying entertainment and demand This industry pays off by learning for the community. We can use the revenue from video games to invest in, develop the information technology industry and support the social security sector. The State needs management and functional sectors need to operate this service in the right direction, meeting the entertainment and learning needs of the community, especially young people.

To overcome the downside of video games, some countries already have ‘video game detoxification hospitals’. In the United States, after the mass murder of students at the University of Argentina (USA), some psychiatrists and I Know I Play Like A Girl Try To Keep Up Hockey 2020 Shirt psychologists have discussed a lot about ‘video game addiction epidemic’ and Therefore, it should be included in the official histopathology rankings. The Thai government has laws aimed at limiting children from being overly

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addicted to video games. China, Korea, Japan, the Netherlands … all have video game ‘detox camps’ with a sizable investment … In Vietnam, the situation of ‘addiction’ to video games is only possible. Medical experts consider pure behavioral disorder.

In order to contribute to the management and avoid children getting too caught up in video games, it is necessary to have the connection of family, school and society. On the side of the family, parents should pay attention and spend close time discovering the children’s changes, prescribing school time, playing time, directing their children to diversified and attractive forms of entertainment. such as visiting picnics, exercising, sports, cultural and artistic activities …

On the part of the State, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection in time, rectify and resolutely handle establishments that violate the regulations on the management of the silk that harm the young personality development. Should the functional industry have a form of ‘heavy punishment’ with establishments exposing and circulating toxic cultural products. Video games (especially online games) in our country are newly developed, so the ‘law’ has not kept up with the practical life and still has inadequacies. Print service in the country