Kiwi- Bird of New zealand country

Referring to the name Kiwi, many Coming Soon Infant Bodysuit, Pregnancy Announcement, Personalized, Custom Date Shirt  people will think of a fruit that few people think of a bird’s name. In New Zealand, the Kiwi birds are chosen as the mascot of this country. Join us to learn about this special bird!

1. What is the Kiwi Bird?
The Kiwi bird is one of the rare Chicago girl once I start smiling in an argument go ahead and call the Police on me you’ll need them shirt  birds that is unable to fly. Their bodies closely resemble moles.

2. Origin of the Kiwi
Bird Kiwi has the scientific name Beekeeper Ich Deale mit Honigharvest Hobby Beekeeper Shirt  Apteryx, was named by Shaw in 1813. This bird has an ancestor is the extinct elephant bird.

kiwi bird The

name of this bird is named Bee my valentine shirt  after its call. These birds are considered ancient birds, they appeared in the world from about 30 million years ago.

They live only in New Zealand and Bunter Neuseeland Kiwi Vogel limited Shirt are on the list of threatened bird species in need of conservation.

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3. Characteristics of the kiwifruit
The Kiwi bird is a species of small size, plump body and short legs.
Their length and weight depend on each line.
The Kiwi bird line is small, when mature, is about 25cm in length and weighs from 1 – 1.5kg.
Adult Kiwi birds reach 45cm in length and weigh in about 3kg.
The proportions of these birds are not uniform.
Kiwis have 4 toes
The bird’s head is much Black Mixed with Black With Colors hot Shirt smaller than its body size.
The head is very small in size but very round.
Their eyes are small – this causes their vision to be limited.

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Pentagram New zealand kiwi

The bird’s beak is long and pointed – making it easier for them to find food.
Their round bodies resemble the kiwifruit.
Big, strong, hard feet with very sharp claws.
Help them run and move on the ground very quickly.
This line of birds has a rather special structure, they do not have a tail. Their wings are quite short, are only about 3cm long and are ineffective.

Their fur is very thick and smooth. This makes it easier for the feathers to bond to keep the bird warm.

The color of the Kiwi bird’s feathers is Awesome Since February 2008 13th Quarantine Bithday Gift limited Shirt mainly brown, the belly is slightly ivory-white.

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4. What do Kiwi birds eat?
The Kiwi bird is an omnivore and has a nighttime feeding habit. Their food is mainly worms, larvae, amphibians, fish and small shrimp.

Plants are mainly fruits and nuts.

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5. Kiwifruit
Reproduction Character The kiwifruit breeding season spans almost all year. The starting time is usually from June to the end of March each year.

kiwifruit learn to fly A bird lays only 1 egg once, the weight of the egg is half of its body. Eggs after laying, male and female birds will incubate.

After about 63 to 92 days the eggs will hatch into children. As soon as they hatch, the chicks have all the same feathers as an adult, but are white in color.

Kiwi birds often live in pairs and Awesome Since February 2002 19th Quarantine Bithday Gift limited Shirt live in holes of trees and holes. They often use leaves and roots to build nests.

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6. Some interesting facts about Kiwi
In addition to the round body and close to the kiwifruit, this bird has many interesting things to explore.

Kiwi birds have a rather high average life expectancy. Living in the wild, they have a lifespan of 20-30 years, in captivity they can live up to 40 years.

Currently in the world there are about 5 species of Kiwi birds.

This bird is a nocturnal bird. Their eyes are quite weak, but in return their senses are quite sharp.

birds kiwi icons

Kiwi birds are very loyal birds, they only mate once in their lifetime and do not change their mates.

Although this line of birds has a round and plump body, their running speed is quite high. Their running speed is much faster than that of humans.

This bird has a very thick skin, heavy bones in contrast to the normal birds.

This is one of the birds with a wonderful memory. Nothing can deceive them.

The feather structure of this bird closely resembles human hair. This makes them easier to disguise and hide.

7. Meaningful Kiwi bird
The Kiwi bird is a symbol of the Maori people of New Zealand. This bird is surrounded and protected by the forest god and the god Mahuta.

People believe that this bird is a guardian deity that brings peace to the people living in the area.

Meaning of Kiwi Bird

Today, this bird can be seen in many large organizations or companies in New Zealand.

Specifically, they appear in military badges, a very famous shoeshine brand in the world.

Above is all information about Kiwi birds – The birds have a name and shape that closely resembles the Kiwi fruit.

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