International Family Day: Uniting family in a time of Covid-19 translation

This year’s International Family Day I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Shirt (May 15) with the theme Family in development: 25 years of the Copenhagen and Beijing Declaration. Taking this topic, the United Nations wishes to emphasize the importance, meaning and cohesion of each family member in the context of I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot T-Shirt Pro Vaccine Shirt  the Covid-19 epidemic which is having a strong impact on the lives of many families around the world.

The annual International Family Glacier National Park Shirt Glacier Montana Glacier Tshirt Hiking Shirt National Park Shirt Day is an occasion to raise awareness about family problems and the social, economic and demographic processes affecting the family. This year, it is especially meaningful that some people around the world have to be separated from their families due to the impact of epidemic restrictions while others are fortunate to have more Fully Vaccinated Shirt,You can hug me Shirt,Valentines Day Shirt For Woman,Heart Shirt  time with their families. family more.

Delkhah Sultani is a single mother in Familias Unidas No Dividas hot Shirt Afghanistan. Her husband passed away 6 years ago in a suicide attack. She alone has to raise 4 children. The income of 3 USD / day from laundry to earn a living is also enough for a family

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of 5 like her family. However, since the outbreak of Covid-19, Sultani did not have the opportunity to do the laundry and renting job. In order to ensure the family’s life, she was forced to grow vegetables and raise pigs by herself. For her, despite the difficulties and hardships, as long as the family is together, it is the luckiest and happiest thing right now. “Six years ago, my husband died in a suicide attack,” she said. Since then until now, I have struggled to make a living. I don’t care about myself but only about the children’s futures. Now the epidemic happened, making it harder to find jobs. I have to work even harder for the children. ”

As for Maria das Merces, before the Fafo limited Shirt epidemic happened, she had little time to visit her father in the nursing home. Now that the Portuguese government imposes translation restrictions, she has more time to visit her father.

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However, due to social stretching measures, it is more difficult for her to communicate with her father. Thanks to the initiative of installing a glass chamber, the Montepio nursing home allows many people like Maria to talk to their loved ones in the context of many Covid-19 infections occurring in nursing homes in Portugal. Maria das Merces confided: “With the glass box, they brought my father and son closer together, not a distance of 2 meters, but only 1 meter.”

As an accountant for a company in Singapore, Jazerel See, a Malaysian national, often has to go back and forth between the two countries. Before the epidemic happened, after she left work, she went back to her family and took care of her young child. However, when the epidemic broke out, she was unable to return home as usual due to fear of the epidemic spreading and the risk of losing her job due to the effects of quarantine measures. Eye Cornea Surgery Survivor Mom Post Recovery Humor Get Well hot Shirt To ensure that she has milk for her baby to drink, through social networks, she and many other women who are also working in Singapore set up a fund, renting a car to deliver frozen milk to her family back home.

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“Sometimes I tell myself that I have to work harder for my kids and my family. Now is an epidemic time, if I go home, I might bring the virus back. This is a fact. But thanks to your initiative, everything became easier. I have transferred milk to my baby. Breast milk is very good for your baby’s immune system. “

So far, there have been 4 shipments of about 7,000 kg of frozen milk sent to Malaysia by 200 mothers from Singapore.

The three different situations, but the common point between these three women is that when the epidemic occurs, they become more aware and feel that they need to be more responsible for their family and relatives.

The family is the foundation Ernie Banks This One’s For You Ernie new Shirt of the society, the cell of the society, a basic institution of the society, the home and the most important refuge of each person.

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Mobilizing and upholding the spirit of solidarity, bringing families together in an effort to build a better quality of life plays a particularly important role in the construction and development of each country. in particular and the whole world in general. This is also the content mentioned in the statements at the conference taking place in Beijing, China and Copenhagen, Denmark in 1995, emphasizing the importance and role of the family in the social development, as well as the significance of the International Family Day (May 15), see this as an initiative to promote the happiness of each individual in the family. /.