Honor Kamala Harris as she breaks the glass ceiling

Don’t let the drama in the Broke Af Broke Spoiled Funny Matching Couples Husband Wife Premium shirt White House distract you from this historic record

Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press
Have you ever thought about the Boyfriend Of The Birthday Queen Girl Bday Party Gift For Her shirt courage of anyone running for president against Trump? Let alone a woman? Let alone a black woman, South Asia the daughter of immigrants?

At one of the most racist, biased, Best Way To A Woman Heart 5Th & 6Th Intercostal Spaces shirt sexist, and xenophobic times in history, Kamala Harris entered the race, placing himself directly in the millions of Americans searching for people. Badtz – Maru Love Friends Valentine shirt just like her to aim.

Yet she still stepped forward.

Although Trump is only a small Comma La Kamala Harris Vice President-Elect 2020 Election Langarmshirt hot Shirt henchman in America’s white patriarchal culture, and those who are paying attention

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know that his departure will not magically fix the systematic problems. The governor put him in power, but I think it is widely accepted that sending him out. of the White House is a priority.

How can we guarantee that it will happen? Being a woman in the fight for a position of power in government in this environment will ensure a majority of the people will not vote for her. Just because she’s a woman. The Americans are extremely upset with the female leader.

And a black woman? Well, it’s a Camoflauge Daumen hoch Langarmshirt hot Shirt guarantee that they’ll lose a huge amount of votes. Because she is a woman. And because she is black.

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There was a split second when I, desperate to make this man lose power, thought maybe the only way to achieve that was to double the status quo: Is there any older white man who could work. this? For the most part, America will be second only to heterosexual, white, old, Christian men, so damn it. Let’s appeal to the masses if that’s what we have to do to get this ship right.

Harris has more perseverance than I do. More courage. Add faith in human love. And much more powerful. She knew this was not about a moment, a vote, an election. She kept an eye on the final match.

She understands that you are not into the race only if you are sure you will win – you enter the race because the journey must be done, despite the fact that we will not have any guarantees. any results. We just tie our sneakers and get started.

And that’s exactly what she did.

When her path to becoming president was hindered, she resigned, but didn’t give up.

Behind the scenes, more than Bonus Mom cool christmas idea limited Shirt 200 black women have a much stronger vision and strength than the rest of us. They know embracing the status quo will do nothing to bring about lasting change. Two older white men on the ballot could overthrow Trump, but less.

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What do we need to make real change? A Black female vice president.

In their open letter to the then candidate Biden, they wrote:

… The fact that the road to the White House was supported by Black and Black women was the key to the Democratic victory in. 2020. Black women are not only the most loyal voters for Democrats – we are key to motivating Blacks to voters across all demographics to show up with record numbers. In more than 40 years, no Democratic presidential candidate has won the White House without the leadership and voting of Black women – including President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton and General. Governor Jimmy Carter.

Out of all of us working towards change goals, they understand what we need.

Enter Harris.

People look down on her. Anti Trump Lamest Duck 2020 Election Protest Trump Lame Duck 2021 Shirt Do not respect her. Ignore her. Deleted her.

Trump called her a “monster” and a “communist”. He’s also hit on his favorite racist, xenophobic strategy to discredit her: fertility. Her parents are immigrants and she is a woman of color, so she can’t be an American citizen, can she?

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(Never mind that my father was also born in the United States to two immigrants and no one will ever question his eligibility for any public office. Because he is a person. white.)

There are those who have refused to pronounce her name exactly as racist journalist Tucker Carlson of Fox publicity:

Political consultant Richard Goodstein: “Tucker, I can say one thing quickly because this is something that will serve you and the host on Fox News well. Her name is pronounced ‘Comma’… like punctuation… ‘Comma-la’, OK? ”

Carlson:” So what? ”

Goodstein:” I think because people will have to respect a national ticket, the correct pronunciation of her name … is a minimum. ”

Carlson:” So I unintentionally respect her when mispronounced her name? So it begins; you are not allowed to criticize the Ka-MAL-a Harris or KAM-a-la Harris … or anything? ”

Sen. David Perdue joined just last month. “Ka-MAL-a, Ka-MAL