High demand for human resources for health care

It is forecasted that careers for caregivers working in medical facilities such as hospitals, Biden Harris Presidential Inauguration 2021 Hoodie nursing homes … will increase the demand for human resources right after the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a comment from the online seminar “Human resources in the care industry in the Bigfoot I am yet to party Hoodie period 2020-2025: Expanding job opportunities at home and abroad” organized by the General Department of Vocational Education and Television News (Vnews). 30-8.

Great recruitment demand

Since 2018, Japan has received orders to receive Vietnamese midwives and caregivers to work in hospitals and nursing homes to take care of patients Blacksmiths For Peace Hoodie and the elderly. . The need to recruit caregivers in countries with aging populations like Japan and South Korea has been increasing over the years.

At the seminar, Ms. Nguyen Mai Phuong, Caregiver Program Director, JHL Vietnam Manpower Supply Group Joint Stock Company (JHL Vietnam) said that, in the past three years, care needs Caregivers working in foreign Chicago Block Club News For Locals shirt hospitals and nursing homes, typically in Japan, have rapidly increased. This industry has a very large number of trainees being received annually, with the need for tens of thousands of human resources each year.

In the country, Vietnam is also one of the countries with the highest population aging rate in the world. It is forecasted that by 2038, the elderly group in Vietnam Essential Worker Healthcare Worker Hoodie will account for 20% of the total population. And by 2050, Vietnam will be a country with an aging population similar to that of Japan and South Korea.

In the aging of the population, the need for care of the elderly is increasing and posing Face down sats up Hoodie a huge challenge to the social security system in general and the elderly care system in particular.

Sharing at the seminar, Mr. Dao Trong Do, Deputy Director of the Continuing Training Department, General Department of Vocational Education (Ministry of Labor, Father and Son BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE Hoodie Invalids and Social Affairs) said, lack of trained manpower, lack of Elderly caregivers exist and are likely to be more urgent in the future. This need is not only for foreign countries but also domestically.

In fact, in Vietnam, the use of health care workers is only available in some hospitals and nursing homes, while care is mainly based on family members, acquaintances or caregivers, especially in especially in households. Many people do not have the knowledge, skills or professional training Fgteev Merch FGTeeV Logo T-Shirt to take care of patients and the elderly. Therefore, standardized human resources for caregivers in 5 years, 10 years or in the long run will be increasingly urgent need.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam, Vietnam needs to increase investment in nursing training, caregivers, because it is likely that by 2030, human resources for nursing in Water will be short of more than 50 thousand people.

Therefore, according to Mr. Dao Trong Do, if we do not have the preparation of standardized training programs and human resource training right now, it will not be in time.

“This is a new job, in recognized society creates great opportunities, creates great jobs for workers. The problem here is, we really need models that can provide this human resource methodically from the selection, training, and job creation connection ”, Mr. Do emphasized.

Formal job supply model

Increasing social demand for health care creates great opportunities for both enterprises, workers and training institutions.

In recent years, the three-house combination models to organize the implementation of professional training activities for caregivers for domestic and foreign labor markets have started to be deployed, with the participation of both businesses and medical colleges throughout the country.

From November 2016, the General Department of Vocational Education has cooperated with JHL Vietnam to build a model of recruitment, training, and supply together with the system of intermediate schools and colleges in the health sector across the country. candidate care for domestic and foreign markets, particularly Japan.

As an institution participating in the training program, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Rector of Phu Tho Medical College, said that the connection between the school and business is also a combination of theory and practice. reality intern. The program has training in basic medical and biological knowledge with patient care skills, patient psychology and caregiver responsibilities.

This program has been developed by experienced teachers, medical professionals in association with businesses to develop a relatively complete program for current training implementation.

According to Nguyen Mai Phuong (JHL Vietnam Company), by the end of 2020, the expected number of schools registered to train will reach about 1,000 targets. At the end of the training course, the employee will be granted a caregiver vocational training certificate and will be assigned a job in the country by JHL Vietnam in the network of partner hospitals such as Hanoi Medical University Hospital, Hospital Bach Mai Institute, National Institute of Geriatrics, …

Candidates who wish to be sent to Japan to continue studying to improve their qualifications can work in