Grass Roots features and uses miraculous treatment from wild plants

Co Tranh is a wild tree grown in many rural areas in Vietnam. People often use it to make food for cattle. Or in the cold season, use thatched grass to keep the cattle warm. Not to mention that there GREAT PYRENEES CHRISTMAS LIGHTS XMAS PATOU PYRENEAN SHIRT

was a very difficult time, people still needed to burn the grass to get salt to eat. It is possible to see that in daily life, we can see that it has many uses already. These uses the vast majority of people know.

The picturesque

The picturesque grass Root
The description
of the picture
grass Root The ecological characteristics of the picture grass. The leaves are standing upright as well as stiff. I NEVER DREAMED I’D END UP BEING A SON-IN-LAW OF A FREAKIN’ AWESOME MOTHER-IN-LAW BUT HERE I AM LIVING THE DREAM T-SHIRT

The leaf shape is narrow and long, the upper surface is rough and the underside is smooth. The sharp leaf edge is capable of cutting hands. Flowers are white cotton fibers, mace shape.

Distribution I’M DREAMING OF A MASKLESS CHRISTMAS SHIRT As a wild plant. Therefore, it can be found in most provinces in Vietnam.

Parts using, harvesting, processing and preserving

the parts used: Stems, roots and flowers
Harvest: able to harvest all year round
Processing: The grass after harvesting, washed and dried
Preservation: dry place
chemical composition
includes organic acids, glucose and fructose

The drug grass
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body and roots of grass dry (Bach capillary root): weldability, sweetness
States (White mao flower): As warm, The sweet taste, does not contain toxins
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Co Tranh works on the three sutras, which lack Yin Tam, Tuc Duong Minh Vi as well as Tuc Thai

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Heat recovery (Heat latent inside)
Diuretic, difficult urination
Blood stasis
Antidote to
Only (hemostasis)
hot fever
treatment for urinary tract inflammation
treatment of kidney stone disease
Hemorrhagic ( nosebleed)
Usage as well as
the usual dosage ,Red Poinsettia Happy Merry Christmas Shirt

Oriental medicine often uses the herb roots in the form of dried or fresh as a decoction to treat the disease. Dosage is fresh from 30 to 35 grams / day, dry from 12 to 20 grams / day.
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Pictures of thatched roots – Medicinal herbs used in the dry form
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Description of thatched
plants Description of thatched herbs
Medicinal remedies from thatch
With some useful uses that the herb flavor brings, traditional medicine uses this material in many remedies such as: Owls a hoo’s hoo of coffee drinkers Shirt

Diuretic effect, urinary retention, difficulty urinating
Method 1: 30 grams Dried chrysanthemum root (white capillary) combined with 25 grams of prehistoric history, Owls a hoo’s hoo of coffee drinkers Women Long Sleeved40 grams of corn stubble as well as 5 grams of chrysanthemum mixed together. Each time take 50 grams of color with 750 ml of water as well as drink during the day. Drink continuously for 10 days to help improve urinary retention symptoms, difficulty urinating.
Method 2: use 50 grams of Owls a hoo’s hoo of coffee drinkers Shirtfresh grass roots (producing capillaries) with 10 grams of cheeks, 15 grams of dry lotus leaves, 10 grams of corn stubble and 8 grams of fish lettuce. Divide the drug water as well as drink 3 times a day. Drink continuously from 3 to 5 days.
Detoxify the body, cool the liver
Method 1: use 150 grams of freshly shaved fresh grass roots to boil with 150 grams of thinly sliced ​​lean pork as well as 50 grams of fresh white chrysanthemum. Eat once a day as well as eat from 10-15 days.
Method 2: use 200 grams to produce capillaries, wash and cook with 700 ml. After the water is boiled, lower the heat and continue to boil for 7-10 minutes. Use medicated water instead of filtered water and drink it every day. Therapy from 10 to 15 days.
Help treat acute nephritis Mens Grand-Dude Claus Shirt Xmas Grandpa Grand-Dude Funny Santa Shirt

Method 1: Use 200 grams of dried herb root with 500 ml over a small flame. After emptying water to 100-150 ml, divide and drink 2-3 times. Drink for 1 month per day and use continuously for 1 month to get good therapeutic results.
Method 2: use fresh grass roots mixed with other natural ingredients such as licorice, hoang hoang, honeysuckle, black beans, betel nut grass, psyllium, marjoram, kim anh prince. All some herbs, each take Mens Grand-Dude Claus Shirt Xmas Grandpa Grand-Dude Funny Santa Women Long Sleeved10 grams, sharp with 3 bowls of water. When the water is dry, there is 1 bowl, drink after meals. Time to use 15 days.
Help treat acute nephritis
Help treat acute nephritis
Treatment of urinary tract infections
Prepare 10 grams of dried alfalfa root, 20 grams of lentils, 20 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of fish cabbage, 20 grams of chives, 20 grams of rosemary, 16 grams of tang diệp, 16 grams of basil. All ingredients are washed as well as put in the pot, add water as well as boil. Use drinking water during the day, helping to improve inflammation in the urinary tract.

Treatment of long-term cough due to spoilage

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using a medicinal scale including some herbs such as dried herb roots 20 grams, licorice 10 grams, ginger root 20 grams, river roots 16 grams, sold down 10 grams, tangled octopus 16 grams, bare skin 10 gram, sand wing 12 grams. Every day sharp 1 ladder as well as divided into 2 parts, drink during the day. Consistently use 3-4 consecutive days to help reduce cough.

Treatment of yellow urine, jaundice caused by agglutination
Raw materials have 16 grams of dried herb roots, 12 grams of kernels, 8 grams of corpse, 12 grams of eucalyptus, 14 grams of male princes, 10 grams of zodiac gram of prickles, 8 grams of knitting, 12 grams of money, 1 2 grams of tuber. Sac 1 ladder, drink 2 times a day. Remedy for

yellow urine disease, jaundice caused by gas aggregates from thatched grass

Treatment of dengue fever
use 20 grams of dried herb roots with 20 grams of squid, 16 grams of tang, 20 grams of chives, 16 grams of marjoram, 24 grams of anise