Ghost radio station mystery operating from the Soviet era

Located in the swampland in Russia, Board Game Night Checklist Let The Games Begin Novelty Gift Pullover Shirt not far from the city of St. Peterburg, there is a square metal gate. Behind the rusty bars were a series of radio poles, abandoned Biden Harris Presidential Inauguration 2021 T-Shirt buildings and power lines surrounded by crumpled stone walls.

This secret site is at the heart of a Axolotl Fish Playing Video Game White-Axolotl Lizard Gamers Sweatshirt mystery that evokes the height of the Cold War.

It is said to be the headquarters of a A True Love Story Never Ends Valentines Day Love T-Shirt radio station called “MDZhB”, a station no one admits to being an operator.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days It’s ok if you don’t like ham radio It’s kind of a smart T-Shirt a week, for the past three and a half decades, this place has always sent a monotonous, boring wave. Every

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It's ok if you don't like ham radio It's kind of a smart Shirt

few seconds it added a second sound, like a magic ship whistle in a fog. Then the hum continued.

Once or twice a week, there will be a male or female voice reading some Russian words, like the word “dinghy” or “agronomist”. Only that.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can hear it, simply by tuning the waves to the 4625 kHz frequency range.

This is so mysterious, it looks like the I’m Not Sure Where I Parked My Kangaroo Funny Australia Day Sweatshirt  broadcast station is designed by conspirators.

Currently, the station has a number of followers on the Internet to tens

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of thousands, who know it fondly under the name “Radio Buzzer” (train whistle). It combines two similarly mysterious radio stations, “Pip” and “Squeaky Wheel”.

Fans admit that they have absolutely no idea what they are listening to.

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Everyone can listen to Buzzer, just tune to the 4625 kHz radio frequency.

In fact, no one knows anything.I Jogged With Chip And Pepper 1987 Young And Free Shirt “There’s absolutely no word on that wave,” said David Stupples, a signal intelligence expert at City University, London.

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So what’s going on?
The above frequencies are believed to belong to the Russian military, although they never actually admitted.

The station started broadcasting at the end of the Cold War, when the communists weakened. Today, it broadcasts from two locations, at St. Peterburg and a location near Moscow.

Curiously, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, instead of shutting down, the station’s activity increased dramatically.

There are many theories about what Buzzer works for – from keeping in touch with a submarine to getting in touch with aliens.

There is a theory that the station acts as a “Dead Hand” signal: in the event of a Russian nuclear attack, the hum will end and retaliation will be automatically triggered. active. No wonder what happens after that is the nuclear wiping out of both sides.

Just saying that, but things are not I Had My Patience Tested Im Negative Shirt too weird. The system was originally a pioneer in the Soviet era, using a computer system that scans waves in the air for vital signals or nuclear radioactive leaks.

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It is alarming that many experts believe that this station is still being used.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year said that “no one can survive” from a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

Is Buzzer to avoid this?

The Global Spy
Signal When that happens, there will be clues in the signal itself.

Like all international radio stations, Buzzer operates at a relatively low frequency called “shortwave”. This means that compared to local radio stations, cell phones and TV signals, Buzzer has fewer waves passing through a point per second. That also means they are transmitted further.

While it is difficult to catch a local radio station if you are not present, such as listening to BBC London, short broadcast stations such as BBC World Service are broadcast to audiences in other places. as far away as Senegal or Singapore. Both channels broadcast from the same building.

Image source, Public Domain / US DoD

Capture the image,
If the ‘dead hand’ system does not detect the signals emanating from the predefined military level, it will automatically trigger retaliation.

Radio waves are transmitted thanks to “sky waves”. Radio signals at high frequencies can only travel in a straight line, and eventually lose waves when they encounter obstacles or after traveling a certain distance.

But shortwave frequencies have their own tricks to avoid that problem – they push charged particles into the higher atmosphere, and that causes waves to travel zig-zag lines back and forth between the ground and the bulb. Heaven, moving thousands, even tens of thousands of miles further.

This brings us back to the Dead Hand hypothesis. As we know, shortwave is very widely used. Today, shortwave waves are used on ships, airplanes and in the military to communicate between continents, oceans and mountain ranges.

But there’s also a catch.

The atmosphere where charged particles are received is not a flat mirror but a layer of waves, rippling and bobbing like the surface of the ocean.