Filipino culinary world through the words of Vietnamese brides

The saying ‘bored with rice for pho’ can not be translated into native languages ​​because Women’s Mastodon Mens Admat Funny Design Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Grey X-Large  they do not have the concept of being bored, ” Thuy Nguyen said.

Before going to school, there was a sentence in the geography section that Womens Cute Flamingos In Love – Girls Women’s Graphic V-Neck T-Shirt  must not only I know many other friends by heart: “The Vietnamese people have 80% of the population working in agriculture, the 2nd largest rice exporter in the world.” Yet Vietnam is not the country that loves rice the most, that is. Filipino islanders.

Filipinos need rice like they need air. The saying “tired of rice and craving pho” cannotWomens Guinea Pig Shirt Just a Girl Who Loves Guinea Pigs V-Neck T-Shirt  be translated into the local language because they do not have the concept of being bored. They eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner. Go to fast food restaurants like Yoga and Vizsla Dog for Funny Dog Mom Gift Idea Shirt  McDonald, KFC, Jollibee … always have rice, even have “unlimited rice” (eat as much rice as you want, sell out rice). Each serving is a large bowl of rice in a bowl, almost like rice offered in Vietnam.

The familiar dishes in Filipino meals.

The rice in the Filipinos does not rickle the seeds like Vietnam, but they cut What I Need Today Is Lots Of Liempo 2020 Shirt each spoon. If the rice is cooked softly, each spoon is stirred like a rice ball. They do it perhaps to divide it into each plate easily, or when it is more convenient to eat it. Sometimes, standing by their rice cooker, I miss my mother. At home, if I refuse to stir up the rice, I will be scolded by her.

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Filipinos also eat vermicelli, noodles with both dry and water, dry called pancit, but also cannot replace rice. Once I volunteered to cook You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation Gay Lgbt hot Shirt Vietnamese pho and was very excited to invite them to enjoy. Surprisingly, they put the pho bowl aside, the rice dish in the middle and then ate the pho like a normal soup.

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Filipino noodle dish is also called pancit.
Filipino noodle dish, also known as pancit.
Grilled bacon (liempo),
Grilled bacon (liempo).
Filipinos are not very passionate about vegetables, they only need rice and a savory dish, usually fried or grilled food and a bowl of “unmanned” sour soup. Therefore, restaurants of grilled chicken, roasted Zero given limited Shirt chicken, fried chicken of all kinds such as Mang Inasal, Bocalod Inasal, Ankos chicken, Chic Boy … sprouted like mushrooms. There are also popular dishes such as liempo (grilled or fried bacon), tilapia (grilled or fried tilapia).

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Although Filipinos live in the middle of the sea, they do not like fish sauce like Vietnam. Their dipping food is always soy sauce (soy sauce) squeezed (kumquat), eating outside the restaurant also has a bottle of oil to pour on the rice to eat.

Soy sauce and vinegar are also the main spices to cook dishes in the land of thousands of islands. They have a similarly stewed meat 2021 Happy New Year Gnome Guitar hot Shirt dish like Vietnamese called adobo. In fact, they just add soy sauce and vinegar to pork or chicken and then store it, and can taste something like pepper or laurel leaves, the taste is not very delicious.

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Whale salad.
Fern salad.
The Philippines has a dish also called nem (lumpia), but is not related to the “legendary” spring roll dish of Vietnam. The main ingredient of this dish is the lumpy coconut tree core sautéed with a few other fruits such as carrots, green papaya and peanut butter sauce, then rolled with a rice paper made of very thick flour and fried. The day I made Vietnamese spring rolls, everyone complimented them for their deliciousness and complimented them with full nutrients, meat, vegetables and starch. Some people even take notebooks to write down recipes.

Some other popular Filipino dishes include kare kare (stewed pork bones with tubers into a thick sauce), sisig (minced pork cheek, minced pork and liver, cooked on a hot cast iron pan, can beat an egg and eat with rice), lechon (whole roasted suckling pork), sinigang (a sour soup with fish, shrimp, pork cooked with tamarind, water spinach, tomato, especially sour) .

Grilled tilapia.
Grilled tilapia.
I am very passionate about food, but I don’t like Filipino food because it lacks sophistication and taste (aroma, taste). Luckily, my parents-in-law cook very good Filipino food, which is according to many people’s reviews, and how I feel after comparing with food from outside or cooked by other houses.

The two dishes they cook I love the most, one is the fern salad (ensaladang pako). This dish is made from young and fresh ferns, plucking the young leaves and cutting the tops, then exposed to boiling water, then mixed with salted eggs, tomatoes, a little salt, and squeezed. a little kumquat. The taste of this salad is both fresh, rich and sour, never bored. The second dish is kulawo, which is made quite sophisticatedly. Crushed fresh coconut crushed on charcoal, pressed for the juice, then cooked with eggplant (goat eggplant) and banana balls. The smoky and muddy taste of the charcoal burned coconut is haunting.

Grilled scallops.
Grilled scallops.
Filipino desserts are often very sweet. While eating a lot of rice and eating a lot of sugar, many people, although not fat, have a round belly like a jackfruit, look very funny. Their signature dessert is halo halo, consisting of shaved ice and a little bit of ingredients like Vietnamese tea. They can add some fruits like pineapple, jackfruit. Their other cakes are also sweet.

Filipino street snacks are mainly fried and fried. Chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs coated with flour, fried or grilled chicken viscera. The