Featured policies in effect from October

Top speed of vehicles. Graphics.
The time for police service is reduced to two years

Effective from October 10, Decree 70/2019 regulates the period of service in the I Like My Boxer Sunset Retro Shirt Boxer Shirt Boxer Gifts Shirt people’s police from 36 months to 24 months. In case of expiration of their service terms, non-commissioned non-commissioned officers and men may be extended for no more than 6 months.

The Government also gives priority to college and university graduates whoI Like My Beagle Sunset Retro Shirt Beagle Shirt Beagle Gifts  have the ability and ability to match their expertise, work and fight to participate in their duties in the people’s police.

Decree 70/2019 removes the regulations that people who participate in the I Like My Basset Hound Sunset Retro Shirt Basset Hound Shirt  people’s police service will be promoted and promoted to the rank of second-ranking soldier, first soldier, corporal, sergeant, sergeant as before.

Instead, while in service, or I Like My Aussie Sunset Retro Shirt Aussie Shirt Australian Shepherd Shirt  discharged from the army, non-commissioned officers and soldiers are entitled to a policy regime with equivalent rank under the Law on Military Service 2015.

Motorbikes run up to 60 km / h in the city. marketing

Circular 31/2019 of the Ministry of transport of the vehicle speed in traffic when the effective date of 15/10, the provisions of motorcycles, cars running Scoot Life Scooter Fun Moped Graphic 2020 Shirt in residential areas are allowed to run up to 60 km / h if running on a double track or one-way road with 2 lanes or more; 50 km / h if it is a two-way road with no median separator or a one-way street with one lane.

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In case it is outside a residential area and on a double lane with 2 lanes or more, a motorbike Scottish Terrier Watercolor Rainbow Dog Lovers limited Shirt  can run at most 70 km / h, and a car can run 90 km / h.

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As for motorbikes (vehicles under 50 cc), the maximum speed is 40 km / h, regardless of the roadway and area.

Displaying and selling insecticides with food is fined 3 million

Also effective from October 15, Decree 71/2019 on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of industrial chemicals and explosives regulations, fine You Can’t Love One But Eat The Other And Call Yourself An Animal Lover limited Shirt  money from 1 – 3 million VND if the sale of insecticidal and germicidal preparations does not separate from the places where the foods are displayed;

Failure to provide sufficient information or provide false information about the dangerous properties of chemicals, insecticides, disinfectants, harm to health …

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In addition to being fined, offenders can also be suspend the purchase and sale of insecticidal and germicidal preparations for household and medical use for 1-3 months.

Three conditions for becoming a family doctor

Circular 21/2019 of the Ministry of Health guiding the pilot on family medicine activities, effective Space force 2020 Shirt from October 15, clearly states the conditions for opening private polyclinics and specialty clinics.

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Accordingly, a general practitioner or a clinical specialist who has been granted a medical examination and treatment practice certificate will be entitled to medical examination and treatment after meeting the following conditions: resident doctor degrees, specialist I, specialist II, master’s degree, doctorate in family medicine;

Having a certificate of training in family medicine for at least 3 months; have certificates of attending each course with the contents recorded in the certificate or credit or the family medicine training and retraining program with a total period of at least 3 months.

People in poor districts who go to labor export are allowed to borrow without collateral

Decision 27/2019 issued by the Prime Minister, effective from October 25, stipulates that workers in poor districts can borrow up to 100% expenses for going to work abroad without having to deposit, mortgage, mortgage assets …

However, to get this loan, the employee must have a permanent residence in a poor district from full 12 month or more; signed a contract to work abroad and accepted by the foreign side to work.

In cases where laborers of poor households are entitled to borrow loans with an interest rate equal to 50% of the loan interest rate applicable to poor households, prescribed by the Government; If they are not poor, they can still borrow money at the same interest rate as the poor household.

The loan term must not exceed the working period specified in the contract for sending the workers abroad.