Signs of drunk coffee
It is great when you know how to enjoy coffee. However, not everyone is so lucky, 20% of people suffer from drunkenness if they drink too much or incorrectly (1).

Coffee only promotes a positive effect when the drinker guarantees 2 conditions: The first is quality coffee, with clear origin. The second is to drink coffee scientifically (at the right time and with the right dose). If you violate one of t My Four Moods I Need Coffee I Need A Nap Cat Coffee Lover hese two criteria, caffeine drunk may come to you because of the following symptoms (1):

signs of drunkenness Coffee drunk is
manifested by symptoms: restlessness, heart beating fast, shaking hands, tired.
Restlessness, thinking problems in a negative direction, worrying for no reason.My Four Moods I Need Coffee I Need A Nap Cat Coffee Lover Women Long Sleeved
Mentally stressed, uncomfortable with surrounding problems. Easier to get angry than usual.
The heart beats fast, accompanied Merry Christmas ugly Shirt by a feeling of scratching in the stomach.
Rapid speech, difficulty breathing, and abnormally shortness of breath.
The palm of the hand is more sweaty than usual.
Hand tremors, dizziness, headache, and even nausea may occur.
Heartburn continues, your throat Medical scientists funny gifts vintage quote outfits for men Shirt secretes a sour fluid, similar to gastroesophageal reflux symptoms.
Appearance of pain in the muscular area and back.
The skin appears red, itchy. This situation can be more or less depending on the location of the person with caffeine (1).
Cause drinking coffee is drunk
There are many different causes of caffeine intoxication. In it, the main cause of this condition is caffeine – which is the main ingredient of coffee.

According to scientific studies, caffeine has the ability to stimulate the adrenal glands, thereby releasing Epinephrine (Adrenaline) and Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline). These are all hormones that promote cellular activity. In the case of too much caffeine tolerance, the body will increase hormone production, causing the heart to beat fast, high blood pressure, and nervous tension.

Cause of
caffeine drunkenness Because the active ingredient caffeine stimulates the body activities, you can get drunk.
In addition, the degree of drunkenness LOVE Nurse Buffalo Plaid Christmas Nursing Healthcare Worker Shirt depends on age. For example, adults (18 years and over) can only tolerate up to 400mg of caffeine per day. For adolescents (under 16 years old) it is 100mg / day. Pregnant and lactating women 80mg / day, children under 6 years old should not drink coffee. If you exceed this limit, coffee drinkers can easily get drunk or have unwanted symptoms.

Genetic factors cannot be ignored. Science proves, if the woman suffers from caffeine intoxication, or experiences symptoms of drunkenness during pregnancy, the later child will definitely have a caffeine allergy. Strictly speaking, when a baby grows up, he gets drunk from coffee just like his mother.

So what to do, how to cure drunkenness? Bonjour Coffee invites you to follow up immediately.My Four Moods I Need Coffee I Need A Nap Cat Coffee Lover Hoodie

How to cure drunk coffee effectively
Symptoms of drunkenness are similar to psychological diseases such as stress, stress, pressure, obsessive reasons, … Coffee drunk is easy to recognize through the following manifestations: dizziness, headache, dizziness, nausea. , … To get rid of coffee drunkenness is very simple, you just need to apply one of the following ways (1):

1. Drinking lots of water to treat drunkenness
Drinking lots of water is the fastest and easiest way High Elf Matching Christmas Holiday Weed Cannabis Gift Raglan Baseball Tee Shirt to cure drunkenness. extremely effective. When you feel tired, hot, blushing, heart palpitations, … after drinking coffee, add water immediately. Water has the ability to dissolve caffeine in the body extremely quickly, regulating the activity of cells, organs, thereby eliminating drunkenness (1).

You should drink about 1 liter of water in 10 minutes. At that time, the body will restore the lost moisture and minerals, helping the body return to its normal state.

Drinking water to cure drunkenness
Drinking water is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of coffee drunk.
2. Add starch to relieve drunkenness
When you are drunk, you should add starch through some foods such as flour, rice, cereals, biscuits … Many people often feel sick when drunk. don’t want to eat anything. However, the empty stomach only makes you feel tired.

Starch supplement to treat coffee sickness Starch
supplement helps the stomach absorb all the caffeine inside.
The starch intake will help you increase energy, fight hangover. From there, reduce the feeling of hangover and discomfort. It should be noted, should only eat a moderate amount of starch, avoid overeating, eat full.

3. Breathing to treat coffee drunk
This is a simple exercise for those who are drunk. To deal with headaches, dizziness, or negative emotions when drunk.

This exercise helps you calm down, eliminating feelings of panic or excessive anxiety. The breathing method is as follows: The

first 4 seconds you inhale deeply through your nose.
The next 7 seconds you should hold the breath inside your lungs.
8 seconds to slowly exhale through your mouth.
Breathe to relieve caffeine drunk
Take a deep, even breath to help relieve the symptoms of coffee drunk quickly.
After doing the exercise, you should take a break and then go back to your normal routine. Note: keep drinking plenty of water and supplement with carbohydrates.

4. Gentle exercise to relieve drunkenness
How to treat drunkenness that perhaps not everyone knows