Epilepsy: Signs to recognize and treatment

What is epilepsy?
Epilepsy (epileptic) is a chronic condition that occurs due to an abnormality in the brain that leads to the simultaneous stimulation of a group of nerve I’m Here To Pet All The Cats Tee Sarcastic Cat Apparel Shirt cells of the cortex, causing a sudden discharge. and can not be controlled. Cortical stimulation in different regions can cause different manifestations. Seizures are Mimi Love Camping Gift For Mimi Holiday Summer Shirt  not the only manifestation, sudden episodes of absence of consciousness, spasticity of limbs are also symptoms of the disease. (1)

The cause of the seizures
According to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Lieu, epilepsy is a common disease with manyAmerican Bald Eagle Retro Flag USA Text Hoodie, MbASSP Shirt  diverse causes, such as:

Genetic factors: According to scientists, certain types of epilepsy are associated with Best WALRUS Grandpa Ever Retro Shirt, Grandpa Gifts Shirt  specific genes. However, these genes are only factors that make patients more sensitive when affected by the environment can cause seizures. In other words, I Only Have Seizures When I Want To Shake Things Up Shirt genes are just factors that can act, not determine and inevitably cause disease.
Traumatic brain injury:

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Serious accidents that cause injury to any area are one of the causes of the disease.
Diseases that cause brain damage: In some cases, tumors appear in the brain or have had a stroke, the risk of disease is very high. Damage to the brain will disrupt the central nervous system, causing changes in brain activity and increasing the risk of seizures.
Some diseases such as I Love You A Latke Saying Gift For Jew Shirt meningitis, encephalitis, abnormal structure in the brain of unknown cause … are also thought to cause the disease.
Injuries before birth: Babies with immature immune systems are very sensitive to

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brain damage. In case the mother is infected with malnutrition, the baby is born with the risk of brain damage … will lead to epilepsy in the newborn.
For young children, even a high fever, prolonged seizures can easily progress to epilepsy.
In addition, the habit of using antidepressants, stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs is also one of the possible causes of the disease.

Who is susceptible to epilepsy?
Anyone is at risk, but the following are at high risk:

Age: Epilepsy can occur I Kissed A Gamer I Like It And I Married Him Shirt at any age but is more common in the elderly and children. Specifically, the disease occurs in children under 10 years old accounts for about 40%, epilepsy appearing under 20

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years old accounts for about 50% and tends to increase after 60 years old.
Family history of someone with the disease;
Subjects with brain problems such as brain injury, brain damage and brain infections such as encephalitis, spinal inflammation …
People with stroke and blood vessel diseases;
Dementia (Dementia) can be a leading cause of illness in older people.
Babies with a febrile seizure I Have Two Titles Mom And Mamaw – Moms Mamaw Shirt  should be seen by a doctor because a high fever leads to seizures without prompt treatment, increasing the risk of epilepsy in adulthood.
What to Identify
The signs of epilepsy are diverse. The disease is divided into 2 main types: local epilepsy and

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general epilepsy. Some cases, initially local epilepsy, but if not detected and treated in time, will develop into generalized epilepsy. In each form of the disease, each patient has specific symptoms when having a seizure. (2)

1. Local epilepsy
Local seizures happen when a part of the brain is not functioning properly. Therefore, manifestations of the disease also only occur in a few parts of the body. The disease can be divided into 2 types: simple local epilepsy and complex local epilepsy.

Simple form: The patient may experience spasticity or convulsions in part of the body, abnormal sight and smell, anxiety and fear of something for unknown reasons, feeling dizzy and upset stomach …
Complex form: When symptoms appear, most people lose consciousness and are unaware of the seizure occurring. They stare, their faces dazed, as if they were confused. The patient performs meaningless acts such as rubbing his hands, turning his head and going back and forth … Awakening after a seizure, they never remember what happened.
General seizures General seizures occur when the electrical discharge in the brain occurs too much affecting the entire brain. The two most common types are the absence of consciousness and spastic seizures – generalized convulsions.

Generalized convulsions and spasms: This is the most common form in adults and has fairly obvious symptoms, arguably the most recognizable. The sick person may lose consciousness, gradually lose balance and fall, possibly accompanied by screaming and screaming, but not because of pain. At this time, the patient also develops real seizures, they are unable to control their limbs due to the vibrations of the muscles. Seizures can occur within minutes or longer. Patients may experience incontinence and foam in the mouth.
Absence of consciousness: This form of epilepsy usually occurs in children and is rare in adults. The most characteristic manifestation is loss of consciousness for 5 – 15 seconds, gazing