East Sea: Vietnam should consider the scenario of China ‘attack’ from many directions?

On August 6, Vietnam officially commented on the recent Chinese video exercises, which I Have Diabetes I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend I Like You Today Funny Cat Version Shirt included the deployment of fighters to the Subi Stone in the Spratly Islands, which Vietnam declared itself.

“First of all, it can be affirmed that the Hoang Sa archipelago and the Spratlys are I Can’t I’m In Nursing School Hoodie, Future Nurse Hoodie, Nursing School Hoodie, Nursing Student Hoodie, Gift For Her, Gift For Him  an inseparable part of Vietnam’s territory. All activities in these two archipelagos without the permission of Vietnam are a violation. Vietnam’s sovereignty, worthless and not conducive to peace and stability in the South China Sea, “Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Having Kids Doesn’t Make You A Mother Raising Them Does Shirt Thi Thu Hang said at a regular press conference on the afternoon of August 6.

“Vietnam protests firmly,” said Ms. Hang.

China rehearses to fire real bullets ‘strong firepower’ in the East Sea.

Rosneft VN cancels the Having Kids Doesn’t Make You A Mother Raising Them Does Shirt contract with Noble in the East Sea: ‘Pressure from China, but the nature is different from the Repsol case’

Mike Pompeo’s statement about the South China Sea “is very welcome.”

On this occasion, three East Sea security and regional observers comment and analyze with the BBC.

Researcher Dinh Kim Phuc (from Saigon): In my opinion, there cannot be any Security Lil Sister Protection Squad Big Brother new Shirt war in the near future between America-China. China is in a weak position when the US and its allies are increasingly “besieged”, so China’s moves are to find allies and deter countries in Southeast Asia before the meeting of Defense Ministers. Asean expands in August 2020.

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Researcher Hoang Viet (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law): This move by China comes after the voices of related countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Skeleton Smoking Weed limited Shirt  Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and distinguished from the strong voice and accompanying actions of the United States, opposing China’s wrongdoing in the South China Sea.

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The US side recently reiterated the opposition to forced China, threatening to exploit resources in the exclusive economic zones of ASEAN countries, so we Singing Nutcracker Family Matching Funny Gift Pajama limited Shirt,  can understand this is a “show of power. amount “,” show muscle “in response to and threaten the actions of the United States and related countries in the South China Sea.

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On the other hand, information from China said the upcoming BeiDai Ha Conference was also putting pressure on Xi Jinping, and with China’s actions seen as asserting Straight Outta Quarantine Class Of 2021 limited Shirt  strength, claiming to still be Xi Jinping’s situation is intended to suppress the protests of political factions within China.

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Is there a threat implied?
Dr. Ha Hoang Hop (guest senior researcher at the Iseas Institute of Singapore, from Hanoi): This military exercise is refueling in the air, above the sea, and long-distance flight training at sea (daytime ) with slow speed, carrying missiles and reconnaissance equipment for that Su-30MKK. The Su-30MKK does not carry auxiliary oil tanks; instead, hangers can carry up to a maximum of missiles, bombs and reconnaissance pods. Flight practice for 10 hours continuously at sea, Chinese pilots also practice eating, drinking … as we see in the short videos. Russian-made Su-30MKK does not emphasize the type of flight at sea; The Chinese Air Force has attempted sea-flight training – during the day, as a training endeavor.

In terms of strategy, flying for many hours in the air is meant to threaten Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia – with such hours, speed up to 1.4 to 1.5 times, the aircraft can fly to the island Tasmania! Looking more closely, it probably does not intimidate anyone, because if there is aerial combat in Truong Sa, combined with assault missions (bombing), the battle time cannot be longer than 60-70. minute; Also, if flying into Australian, or Indonesian airspace, it is necessary to take into account Australia’s very strong air defense systems, and the defense capacity is quite good with aircraft and air defense of Indonesia. As for Vietnam, in Truong Sa, Vietnam has only 21 guarding points, mainly the rigs.

Attacking with the Su-30 or any other aircraft (including bombers) does not seem very practical, because it is costly and probably not as effective as attacking with warships or submarines. From training and intimidation, to real attack, there is still a gap, depending on many factors and conditions.

It is difficult to say what this type of exercise has to do with the upcoming RIMPAC drills, RIMPAC’s scale is quite large, multi-purpose, different from this small Chinese exercise. For the past two years, the US has not invited China to join RIMPAC, so maybe now China has its own practice.

Image source, Getty Images

Capturing images,
confrontation between the Vietnam Coast Guard ship and the Chinese coast guard ship in the South China Sea in 2014

‘New record’ and strength?
BBC: The Chinese Su30 fighters flying for 10 hours continuously, departing from the mainland, with aerial refueling while flying to the Spratly area are reported by Chinese media as’ this new record ‘, this distance seems to be able to fulfill its potential along the entire length of Vietnam, if the information on the above’ new record ‘is correct, then Vietnam needs to think, what to prepare for yourself?

Mr. Dinh Kim Phuc: These issues, in my opinion, Vietnam is not surprising