Dragon Oil Condom Is Good, Review From Previous Users

Satisfied with sex is not for anyone. Singing Addict Vintage Retro Choir Karaoke Sing Gift Whether male or female, they also need to have their own physiological needs. There are many reasons why your sex is not perfect such as: Relationship in the wrong position, stress, fatigue … However, one of the main reasons that Rainbow Valentine’s Day Forever Together Hearts Pullover Brothers often encounter is: Premature ejaculation, the humble little boy, or the big girl. That’s why dragon head bcs are designed to help you solve these problems. Help your love become hot, strong, regain the masculinity.

What is a dragon head condom
The dragon head condom is Love Trump Shirt one of the sexual aids used by many users in Vietnam. With the main features are increasing the size of the boy, stimulating to increase pleasure during sex and preventing premature ejaculation in men. GARDENING Plant aholic shirt Currently there are many product lines on the market, but dragon-headed bcs are the most popular condom product line for many users. So what is special about this product?

Dragon-head condoms are a high-end Original Dragon Believer Shirt Gift Funt Shirt product line. With a special design with many spiny tendons, the dragon head shaped design will give you a strong and stimulating experience.

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Information about dragon head
condom The girder condom has vibrations
Originated in Hong Kong and sold in the Vietnamese market not long ago, however, the dragon head cradle is currently chosen by many customers. Obtained position in the condom line.

Origin: Japan
Distributor: Condomviet.com
Material: 100% medical silicon
Packing: 1 pc / box
Vibrator with battery: LR44 (Battery available)
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Special design:
Design Dragon head shape with a Park City North Utah T Rex Ski T-Shirt spiked condom around the body made of super soft premium silicon. The special feature of this product line is that it is integrated with a powerful vibrator at the end of the bag to help stimulate the

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G-spot of female friends, continuously increasing pleasure during sex.

Superior features:
The common point between the line condom line is to increase the size of the boy significantly. Very suitable for people of modest size and wants to increase pleasure during sex. In addition, dragon head bcs are very resistant to premature ejaculation in men due to the design of reducing friction on the tip of the penis.

With spiny ribs designs plus a powerful vibrator. Dragon-head Bcs help massage, stimulate the vagina continuously to help sex partners get to the top quickly.

High quality silicon, integrated with vibrator
High quality material:
Dragon oil-filled condom is made of Phlebotomy For Phlebotomist Funny T-Shirt 100% super soft premium medical silicon, for good elasticity. Can be used many times up to> 80 times sex.

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Modern closed production technology, meeting international safety standards. Each of these condoms, after being manufactured, will be strictly tested for their durability before being sold to the market. Completely safe for the user

Strong size:
Dragon-head Bcs are designed with the following dimensions:

Length: 13.2 cm
Width: 4 cm
Helps increase the size of the boy significantly when using
Outstanding use of a dragon-headed condom
Preventing unwanted contraception and sexually transmitted diseases
Stimulating pleasure, excitement, helping a partner to peak with spiny tendons and a vibrating pestle
Significantly increase the size of the boy, help you become more confident and regain your bravery when having sex
Good elasticity, super soft, easy to clean, can be used many times

Review users from previous users

Who should use a condom to the dragon’s head,
Bcs to the dragon head, specially designed for Brothers with a modest boy size, We want a new Pitbull Dads Shirt Proud American Pit Bull Dog T-Shirt experience in relationship with their partners and help them reach their peak. the best. However, you should not overuse using too much with continuous frequency, using the right moderation will make your partner more excited.

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How much is the condom on the dragon’s head
Currently on the market there are many units selling dragon head bcs with different prices. However, you need to find the addresses, reputable sales websites to buy genuine products at the best prices. Accordingly, the price of dragon heads on the market today ranges from 200,000 VND – 260,000 VND / 1 box of 1 unit.

Condoms buy genuine dragon head where
Price BCS genuine application to First Dragon
As mentioned above, the Japanese dragon-headed condom is imported to Vietnam. Currently on the market there are many counterfeit units selling poor quality with no guarantee of origin at very low prices. However, when using the quality is not as advertised. The envelope is usually thicker and harder than usual. Poor materials can affect health and sexually transmitted diseases. To buy a genuine condom you can buy at condomviet.com. This is the distribution address for genuine condom products in Vietnam.

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to use a dragon head condom
Like any other diaphragm condom you can use a dragon head condom in 2 ways:

Method 1: When the penis erects, you use a regular condom. Note should use thin and potty type