District-level radio stations in Ho Chi Minh City ‘coal’ are difficult

On the morning of Feel The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 President Feel Bern Shirt December 26, the Department of TT-TT held a State management briefing conferenceFarmers For Trump 2020 Election Farming Farmer Usa Shirt  on the preliminary review of the operation of the district-level radio station in 2019 and Equality Asl Sign Blm Gift Shirt implemented the task in 2020 at the Press Center of Ho Chi Minh City.
At the conference, the heads Be Mine Shirt, Valentines Shirt, Gift for Girlfriend, Gift for Wife, Honeymoon Shirt, Valentine Shirts of radio stations, deputy heads of radio stations reported on propaganda work at district radio stations in 2019.
Accordingly, besides the achievements, Pogue Life Outer Banks Retro Vintage T-Shirt district radio still faces many difficulties. due to lack of facilities, funding and human resources.

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Mr. Huynh Vu Long, Deputy Head of Radio H. Binh Chanh, said that during the implementation process, there were certain difficulties such as: limited human resources and professional Poodle Mom Mama Vintage Retro Dog T-Shirt qualifications;

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The district requires support for editing courses or expertise to make the propaganda videos effective both in terms of quality and content.
Mr. Duong Anh Duc, Director of the Department of Information and Communication, acknowledged Powerline Shirts World Tour T-Shirt the results of the District Radio stations in the overall achievements of the propaganda in 2019. At the same time,

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pointed out the difficulties and challenges that districts need. overcome in 2020 to create new successes.
According to Mr. Duc, each Pug Unicorn Rainbow Pugicorn Pug Unicorn T-Shirt district-level radio station needs to change the method of budget management, have a plan to renovate the quality of the program, attract more attention from the

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audience, create or increase revenue from advertise and mobilize financial resources from other sources, such as: socialization, donor agencies, towards financial autonomy and sustainable development.