Compile From “AZ” The Most Complete Information About The German Rottweiler

Rottweiler (also known as the Rot dog, Rott) is a very famous professional dog breed Cute Vizsla Dog Art Design Shirt in Europe. In recent years, this dog breed has been introduced to Vietnam and has received the support of many pet owners.

As a dog lover and Donald Trump The Poll Results Are In Trump You’re Fired Hair Shirt the German Rottweiler, you will want to know information about physical characteristics, personality, training and caring for a healthy Dorothy & Scarecrow inspired by Wizard of OZ T-Shirt puppy. In this article, will bring the most detailed and complete information about Rottweiler for you to learn.
Origin and Origin of the Rottweiler
The Rottweiler (Rott or Pot dog) is Excuse Me I’m Speaking Cat SweatShirt  a famous breed of herding and professional dog. Germany has a town called Rottweiler – this is where the Rottweiler breed was born Bright Rottweiler Dog Watercolor Painting Limited Shirt and developed. In 1800 breeders discovered the existence of the Rottweiler. Until the

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years of the 20th century, this dog-like bonsai was really popular in Germany.

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The ancestor of the Rottweiler was the Italian Clam – used to be mighty warriors in the army. Initially the Rottweiler was used to herd cattle, Breast Cancer Christmas Survivor Pink Flamingo Santa Claus Raglan Baseball Shirt protect the farmers’ homes. After that, thanks to their intelligence, agility and courage, they were trained to be police dogs.

The Rottweiler is recommended

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as a dangerous and aggressive dog breed. Today, however, breeders have drawn Rott’s attention to the friendly, harmonious personality of the German Shot. Therefore, they are also closer to humans.

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Appearance characteristics of Rottweiler
Rottweiler is like dog scene possessing a rather massive body but compact and firm muscles. Cat Mom Dad Funny Pun ShirtA puppy that meets the standard of appearance must exude strength with strong, muscular muscles.

Rottweiler dog farm in Hanoi

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Rottweiler is solid and strong

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Overall, the Rottweiler has a very balanced physique, the proportions of the parts are in harmony. In particular, their muscular system is stronger than other breeds.

A purebred Rottweiler when an adult will have the following standard sizes:

Males: 61-69cm tall, weighing 50-60kg.
Children: 56-63cm tall, 35-48kg in weight. Christmas Cardinal On Tree Funny Santa ELF Cardinal Lover New Shirt The Rottweiler head is slightly rounded, the muzzle is quite large and rafted. They possess an extremely agile, smart look with long black eyes. On the cheeks or in the legs of the Rottweiler there are often many spots. The ears of the Rottweiler are like triangles, always hanging down, facing forward.

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The back of the puppies from Germany is long and straight, the buttocks are full and round. Rott’s chest and shoulders are wide, and her belly is toned and she doesn’t have much fat. Their tails are long, curved, but are usually amputated when young.

Their forelegs are straight and extremely strong. The Rottweiler can move at an amazing speed.

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The Rottweiler also possesses an extremely smooth short coat. Rottweiler feathers usually have two of the most common colors black and brown. In particular, the black color is preferred by the farmers.

Characteristic characteristics of the Rottweiler
Strong, brave
Rottweiler is a very intelligent, strong and decisive dog breed. They never seem to surrender to anything. If he saw his master in danger, the Rottweiler was ready to protect it immediately.

These puppies are always full of positive energy. In case of need, Rottweiler would use his sharp fangs to intimidate.

Rottweiler dog wrinkled face
rottweiler Germany – brave breed dog scene

The Rottweiler is famous for his absolute loyalty to his master. Especially the Rott babies stick with their owners from childhood to adulthood. Although they have a new owner, these puppies always remember their old owners.

This dedication to the family is something everyone sees in Rottweiler. They are an important factor contributing to protect your home from the dangers lurking around.

Rottweiler doesn’t like being alone. What they want is to participate in the daily activities of the family. If you chained or kept the dog for too long, Rott could be psychologically ill.

Sure, steady
Like this dog scene is very difficult to close. If you are a stranger and have entered your home without the dog’s owner, they may attack you. But for those who do know, Rottweiler is extremely friendly and sociable.

The German Rottweiler always exudes a calm, composed expression. They also possess steadfastness. If you issue a coercive order the Rottweiler will not obey completely.

steady and steady German Rottweiler

In particular, the Rottweiler is a dog breed with very stable nerves. They can withstand the pain of wounds without being irritable or reacting harshly.

Extreme fighting spirit
Among professional breeds, the German Rott is a pet with an extremely active fighting spirit. It seems that they are never afraid of any difficulties or dangers.