‘Coloring’ is dog lover – ‘trick’ for easy dating Tinder

Lovely dogs are always loved by January 20 2021 the end of an error Trump Biden Kamala shirt  many girls. And the man who has a dog is a warm, caring person in the eyes of women. But sometimes it’s just a “trick”.

Zing.vn quoted the post on The I’D rather be playing call of duty shirtWashington Post, referring to the story of “love dogs” becoming a factor that attracts you to date on online dating applications, when many women think that men love Hive Crop Top Shirt  animals. is a warm, sincere person.

Avery Chuang, a loyal user of Flat Mars Society High Quality DTF Print T-Shirt  the Tinder app, admits she has a bad habit of using this online dating platform: English Bulldog Heart Valentines Day Gifts Men Dog Lover Raglan Baseball Tee 2021 Shirt She always “swipes right” every time she sees a guy displaying pictures with dogs. on record.

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The 25-year-old admits “dog love” is not the highest standard when looking for a partner, but it has helped her find quite a few men who share a love of four-footed animals like her.

Most of the guys she met on Tinder were comfortable talking about the topic of pets, but not all cases were as Chuang expected.

Another guy confessed that the Corgi breed on his profile picture did not belong to him. After that, the man quickly cut off contact with Chuang.

Dogs, especially the images of Easily distracted by books and dogs 2021 Shirt them in adorable poses, are gradually becoming a popular aspect of dating, both online and in real life.

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Dating because the other person has a dog
Four-legged animals are considered an effective topic to “break the ice” of being shy and strange when flirting online and in the first date.

Many users see this as an ingenious way to express their own personality and impress others. Even, manufacturers even design a dating app for dog lovers and breeders.

Grasping this mentality, many Do You Even Karate Bro – Self Defense Martial Arts Fighting new Shirt Tinder appointments borrowed pictures of puppies they did not raise to attract more audiences.

Tinder him 1

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Love and raising a dog becomes a factor that easily impresses men in the eyes of women.
Whenever she “swipes” Tinder and sees pictures of boys taking with dogs, Gaby Wolff (Michigan, USA), she remembers the most awkward date she ever experienced.

In Gaby’s imagination, a man named Sam she just met online has a promising “profile”. The two have a happy first date, a good match, so Gaby does not hesitate to propose the next meeting, along with the presence of the pet dog that Sam often tells.

“The atmosphere of the conversation changed completely since I suggested it. That surprised me, ”recalls Gaby.

Sensing your hesitation, the girl quickly changed the subject. But the rest of the appointment was irreversible.

In the end, Gaby’s dating friend Distressed Vintage Awesome Since February 1996 25 Years Old 2021 Shirt confesses that he does not know how to explain the fact that he does not own any Labrador like pictures on his dating profile.

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“He used one reason after another. We didn’t see each other again after that, and we doubles up on Tinder. Maybe out of shame he deleted the image and replaced it with a party photo, ”said Gaby.

Love dogs means good men
This action is not necessarily a scam or harmful, but many Tinder users feel they are cheated. Chatting and flirting quickly fell into an awkward position when the other person discovered that the pet photos on the profile were actually just bait.

“Don’t borrow other people’s pets anymore. It’s odd that you purposely ‘colored’ yourself as an animal lover, “said Erika Ettin, an expert at an online dating company.

“I always advise my clients to present their profile with their real life,” she added.

According to Erika, many people try to be loyal fans of dogs because love animals means that people care, take care, especially men.

To win the sympathy of women, many boys claim to be dog owners.
Many women are affectionate and tend to find men who like to mate with four-legged friends, according to a survey by Match.com.

“Women often assume that the way a boyfriend will treat their pets is similar to how he will treat a lover or partner,” Erika said.

Johnny Nguyen, the owner of two dogs, often lends pictures of his pet to friends.

“I understand how pets can win over and facilitate communication with large women. But I already have a girlfriend, so it doesn’t matter if I let my friends use the pictures of my dogs, ”says Johnny.

Johnny is even willing to lend you a dog for appointments.

“They get to know new girls, introduce my dog ​​to her, and walk the dog together in the park. This happens a few times a year, ”said the boy.

Helping a friend is something Johhny usually does, but he admits he feels annoyed a few times when his friend tries to show off during a date and treat Lucy like his pet.

“Girls are often deceived easily after a fight