Choose a fishing day to get the most fish

Based on observations of the moon Een slechte visdag is altijd beter dan een goede werkdag Hoodie phases, the tides, the fish activity, the results of fishing in cycles for many years, allows all of us, enthusiasts to choose the dates. The most beautiful, the Eat sleep basketball repeat Sweatshirt best fishing hours, to satisfy your fishing hobby.

Avoiding days that the Easily Distracted By Dogs And Dolphins Shirt Vietnamese angler calls “High Risk of Doc – Mom”
The experience of choosing a good day to catch a lot of fish with high efficiency can be based on the water Buffalo Bills Yorkies shirt cycle to calculate the necessary days to The water cycle in each region can be slightly different, so you should look up specifically in a notebook or document shared on the internet.

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choose a
day to catch a lot of fish
The following is a lunar Een slechte visdag is altijd beter dan een goede werkdag hot Shirt calendar to help with fishing. (Lunar day)
Counting from the 1st to the 30th of the lunar calendar and it’s all just relative.

Best Carp bait
1- Good from night to dawn
2- Good from night to early morning.
3- Good arrival mid afternoon.
4- Very good to keep the afternoon.
5- Very good to keep the afternoon.
6- Very good arrival keep afternoon.
7- Extremely good the whole morning.
8- Good in the morning, average in the afternoon.
9- Very good in the morning and very good in the afternoon.
10- Average all day.
11- Average all day.
12- Average all day.
13- Extremely Eat sleep basketball repeat limited Shirt good from afternoon to night
14- Extremely good all day
15- Average all day.

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16- Bad all day.
17- Very bad all day.
18- Good day.
19- Good in the morning, average in the afternoon.
20- Good in the morning, bad in the afternoon.
21- Good morning to early afternoon.
22- Good afternoon.
23- Average around dusk.
24- Average around dusk.
25- Average around dusk.
26- Good afternoon.
27- Very good in the afternoon and early evening.
28- Very good in the afternoon and early evening.
29- Good at dusk.
30- Good at dusk.
Choose a fishing date according to the country
As it is known that in a month (according to the lunar calendar) there are usually 2 days (there are 3 days) of water. In general, to go fishing for high efficiency should avoid water days. 2 to 3 days before or after the water date.
For example, water days of the month in Hai Phong, Thai Binh and Nam Dinh:

The most effective bait for black carp

January + 7: February 5 – 19
+ 8: day 3 – 17 – 29.
March + 9: April 13 – 27
+ 10: May 11 – 25
+ 11: June 9 – 23
+ 12: day 7 – 21
Some experiences in catching a lot of fish
While fishing has Common problems:
– Fishing where there are no fish or too few fish and mostly young fish.
– Go fishing on the day Easily Distracted By Dogs And Dolphins new Shirt or when the fish is not going to eat.
– Go fishing on the day the fish went to eat but did not enter your hearing.
– Because you are a novice, the technical manipulation is not proficient,

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so although the fish have entered the hearing hole, you are inefficiently handled and accidentally scared the fish away.
Here are a few experiences you can consider:
– Those in the city often have drainage rivers almost all concrete embankments and often a lot of tilapia and circus.
If you see the tilapia grouping together and pulling your ass up and down your head, you should go fishing that day.

How to mix tilapia

bait most effectively Tilapia bait most sensitive

– The weather is hot but windy, usually late summer does this phenomenon (lucky pig wind).
– During the north (northeast) wind, the sky suddenly changes to the east wind, the fish usually don’t go Buffalo Bills Yorkies 2020 Shirt to eat. But if the winter winds last for a few days, the fish go back to eat, even stronger.

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– When it rains: When there is a thunderstorm, a thunderstorm or a rain is about to fall, fish usually stop eating. In the rain fish do not go to eat if there is lightning.
When the rain started to stop the fish started eating again. And the small rain without lightning, the fish still ate as usual, even when floating, the fish still ate stronger.

The most effective aromatherapy fish that lures predatory fish today

– The size is too big for fishing tackle: Linh, lock, tongue and even the float. Do not try to invisible, but forget that big big, colorful buoyant gourd, especially when you are shallow during the day.
You should stealthy the questionnaire as minimum as possible in the size of the blade and choose the right color for the place where the sentence is dropped.
– Fish are also afraid of strange odors such as the smell of 502 glue that you reinforce your fishing gear. The cigarette smell you smoke and the hand of the cigarette can be used to catch bait.
– At the fishing place, it should be quiet and avoid making unnecessary noises that scare and doubt the fish because of this difficult time the fish is also much wiser.
Good luck to you guys!