Century chef: ‘Humorous people will bring delicious food’

Achieving 3 prestigious Michelin stars, writing many culinary books in the past 3 decades, Men’s Women’s Kids Vintage I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt century chef Eckart Witzigmann came to Vietnam as a judge for the final round of the Golden Spoon 2016.

Eckart Witzigmann is held by the culinary evaluation organization Gault Millau’s My Students Stole My Heart Shirt Teachers Valentines Leopard T-Shirt reputation of France was honored as “chef of the century” in 1994. When he first came to Vietnam, he brought with him the curiosity of discovering a culinary rich with Asian identity.

– What is the reason why youNewport Beach California Souvenirs Triangle CA T-Shirt  decided to participate in the final round of the 2016 Golden Spoon?

– I have a special interest in Asian cuisine. I have visited many countries such as Japan, China, Singapore … to learn their culinary culture. However, Vietnam OLSON surname Family last name Team OLSON lifetime member T-Shirt is a place I have never been to. So when the organizers of the Golden Spoon opened the invitation, I agreed. I think, maybe during this trip, I will collect Vietnamese ingredients suitable to create new dishes.

At the beginning of the article: ‘The two nations will bring an image of 1’

Mr. Eckart Witzigmann discussed Sharp Knives Matter Funny Culinary Chef Cooking Gifts Humor new Shirt with other judges at the competition.
At Golden Spoon, I was very interested in the program organization and skills of the

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contestants. I am very impressed to see chefs process traditional ingredients in modern ways, creating different dishes.

– The theme of this year’s Golden Spoon is “Journey of Vietnamese Spices”, what do you think about the spices of Vietnam?

– What I am impressed with is that the Vietnamese spices are very strong and taste strong Sheffield, England – British Union Jack Uk limited Shirt and clear when eaten, such as very sour, bitter or bitter leaves …

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This gave me a lot of excitement. while waiting for the finished products of the teams, because I do not know how the combination of spices will create the dish.

– Through observing and tasting the dishes in the contest, which areas do you see Vietnamese chefs need to improve in order to reach the world?

– It is difficult to give the right advice in all circumstances. Each chef is different, the Shih Tzu Shirt For Women, Girls And Shih Tzu Lovers! limited Shirt situation is different and each restaurant they work for has its own audience. In my experience, the key is, I’ve been around the world trying to learn as much as I can.

From more than 200 years ago, the famous German poet Johans Wofgang von Goethe

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once advised: “Going is the way to learn”. But the most important thing is to always be

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curious, always ask the question “why is that” and find the satisfactory answer. The headline

: ‘A two-way person will bring you an image of 2’

According to Witzigmann, walking is the way to learn.
To me, the simpler and more sophisticated the recipes will be the best expression of the chef’s skills.

– According to your assessment, what rank is the development potential of Vietnamese chefs compared to the current world?

– I see the great potential of chefs in Vietnam, especially the contestants in this competition. The Golden Spoon Champion has a great opportunity for career advancement. I believe that sooner or later, they will confidently compete with other chefs in the world.

But it should also be noted Single Cells Single Cells Science Biology Christmas 2020 Shirt that it takes time to shape our culinary style. I spent 10 serious years working seriously to win 3 Michelin stars in Germany. This is a very difficult time for me and my colleagues.

– From your personal experience,

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what qualities do a chef need to be successful?

Besides the factors of career skill and creativity, I appreciate the cooker’s humor very much. When you interact with a funny person, you will find it interesting. Likewise, a humorous chef will bring you delicious dishes. The beginning of

the article: ‘Two people

will bring food to the table’ picture 3 “A funny chef will bring delicious dishes”.
In addition, young chefs should spend a lot of time practicing to find their own culinary style. I also support you to renew and create more dishes with rich spices and ingredients from Vietnam

– From the perspective of an experienced person, what do you think is the advantage to Vietnamese cuisine? Can compete in the region and around the world?

– Vietnam has great advantages in terms of products such as fresh vegetables, fresh fish, countless unique spices and recipes handed down among the people. All are completely natural and have a local identity. That is a necessary condition to create classy and excellent dishes.