Border gate and chaos cause shock

A group of Chinese people who illegally entered the country robbed guns, fired bullets, and 600 heroin cakes passed through Tan Son Nhat border Messy Buns and guns shirt gate … are shocking events happening at the border gates.
Stole guns, fired bullets at Quang Ninh border gate, 7 people died
Arrested for illegal entry, the Chinese group stole guns from the border guards at My favorite people call me papaw funny dad grandpa vintage shirt Bac Phong Sinh border gate (Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh province) and shot them. Torrential.
The incident happened yesterday (April 18) at this border gate. The shooting Official Funcle Apple Boxing Shirt killed 7 people, including 2 Vietnamese border guards and some injured (including 4 border guards).

Bac Phong Sinh border gate, where the Oh Deer What A Year 2020 Reindeer Face Mask Shirt shooting took place, killed 7 people, causing public shock.
Present at the scene, Major General Vu Chi Thuc, Director of Quang Ninh Provincial Public Security, said, on April 18, while waiting for procedures to return home because of illegal entry, unexpectedly some men in the group 16 Chinese people stole AK guns, broke the legs of Messy Buns and guns Shirt their desks and attacked the Vietnamese border guards. A soldier died on the spot.

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After the murder, the group of people entrenched in the station. The Vietnamese and Chinese authorities called for and persuaded them, but they continued to fire against the headquarters, forcing the functional forces to take countermeasures.
The Standing Committee of Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee had an urgent meeting, reported the incident to the Central Government, at the same My favorite people call me papaw funny dad grandpa vintage Shirt time set up a special working group led by Mr. Nguyen Van Read, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee to the scene, directly instructed. handle the incident.

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When the functional forces tightened the siege, some people tried to kill themselves, others jumped from the building.
Around 15:15, the security situation was under control.

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Vietnamese functional forces coordinate with the Chinese Border Guard to handle the remaining tasks.
According to Quang Ninh province officials, this is not a terrorist case.
The Quang Ninh portal said that a group of 16 Chinese people, including 10 men, 4 women, and 2 children, entered Vietnam illegally at 4:20 am on the Official Funcle Apple Boxing Shirt same day.
On the way to penetrate inland, they were discovered by the Vietnamese authorities and brought

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to the border gate to return to China in accordance with international regulations and practices. Procedures were being carried out on the Vietnamese side when the massacre occurred.

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Thousands of tons of watermelon jams at Tan Thanh border gate, people blatantly stinking
On the morning of March 25, the director of the Customs Branch of Tan Thanh border gate (Van Lang district, Lang Son) Nguyen Van Chuong said, many days today , every day more than a thousand tons of agricultural products – mainly watermelon – are stuck at this border gate.
The congestion happened in the middle of last week, causing the Tan Thanh Lam border gate to be overloaded.

The convoy carrying Oh Deer What A Year 2020 Reindeer Face Mask Shirt watermelon congested 20km on the way to Tan Thanh border gate.
According to data from Tan Thanh Customs, an average of 600-700 trucks of 20-30 tons of agricultural products (over 90% of which are watermelon from the Central and the South) waiting for export procedures.

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to China, while the customs force can only handle the clearance of 250-300 vehicles / day.

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The main reason is that the agricultural product yard at Po Chai market (Guangxi province, China) is small in area, unable to satisfy large trucks. Over 50% of the remaining trucks are forced to wait through the next day to do the procedure.
On National Highway 1A, the section near Tan Thanh border gate to the border gate, hundreds of trucks carrying watermelon divided into many groups are lying “motionless” in one place. There have been days when the watermelon truck line was stuck in jams for about 20km. Therefore, other vehicles that want to enter the gate must go in the opposite lane.

The people blatantly stinked in the helplessness of the drivers and owners.
Having to wait too many days but still cannot reach the delivery point, the drivers, car assistants, owners have to eat, sleep and live on the bus. Taking this opportunity, many people here have opened up many forms of business, especially selling food and drinking water at high prices.
Not only that, people in the area from old to young, girls and boys also organized into groups of people stealing melons, stinking blatantly. Although it was carefully covered, the trunk of the car was also locked, but these people still climbed in and slipped the melon out for others to pick up.
The drivers from afar come, just watching, but the force is helpless. In addition to the stench, at night, some people in the area also steal gasoline, oil, steal the property of the car.
600 heroin cakes reached Tan Son Nhat border gate
On the morning of November 17, 2013, the Taiwanese authorities discovered and arrested transnational drug trafficking from Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Vietnam) to Taoyuan Airport (Taiwan).
Accordingly, 600 heroin cakes with a total weight of 229 kg passed through Tan Son Nhat International Airport to Taiwan, and were found and identified by the Taiwanese authorities as the trade Co., Ltd. transport services trade Le Hoa (residing at Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, HCMC). Through the investigation, the Taiwan Criminal Police Department arrested eight suspects related to the largest ever airborne drug trafficking case.
This incident shocked the business world