Biden and Asian policy: Two perspectives from the United States and France

From France, Mr. Nguyen Gia Kieng stated that the Vietnamese government I Am A Grumpy Aircraft Mechanic I’M Allergic To Stupidity And I Break Out In Sarcasm T-shirt would be ‘very confused’ with Mr. Biden’s election, while from the United States, Dr. Dinh Xuan Quan said Humanity Is My Race Love Is My Religion Peace Is My Spirit T-shirt that Mr. Biden’s policy towards China was even stronger than of the Trump era.

Dinh Xuan Quan and Nguyen Gia Kieng share their views on US foreign policy with Asia, under Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus Beer Drink Na Piwo T-shirt  the presidential administration elected Joe Biden, after he took office.

BBC: How will Joe Biden’s victory affect US foreign policies on Vietnam, and why?

Dinh Xuan Quan: Biden’s Ho Ho Ho Bruni Christmas T-shirt victory would result in a more normal foreign policy, friendly to allies, less fuss and less focused. This is a more classical policy but will be more effective.

The United States will have to regain the trust of European allies, including NATO. This Vintage biden is not my president joe won election 2020 shirt will take time. Joe Biden has been a senator for over 10 years, chairman of the Senate diplomatic committee for more than 10 years, Vice President for over 8 years so he is known to world leaders (including China’s Xi Jinping before). he became president), thus regaining

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confidence is possible, but nonetheless many countries lose absolute trust in their US ally. Fixing is always more difficult. Regarding relations with Russia, Biden Vintage Retro Uncle Promoted To Uncle Est.2021 Baby Shirt will punish them but also talk easier with Russia than with China.
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In addition, the US will also have to regain the confidence of its Asian ally (South Korea and Japan). The United States will re-enter the CPTPP, and

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form an alliance against China, in the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, and the above policies will affect Vietnam. People based on expertise are not based on loyalty or donating money to run for President Trump. Biden will have to gain the trust of experts because the State Department and the Justice Department have been destroyed by Mike Pompeo and William Barr.

Nguyen Gia Kieng: Unlike Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden has the ability to reconcile Europe with the US. Germany and We did it joe biden kamala harris election 2020 46 president vintage New shirt France, two pillars of the EU have shown their desire to tighten US-Europe cooperation.

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Mr. Biden served as chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee for ten years, after having been a member of it for ten years. During his eight years as vice president under Obama his role was also largely foreign. Biden has enough knowledge and experience to know what to do and how to do it. Democrats in Europe and Asia were expecting Biden’s victory, and the French president and the German prime minister quickly sent congratulations to Mr. Biden, despite Donald Trump. They make perfect sense.

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Biden’s foreign policy was presented in his article Why America must lead again in Foreign Affairs magazine in April 2020. Biden considers America’s binding with the NATO North Atlantic Covenant as sacred and We just did 46 usa president elect vintage retro cat lover shirt unconditional. He will bring the United States back to the COP21 climate accord, and will reinstate the treaty with Iran so that it will abandon its intentions of building nuclear

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weapons. More importantly, Biden pledged to convene in 2021 a global summit on democracy to promote the Alliance of Democracies, whose overt goal was to isolate China and establish a democratic order for the world.

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BBC: Biden’s victory will surely affect US relations and its policy with China. Please be asked how will it affect?

Nguyen Gia Kieng: Will have a great impact. Joe Biden has been the architect of the US policy of pivot to the Pacific and of the project to establish the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP to isolate China.

The rather stark consensus of today’s democratic countries, be it America or Europe or Asia, is that China is a threat to peace and democracy. What is different between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is that with Biden democratic countries will work together on a common front to isolate China. China will have to face a united democratic front, rather than individual countries, and it will be much more miserable. Do not forget that in Southeast Asia, especially in the South China Sea, China has always advocated only resolving conflicts with each country, not negotiating with ASEAN as a whole.

China wants nothing more than Donald Trump to be re-elected so that it will only have to deal with a bloc of divided and powerless democracies, but with Joe Biden they will have to face a united and united front. That is what they most worried about.

Dinh Xuan Quan: I believe that Biden’s policy towards China is stronger than that of Trump. On major trade The Wall Street Journal argues that Trump’s policy on confronting China has failed or is a tie. No industry has returned to the United States yet.

Biden will work with allies more, regain SHANGHONG, say less, do more and China cannot act like it is now. Contrary to the beliefs of Vietnamese Trump-mad communities, the Biden policy will be more effective. In my opinion, Biden has