“Back to Hoi An by cycling” – Unique eco tour

As part of the ecotourism development project approved by the People’s Committee of Hoi An city Biden Harris 2021 Stars Election President Hoodie and the Culture, Sports and Tourism sector of Quang Nam province, over the weekend, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Hoi An City officially The Tour Animal Print Truck, Happy Valentines Day, Valentines Day Shirt For Couple, Heart Shirt, Cute Valentine Shirt, Valentines Day Gift “Back to Hoi An for cycling” was put into operation.
The itinerary of the above tour comes from Tra Que vegetable village (Cam Ha commune), around the outskirts of Hoi An city through many villages, fields, gardens of farmers Pho Hoi, All Women Are Created Equal But The Best Are Born In January Heart Sweater historical and cultural relic before visiting the last point is the 7-acre Nipa Forest, located in Cam Thanh commune. On this journey, visitors will admire the idyllic beauty and enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere of a village in the Central Coast of the country …

Here are some photos taken by A Day Without Anime is Like Just Kidding I Have No Idea Anime Lover Sweater reporters while following a group of tourists through the tour “Back to Hoi An by cycling” last weekend:

After visiting at Tra Que Vegetable BIKE CYCOLOGY VINTAGE RETRO SHIRT Village, a growing model Fresh vegetables of Hoi An, visitors will cycle through many rural villages of this city to visit the land of many rivers.



Experience by bike, visitors will have more favorable conditions to explore the land and people of Hoi An.

From the ponds, gardens … rustic and romantic …

…. to the moments of trying to “shepherd” on buffalo’s back.

The journey goes through the vast fields, beside the green canals …

Tourists are allowed to visit communal Believe Dat Vintage Alien Sunset Spaceship T-Shirt houses, mausoleums to worship the princes, who openly gave birth to villages with traditional jobs and husbandry … economic development.

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Join the “apprenticeship” in baking,Aunt Joanie Mom Tee T-Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater making Quang noodles …

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… and enjoy the rustic dishes of the rural village of Pho Hoi

… Walking along the dikes, the banks of the canal shaded by the Coconut ball

… Visit the bamboo and rattan America The Beautiful God Blesa American Flag Shirt manufacturing facility in Pho Hoi, including the famous bamboo bicycle factory in Hoi An.

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Visit the famous 7-acre coconut forest in Cam Thanh commune with the basket of fishermen.

….. Listen to the song huts, singing songs of Quang in the coconut forest.

….. And watch the fishermen fling on the romantic Hoai River.

Dinh Tang