Anton chekhov: short stories. Stories

Vanka Zhukov, a nine-year-old boy sent three months ago to study with shoemaker Alyakhin, did not go to bed on Christmas Eve. Waiting for his master and apprentices to come to Matins, he took out an ink bottle, a rusty pen from his master’s Trumper Tantrum Waaa Baby Trump Election SweatShirt locker, and spread a crumpled piece of paper in front of him, and began to write. Before he drew the first letter, he looked fearfully Trump Terrorist Election SweatShirt  several times back at the doors and windows, glanced at the dark image, flanked by block shelves, then sighed briefly. The paper lay on the bench, and he himself was kneeling in front of the bench.

“Dear grandfather, Konstantin Makarych! – he wrote. – And I’m writing to you. I congratulate you on Christmas and wish you everything from God. I have The Next Vp Looks Just Like Me Election SweatShirt no parents, only you remain unique to me. ”

Vanka turned her gaze to the dark window where Sleepy Joe Should Have Stayed In Time Bastment Trump 2020 Election SweatShirt his reflected candlelight flashed, and vividly imagined grandfather Konstantin Makarych, who had been Zhivarev’s night watchman. This is a small, skinny, but surprisingly agile 65-year-old man, with a smiling face and drunk eyes. During the day he slept in the human kitchen or played with the Dachshund Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Humans Shirt chefs, while at night, in a spacious sheepskin coat, he walked around the mansion and pounced. Behind him, with their heads, walks old Kashtanka and dog Vyun, nicknamed for its black color and long body like a weasel. Dachshund Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Humans Women Long SleevedThis Vyun is unusually respectful and affectionate, looking at both herself and others with affection, but does not use trust. His respect and humility hide the most malevolent of the Jesuits. No one better than him knows how to sneak up and bite a man’s leg, Dachshund Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Humans Shirtclimb a glacier or steal a man’s chicken. His hind legs were broken more than once, he was hanged twice, every week he was beaten for pulp, but he was always alive again.

Now, perhaps, the old man was standing at the gate, squinting at the crimson windows of the village church and playing with his courtiers. Dachshund I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas Shirt His paw was tied to his waist. He raised his hands, curled up from the cold and, the old man giggled, nibbled at the maid, followed by the cook.
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– Why do we have to smell cigarettes?Dachshund I_m Dreaming Of A White Christmas Shirt – he said, replacing his cigarette boxes for the women.

Women sneeze and sneeze. The grandfather was indescribably overjoyed, laughed with delight and shouted:

– Rip off, freeze!

Sniff your dogs and cigarettes. Kashtanka sneezes, sniffles, irritably, steps aside. On the other hand, the chunk does not sneeze out of respect and wags its tail. And the weather is amazing. The air is quiet and fresh. The night is dark, Dachshund I’ll Be Ho Ho Ho Me For Christmas Shirt but you can see an entire village with white roofs and smoke coming out of chimneys, trees, frost-covered, snow cars. The whole sky was littered with happily flashing stars, and the Milky Way gleamed very clearly, as if it had been washed and rubbed with snow before the holiday …

Vanka sighed, dipped her pen and continue to write:
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“And I was dragged out yesterday. The owner dragged me out into the yard with my hair and brushed my hair with a pin because Dachshund I_ll Be Ho Ho Ho Me For Christmas ShirtI rocked their baby in a crib and overslept by accident. And during the week, the owner told me to peel the herring, and I started from the tail, she took the herring and started poking me into the cup with her snout. The apprentices mocked me, took me to the pub to Dachshund I Can’t Be Held Responsible For What My Face Does When You Talk Vintage Shirt drink vodka and told me to steal the owner’s cucumbers, and the owner would beat me up with anything. And without food. They give bread in the morning, porridge for lunch and sandwiches in the evening, and tea or cabbage soup, Dachshund I Can_t Be Held Responsible For What My Face Does When You T Women Long Sleevedthe owner breaks himself. And they told me to sleep at the entrance, and when their baby cried, I didn’t sleep at all but rocked the crib. Grandfather, please God have mercy, take me back from here, back to the village, there is no way for me … I bow to you and forever ask God, take me out of here,
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Vanka raised her mouth, rubbed her eyes with a black fist and sobbed.

“I will rub your cigarette,” he continued, “I pray to God, and if anything, cut me off like Sidorov’s goat. And if you think I don’t have a job, then for God’s sake I’ll ask the salesperson to clean my shoes, or instead of Fedka, I’ll work as a guard. Grandpa, no way, just one death. I want to jog to the village, but without boots, I’m afraid of frost. And when you get older, I will feed you this very thing, and I will not offend you, but when you die, I will pray for your soul to be safe, like Mother Pelageya.

And Moscow is a big city. The houses are all owners and have a lot of horses, but no sheep and dogs are not evil. Here you guys don’t go with stars and don’t let anyone sing for the choir, and I see in a window shop hookers that are sold directly with fishing lines and for all kinds of fish. price, there is even a fishing hook that can hold a catfish. And I’ve seen shops that have all kinds of barine guns, so I assume each one