A touching letter celebrating the young man’s father’s birthday

The story of Dinh Luong Minh Black Assistant Principal Magic Black history Month T-Shirt Anh, 22 years old. Currently studying for a Master in Law, majoring in public law – Grenoble University – France.

I used to want to write a lot about the guy wearing red three holes helping my mother wash BHM Women Girls Gift Black History Month African American Shirt vegetables in this picture. Yeah, he’s my dad. Sorry dad for being a bit rude to call that. But the truth is that I am always young in my eyes and a lot of people agree with ASEDA Black History Month I Am Black History African MapGift T-Shirt me on this point. Yeah, my dad is young, but my dad is not

feeling well… Touched the young man’s father’s birthday letter

Migraine (migraine) evil has Arizona Kayaking Sunset Shirt followed her father since childhood. I remember Grandma often said that she loved him very much because she was the youngest child and suffered from headaches day after day. When I grow up a little, the haunting images in my mind until today are when I have a Bonus Dad Birthday Christmas Shirt headache, do not want to affect you and me, you go to the 4th floor, lie there and groan all the time. a few hours, …

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Bonus Dad Birthday Christmas Shirt

Sometimes he hurts, then he also gets hot-tempered, so he pulls me out and gossip. Back then I was very sad but later on when I understood the story, I only felt sorry for Dad. Even if it’s not long, you will sniffle again.

This post is not so silly, but I just want to write about you as a beautiful image that I deeply adore, a miraculous example of life I can look at and learn from every day, thinking about him. with migraine …

Thinking of my father with migraine, the first thing I tell myself is that I am a very lucky person. Black Shenanigans Matter Paddy’s St Patrick’s Day Shirt Dad taught himself a cure: That when my body was in extreme pain, I thought about people in more unhappy circumstances. They are disabled, have no family, no one to support for many different reasons …

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Dad said I am still very lucky compared to those people, and the pain you are suffering is no big deal. Many people are more unhappy than that, they are still optimistic, love life, and live a beautiful life every day like flowers for life. Father told himself that even if he is not healthy, he must live so that he is meaningful, optimistic and devoted himself to contribute to the society, the jurisprudence, the administration, and the people. So he went to France, studied at ENA and became the ancestor of the Vietnamese administrative proceedings.

Seeing the image of my father being tortured every day by migraine, I realize that even Best GRANDMA By Par Golf Par Golf Quotes Series 6 Shirt in any difficult situation, facing any pain, I always think of myself as a lucky person, suppressing my thoughts. Depressed, pessimistic, because there are many more unhappy lives out there than me. Needless to say, in the next room, I have a headache …

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Thinking about my father and migraine, I remember a movie that I really like is Front Of The Class. Daddy, there was a guy with stuttering in that movie, but he wanted to become a teacher (a job he used to do and maybe I would do it too). He applied and was rejected over and over again, because of his innate stutter. Then one day luckily he was also accepted by a school. Through many hardships, he was awarded the statewide excellence teacher award.

In his acceptance speech, he talked about his stuttering like this: At first being an enemy, slowly becoming a challenge, and eventually becoming a friend. Dad too, after many years of struggling with migraine, it feels like it has become a close friend of mine.

When he was fighting migraine and overcoming his everyday pain, knowing it couldn’t be cured, he tried to see it as a friend, to try to “love” it, smile and be Best Dad established EST. 2015 Shirt optimistic with it. it. That’s it, we’re all just small individuals in an entire large planet. Even though we are sad, struggled, even when we die, everything continues, the earth is still spinning, the sun still rises in the East and the World Cup is still held every four years. So, let alone love this life, both the joys and the suffering.

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I really like the music of Alcest and Neige. Because when listening to such talented music, I imagine a boy wandering in the memory domain, smiling with beautiful memories, and sadness and pain. Life is like that, isn’t it, it’s beautiful or ugly, morning or night, I can all decide.

Dad never shared these things with me, but tonight, I want to write these lines to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Because long ago when I thought about my father and migraine, all that stuck with me was sadness, sadness.

I used to wish that I could live 10 years less so that my father no longer migraines. But if that’s not possible, I’m happy that Dad always has a companion along the way. From a poor jurist (inferior to me now) to a prestigious Dr. Toulouse today, and in the near future possibly adding 3 words PGS in front, my father and migraine, are always shining examples. dazzling about the love and life I used to absorb when reading Jack London’s book of the same name.

Happy 51 to my dad, joyeux annif Papa, happy birthday Dad, thank you migraine for being with my dad for almost 50 years.